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How to Migrate from FastMail to Office 365?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On February 3rd, 2023
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Users want to migrate from FastMail to Office 365 even though FastMail predates many of the leading email services. But it still cannot compete with Exchange Online’s advanced features.

A full-featured business account requires more storage space than the basic plan offers, which is only 2GB per user. Additionally, for the price that users pay, they receive only email services.

A business shouldn’t integrate chat applications, cloud storage, or other productivity applications.

Consider Office 365 as an alternative. Aside from supporting several of Microsoft’s other products, it also supports third-party applications for even greater functionality.

Moreover, Office 365 includes some of the most sophisticated security and privacy features available. Among the improvements are improved anti-malware and anti-spam features.

All things considered; Office 365 is far more cost-effective than FastMail.

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FastMail vs. Microsoft Exchange: What’s the Difference?

Although FastMail offers IMAP-enabled email support for Outlook, it cannot match the capabilities of Exchange Online, an Office 365 service.

As part of the hybrid deployment option, Exchange Server can be used alongside Exchange Online, where businesses can access real-time collaboration on Microsoft applications, eDiscovery, and in-place hold functionality.

FastMail does not have automation provisions. Therefore, rather than using FastMail with Office 365, it is better to migrate to Exchange Online as a part of the Office 365 plan.

How to Migrate from FastMail to Office 365 Using Best Approaches?

To move your whole Fastmail account’s data over to your Office 365 account. The two finest ways to carry out this technique are as follows. Performing the account configuration and migration process manually required technical skills for the first option.

On the other side, a software solution that runs entirely automatically and doesn’t require any technical expertise exists.

So, let’s begin the Fastmail to Office 365 migration by using both techniques. In the sections that follow, we will cover both techniques in detail, including all the necessary processes. so that you may quickly and simply migrate FastMail to Microsoft 365.

Method 1: Manual Method to Migrate from Fastmail to Office 365

You can utilize the migration tool in the Exchange Admin Center to transfer your FastMail mailboxes to Office 365 by using IMAP.

Please be aware that updating DNS records is not covered in this article. If you need help setting up your Office 365 domain, please go to the wizard.

Instructions for IMAP App Password Generate in FastMail Account

  1. After logging in, go to the Settings page on your FastMail account.
  2. After that, select the Password & Security page and click the App Passwords link there.
  3. Verify your desire to add a new app password.
  4. Enter whatever name you like for your app password on the next screen. I gave it the term “Exchange Migration” in this case. Next, select “IMAP” from the Access menu and then select “Generate Password“.

You will be able to see your app password on the next screen. Note this down because we’ll need it for the Exchange Migration.

Exchange FastMail to Office 365 Migration

A CSV file must be made before the migration to Exchange can begin in order for Exchange to handle the migration properly.

Apply the Microsoft-recommended format:

Email Address, Username, Password

[email protected], admin, Admin@123

[email protected], support, Support@123

[email protected], sales, Sales@123

Please be aware that your FastMail email address will serve as your Username and that the App Password we previously generated will serve as your password.

  1. Go to the Exchange Admin Center and select the Migration link after creating the CSV file.
  2. Select “Migrate to Exchange Online” by clicking the plus symbol in the next window.
  3. Check “IMAP Migration” and then click Next in the following dialogue.
  4. The CSV file that we previously produced will be uploaded after you click the Next button.
  5. We will now enter the server details for FastMail. Type it in the space provided and click Next.
  6. Enter the name of the migration batch on the Move Configuration screen and then click Next.
  7. You can now schedule the migration and select the recipients of the completion email message. If the options listed below meet your needs, click New to begin or schedule the migration.
  8. As soon as you receive a notification that the batch has been saved, you may check the migration dashboard in the Exchange Admin Center to see how things are going.
  9. You should begin receiving emails from your FastMail inbox in your new O365 mailbox within a few hours.

Method 2: Migrate FastMail to Microsoft 365 – Software Solution

Use RecoveryTools Email Backup Wizard to quickly transfer emails from FastMail to Microsoft 365. Without any technical understanding, you may quickly and effortlessly migrate all the emails from your FastMail account to your MS Office 365 account with this tool.

The best benefit of employing this software solution is that you can execute the FastMail to Office 365 migration without having to go through a time-consuming migration process. Only install this application on the operating system that is presently in use, then launch the procedure by starting with the below steps and completing screenshots.

How to Migrate FastMail to O365 Business Suite

  1. Run FastMail to Office 365 Migration Tool and choose FastMail as an email source.
    select fastmail
  2. Enter FastMail account credentials and press the Login button. IMAP should be enabled for successful login.
    select login
  3. Thereafter, choose the required FastMail folders accordingly.
    select required-folder
  4. Select Office 365 as a saving option from the listed options.
    select office 365
  5. After that, set the necessary settings and enter M365 account credentials.
    migrate from fastmail to office 365
  6. Press the Backup button to migrate from FastMail to Office 365 and wait for completion.
    migrate fastmail to office 365
  7. Lastly, login to your Office 365 account and access FastMail emails.

Why Do Experts Recommend Software?

  • Advance Filter: FastMail to O365 Migration Tool comes with advance useful features. Users can use these filters to migrate FastMail to M365 between a date range, by choice of email addresses and subject.
  • Selective Migration: Before starting, the FastMail to Office 365 migration process, the tool shows all FastMail folders in the software GUI. Users can use checkboxes for selecting specific folders for migration.
  • Extract Crucial Items: The tool has two separate options to extract FastMail email addresses as well as attachments from all folders. Later users can use them for completing separate business operations like email marketing.
  • Primary and In-Place Archive: FastMail to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool has 2 separate options to migrate from FastMail to Office 365 primary mailboxes and in-place archive mailboxes accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Because of its simplicity, using the IMAP to Office 365 migration tool is advised for the migration of FastMail to Office 365. If you have technical knowledge about Exchange Online and Admin Center working procedure then you can also use the manual method. The above-mentioned software solution offers extensive experience in transferring emails between all email services like FastMail to Office 365 and many more cloud-based applications to MS Office 365 directly.