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How to Import Yahoo Mail to Gmail Account? – Complete Guide

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On February 21st, 2024
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Are you looking to import Yahoo Mail to Gmail accounts? If yes, then you are in the right place. The article covers the complete process of transferring emails to Gmail accounts. The user can easily transfer data without facing any problems.

One of the many reasons for the demise of Yahoo Mail was the persistent security breaches in Yahoo Mail accounts. If you want to fix the Yahoo security issue, here are the steps listed on how to do so.

Due to these frequent data breach issues, many users are moving from Yahoo Mail to Gmail accounts.

There are many reasons to choose Gmail, especially its advanced security features. Gmail has a built-in anti-spam filter to protect your inbox from spam emails. If you want to send large files as attachments through this, then you can share them through a direct link to Google Drive.

Due to these benefits of Yahoo Mail, a large number of users want to switch business email from Yahoo to Gmail account. You can just do it manually for free or with a professional tool.

Why do Users Choose Gmail Accounts?

  • Customers with large inboxes should utilize Gmail since it offers far more free storage than Yahoo Mail.
  • Gmail links with other Google services like Drive, Calendar, Docs, Meet, and so on produce a simplified and productive workflow.
  • While Yahoo Mail may not offer as many advanced features as Gmail, it does contain labels, stars, a sophisticated search, and folders for better organization.
  • Regarding functionality and usability, the Gmail mobile app is often regarded as superior to the Yahoo Mail app.
  • Although both systems include security measures, some users believe Google’s security architecture is more dependable.
  • Some people probably prefer Google’s data privacy policies over Yahoo’s.

Best Two Ways to Import Yahoo Mail to Gmail Account

There are two methods mentioned in this blog post to migrate Yahoo emails to Gmail. In which the first method is manual and the second method is professional i.e. paid. In the first method, we will learn the process of transferring only Yahoo emails to Google Mail using a Gmail email client. In the second method, we will learn the process of importing a complete mailbox or a specific folder. Now let us know the process of both the methods step by step.

Method 1: Manual Way to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail Account

5 Easiest Steps to import yahoo mail to Gmail account

  1. Open your Gmail account, and go to Settings options.

    import Yahoo mail to Gmail

  2. Then, click on Accounts and Import from there.

    Accounts and Import

  3. Click on the Import Mail and Contacts option.

    Import Mail and Contacts

  4. Then, enter your Yahoo mail email address and Next.

    enter your Yahoo mail

  5. After that, select the required options and Start Import.

    select the required options

After performing these steps, the data will start imported from Yahoo Mail to the Gmail account. However, this process will take a lot of time according to the data storage. It may also take 2-3 days depending on the size of your mailbox data and there may be some loss of data. So, you should continue with the second-mentioned solution.

Method 2: Import Yahoo Mail to Gmail by Using Automatic Tool

One of the best solutions to migrate emails to a Gmail account is RecoveryTools Yahoo Backup Software. The application will provide users with a direct option to do that. One only needed to enter the account login credentials of your Yahoo email account to load data to import Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Users can also perform batch migration of multiple Yahoo email accounts to Gmail with this tool.

Also, the tool is easy to use and can be easily utilized by all users whether they are from technical or non-technical backgrounds. Apart from that, while migrating a bulk amount of data users, the original format or layout will be maintained throughout the process and there will not be a loss of even a single word of the data.

Free download the software to import Yahoo Mail to Gmail from the below button:

Complete Guide for How to Use Professional Tool

  1. Firstly, run the mentioned tool in your existing system. Login here with Yahoo email credentials.

    tool to import Yahoo mail to Gmail

  2. See the preview of all the Yahoo files and folders on the screen. Select the required data from them.

    preview of all the Yahoo files

  3. Select the Saving option as Gmail from the drop-down list.

    Saving option

  4. Click on the Filter Options tab and apply the advanced filters to import specific emails.

    Filter Options

  5. Enable the Advanced Mode such as Change Language, Save Message in Default Storage, and other modes.

    Advanced Mode

  6. Enter the login credentials of your Gmail account there and click on backup.

    login credentials

  7. Then, in just a few minutes, you can be able to see the resultant message on the software screen.

    resultant message

  8. After that, go to your Gmail account and see the imported Yahoo Mail data there.

    go to your Gmail account

Advanced Features of Yahoo to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Migrate only Selective Emails: The application is designed with advanced algorithms to migrate only specific mailboxes. It has advanced filter settings to perform Yahoo to Gmail migration based on Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc. With these advanced settings, a user can import a specific number of emails.
  • Preserve on-disk System Folder Hierarchy: The utility will preserve the on-disk System folder hierarchy of mailboxes for the conversion. The emails from a certain folder of Yahoo will be imported exactly to the same folder in Gmail. It will help a lot in managing the resultant mailbox items.
  • Easy & Simple Working Interface: This application will ease the whole process in a very quick & simple process. Moreover, the overall working interface of this software is simple. Any user whether he is a technical user or a non-techie can use this application.
  • Batch Mode for Multiple Mailboxes: The application has batch mode to migrate multiple Yahoo accounts into Gmail. A user can load mailbox items of multiple Yahoo accounts in the application panel. Create a CSV file & list the username & password of all the Yahoo email accounts.
  • Compatible with Mac & Windows OS: The application is fully compatible with all the Microsoft Windows versions i.e., Windows 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions. A user can also use this software on Mac OS devices.

FAQs to Import Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Ques. Do I need to do anything in my Yahoo account before migrating?
Ans. Yes, enable IMAP access in your Yahoo Mail settings.

Ques. How long does the import process take on the manual solution?
Ans. It depends on the number of emails you have. It could take from minutes to hours.

Ques. Will my Yahoo emails be deleted after import?
Ans. No, they remain untouched in your Yahoo account.

Ques. Can I import specific folders or labels on the automatic tool?
Ans. Yes, the official tool imports everything. You can organize after import.

Ques. I can’t find the “Import mail and contacts” option in Gmail settings.
Ans. Make sure you’re using a web browser and not the Gmail app. Check if your account qualifies for the tool.

Ques. The import seems stuck or slow.
Ans. It’s normal for large inboxes. Be patient and avoid refreshing the page.

Ques. Can I use professional tools to import Yahoo mail to Gmail?
Ans. Yes, we have mentioned one of the best professional tools in the above article.


In this article, we have explained a simple process of how to import Yahoo Mail to Gmail accounts. Both solutions work according to the perspective. We can say that if users have only several emails, then they can anytime continue with the freeway, and if he has an unlimited database, then it is better to continue with the professional approach as it can do the task within some time.