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How to Remove Word Password VBA Code with Best Methods?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On May 7th, 2024
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 Introduction: Are you looking for the method to remove Word password VBA Code? If the answer to that question is yes, then you can find the perfect solution here.

One of the most effective and widely utilized office tools all around the world is Microsoft Word. In the business, in the classroom, and at home, it is utilized for the purposes of creating, editing, and formatting written documents.

Many developers, programmers, and professional users protect their Word VBA project file with a password to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the file.

Have you ever thought what would take place in the event that you lost the password to the file or couldn’t recollect the password for the VBA project? What action should I take given the circumstances? Don’t let your worries get to you! We will provide you the most effective manual and automatic techniques to recover VBA code from Word documents that have been protected with passwords. The removal of encrypted VBA Word passwords is a popular request among users.

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Questions Taken from Several Well-Known Online Forums Sites

“A buddy has forgotten the DOC file’s VBA password.” However, it contains critical information about our initiatives. We are now unable to open the Word document. Is it possible to remove Word password VBA code?”

“I recently joined an IT firm, and my TL assigned me the responsibility of removing the password from VBA programs.” I understand how to create a password but not how to remove it. I tried several methods to delete the password, but none of them worked effectively. As a result, I require a competent solution to perform this task. Please advise on the best way to hack the VBA password.”

How to Remove Word Password VBA Code?

Manual and professional applications are available for removing passwords from Word documents. Below, we will discuss both approaches. Learn the processes thoroughly and select the option that meets your demands.

Method 1 – Manually Remove VBA Password from Word Documents

  • Open a new file in Microsoft Word
  • After which, open VBA or click the Alt + F11 keys.
  • Now, select “Insert” and choose “Module.”
  • Type the code below into the general Windows box – Microsoft Word can be unlocked by pressing the F5 key.
  • Now, choose the Word file you want to open and click “Open.”
  • After that, a small box will appear in a few minutes. The password for the Word file that was encrypted has been found.
  • Click OK to close the window.
  • Now, the document will be unlocked.
  • Click on the file tab and choose “protected document” from the menu.
  • Now, choose “encrypt with password” to get rid of the Microsoft Word password.
  • To remove the protected password from the .doc file, just delete the password from the text option and press the OK button.
  • So, afterwards when, you can open the document without a password to reset password in Microsoft word.

Since the Manual Solution is Free, It Has Inherent Limits

The manual technique is not often regarded as the optimal choice when it comes to removing the VBA password from Microsoft Word. This is due to the fact that manual procedures typically come with a number of restrictions that must be observed. These include:

  • The manual process is not only time consuming but also difficult to understand.
  • Users without a technological background are unable to perform.
  • It takes up a lot of time.

How Can You Get Around the Drawbacks of the Manual Method?

It is strongly advised that you make use of any professional program in order to get over the constraints of the manual technique. VBA Password Recovery is one of the most trustworthy and speedy pieces of software now on the market. It removes the Word password VBA code in a few simple steps for your convenience. It does not have any restrictions or boundaries. You are able to quickly remove password protection from an unlimited number of Word documents.

So, if you need to remove Word password VBA Code without facing any hassle, download the app now.

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Working Steps of VBA Word Password Remover Software

Once the app is download, run it properly. Now, click on the Select Folders or Select Files option to load your files.


It will load your VBA Projects on the left panel. After checking them, click on Next button.


Now, please choose the required destination path.


After that, click on Remove button to begin the process.


The software starts removing Word password VBA Code. It will only take a few moments.

The Abstract

In today’s post, we captured the query how to remove word password VBA Code. Here, we outline the most effective methods for doing this work. It is always recommended to download and implement the professional solution to get the desired outcome. Manual solution does not guarantee an exact outcome.