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How to Move IMAP OST File to Outlook 2016 ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 19-05-2022 ~ Move Data ~ 6 Minutes Reading


Want to know how to move IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016? In this blog, we will be going to describe both manual and automated methods for this conversion process.

After the arrival of Outlook 2013 and its later versions, there have been numerous adjustments in how IMAP accounts are overseen. To be sure, the earlier forms of Outlook used to make two IMAP records (OST and PST documents). In Outlook 2010, one document oversaw messages and the other file put away contacts, notes, schedules, and other items. But, after Outlook 2013 and the versions that came after it, just one OST file gets made for one IMAP account. Naturally, no PST document gets made that saves emails with its attached documents.

This change will undoubtedly affect the manner in which Outlook accounts are handled. Along these lines, presently it has become a colossal issue to move IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016. In the latest versions of MS Outlook including Outlook 2013 and 2016, Outlook can’t able to locate the accurate folder. Besides, the OST can’t be handily backed up.

Multiple Strategies to move IMAP OST File to Outlook 2016

You must be knowing that each email of Outlook 2016 saves into the IMAP Server. It is trailed by the server information getting replicated on one OST document and getting stored locally. This OST document should not replicate or change at all as altering it will cause the email information to vanish from the Mail application. Users can move IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016 utilizing the following techniques.

Alternative 1: Manual Solution

An IMAP account never makes a PST document on Outlook 2013 and later editions. Instead of it, a solitary OST file is made. To move IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016, the OST document should be changed over into a PST file. Thereafter, one can open the PST file into Outlook 2016.

Stage1: Export IMAP OST files to PST file and duplicate this new PST file into another PC.

Stage 2: To transfer the new PST file, start Outlook 2016 and hit on File>> Open & Export>> Import/ Export.

Stage3: An Import and Export Wizard window will pop-up. Tap on Import from another program or document and snap on the Next tab.

Stage4: Select the important Outlook Data File and afterward hit on Next.

Stage5: Now, Browse the folder that contains the PST file and snap-on OK tab.

Stage6: End the task by tapping on Finish.

Impediments of the Manual Method

The manual strategy talked about above has numerous constraints. Above all else, this manual process is dull and tedious. Moreover, it requires a ton of human intercession to move IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016. If the majority of email folders are big and enormous in size, the manual processing turns out to be exceptionally complex. This is very unimportant and this circumstance can be kept away by and large by utilizing automated software.

Alternative 2: Use Expert Solution to Move IMAP OST File to Outlook 2016

You can decide to do it the mOST difficult way possible or you can decide to make your life simpler by utilizing an automated third-party tool. Hence, the mOST reliable way to move IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016 is OST Converter Tool. It is by far one of the mOST comprehensive software available for performing OST file migrations. It can immediately move all IMAP OST files to Outlook PST files regardless of which version of Outlook you have.

This solid, effective, and simple to utilize programming really helps to move IMAP OST to Outlook PST flawlessly and subsequently moves the OST file to Outlook 2016. This compelling email conversion tool help in the immediate movement of IMAP OST files to Outlook. It is very dependable as it recuperates the deficiency of late information from the old OST file. You can evaluate the software without paying a single penny from here:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Move IMAP OST File to Outlook 2016 ?

After downloading the software, you will see the starting screen of the software as shown in this picture.

Now, select Outlook OST files with dual options- ‘Convert configured Outlook mailbox data’ or ‘Let me select my Outlook mailbox data’.

Then, enable the desired OST emails which you wish to move IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016.

Thereafter, open the list of saving options and choose PST from it.

You can split PST files into 2GB, 5GB, and 10 GB as given in the toolkit.

The software also provides the option to change language as per the user’s need. Now, enable the ‘Use Outlook mode’ option if required and enter the desired destination path for saving the output.

After this, tap on the Next button. The utility will start the process instantly.

Once the task ends, you will receive a conversion completed message. Click on the OK button to exit from there.

Go to the resultant folder location where your Outlook 2016 PST files are saved.


Now, open Outlook 2016 and import PST files as required.


Benefits While Using IMAP OST to Outlook Conversion Tool

This utility offers numerous benefits especially if we talk about the efficiency and speed of conversion. It helps to move IMAP OST to Outlook 2016 without requiring MS Outlook on your PC. Few important features of this software are as below:

Keeps intact Email Attributes: It is programmed with advanced algorithms that maintain all email properties throughout the process to move IMAP OST to Outlook 2016 new computer process. The tool maintains email properties like header information, attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, etc.

Painless Solution to Move Emails: This application is undoubtedly an effortless solution to move IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016. There is no need for Outlook installation on your Windows PC to perform the process.

Automatic and Manual File Selection Options: Users can enjoy the benefit of choosing the OST file either automatically or manually. In automatic selection, the tool will import the configured Outlook mailbox data into the toolkit. On the other hand, the manual selection option allows for choosing OST files or folders as required.

Supports All Windows OS: The tool has vast compatibility with all versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. It runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Final Words

That’s it! Now you are all set to move IMAP OST to Outlook 2016 new computer by yourself without any technical help. In order to avoid the manual method’s limitations, we would suggest you try the automated software. By using the expert solution, there will be no issues of information leakage. So, take your decision wisely. If you need any help or assistance, please talk to our technical team.