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How to Open VCF Files on Mac? Explained Top Simple and Effective Methods

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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Summary: There are several articles on Google available for how to open VCF files on Mac, but not any of them has given a solution for specifically Mac users. Therefore, in today’s article, We will explain the top 5 methods that are believed to be the most accurate solutions to open all your VCF files on your MacBook without facing such challenges.

vCard or VCF files store contacts information along with all the other information related to those specific contacts. Additionally it also supports custom fields, images and several types of media.

However, for MacBook users, it becomes tough to open VCF file on Mac, because there are very few applications in MacOS that help to open the VCF files on Mac. Trying the top 5 methods mentioned in this article can help you to open your vCard files easily in your MacOS. Let’s begin…

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How to Open VCF Files on Mac?

Read the step-by-step top 5 methods explained below. You can try whichever you find easy to implement:

Method 1: Open VCF File on Mac with Contacts App

  1. Simply navigate to the VCF file which you want to open on your Mac.
  2. Once you find the required VCF files, Double tap on it.
  3. Your VCF file will be automatically opened in the Contacts app.

Limitation: The version of your VCF files should be compatible with Contacts application, otherwise it would not open. Additionally this is a repetitive task if you have multiple VCF files to open on Mac.

Method 2: Use Mail App to Open VCF files on Mac

  1. To begin this method, first you need to send files as an Email attachment:
  2. Simply go to the Mail App and compose a new email.
  3. Now attach the required VCF files by selecting one-by-one to the emails and Send it to yourself.
  4. Next, locate the email you just sent yourself and Double click on it.

Limitation: This method can be a little bit frustrating and time consuming as for each VCF file you will have to first attach them> send and then open. However, it is important to have an internet connection to follow this method. Also there is a specific file size restriction.

Method 3: How to Open VCF Files on Mac with TextEdit

  1. Go to your VCF file and Right click on it
  2. From the menu, select TextEdit to open.
  3. After you choose TextEdit, your VCF file will be opened.

Limitation: The major drawback of this method is, it only shows the data of your VCF files. Means you cannot open your VCF files in the actual format it was.

Method 4: Open VCF File on Mac Using iCloud

In case the above methods fail, you can also upload your VCF file to iCloud to open it, just follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the browser on your Mac and visit iCloud.com.
  2. Now login your Apple id and click on Contacts.
  3. Now Drag and Drop the VCF file to upload it.
  4. Now go to the Contacts application to open it. (Make sure your Mac is signed with the same Apple ID)

Limitation: Internet connection is required for this method to open VCF file on Mac. Sometimes iCloud also fails to sync with the Contacts app.

Method 5: Best Professional’s Solution to Open VCF Files on Mac in Bulk

Above manual methods are effective, but frustrating and time consuming at the same time. However there are chances that manual methods may fail. If you are looking for a direct method to open VCF files on Mac, you can download RecoveryTools vCard Reader.

Using this application anyone can easily open their VCF files on their MacOS in Bulk. This software not only saves your time but also helps to open VCF files with ease. Additionally, it supports all the versions of vCard files and MacOS.

It is an automated software that does not require any effort and provides the easiest user interface with complete security. So open all your VCF files on MacOS as once in the original format.

How to Open VCF Files on Mac Using the Tool?

  1. All you need to do is, just download and open the tool on your MacOS.
  2. On the top, in the left hand corner, you will see dual options Add files and Add folders. Choose any of them as per your need.
  3. From the desktop, choose your VCF files or folder and upload them into the software.
  4. From the bottom of the box, click on the Open button to open VCF files on Mac.
  5. Just after clicking Open, you can see all your VCF files with complete details including attachments in original format.


In this article we explained the top 5 methods on How to open VCF files on Mac. In this we included manual and automated solutions. All the methods are effective but the manual method has a few limitations in comparison to the advanced solution. Now it’s up to you to choose which you find the best.

Frequently Asked Questions for How to Open VCF Files on Mac:

Q.1 How do I open my vCard file on Mac?

Ans. Simply download the tool mentioned in the article> upload VCF file or folder> then Open.

Q.2 Does MacOS support VCF Files if I want to open them?

Ans. Yes! All the popular operating systems whether it is Mac, iOS or Windows, support VCF files.

Q.3 Is it safe to use the Tool to open VCF files on Mac?

Ans. Yes, the tool is completely secure to open VCF files on MacBook.

Q.4 Does the tool retain data integrity while opening VCF files on Mac?

Ans. Yes, the advanced tool also retains data integrity while opening all your VCF files on Mac at once.

Q.5 If there is any file size limit to open vCard files on a Mac using this software?

Ans. No, the software allows you to open VCF files on Mac of any size without any restriction.