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How to Export Excel Contacts to Yahoo Mail Account ?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On October 13th, 2022
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Overview: Are you searching for an appropriate solution to import Excel contacts to Yahoo Mail ? Or want to know how to extract Excel contacts into Yahoo contacts directly? If so, keep reading this article. Below, in this blog, we have explained a reliable stepwise procedure to convert Excel contacts to Yahoo supportable format.

The greatest resource you have, as an entrepreneur and advertiser, is your contact list. Developing and cultivating this rundown is one of the main things you can do to emphatically affect your business.

Monitoring your contact information base isn’t thorough and is hard for any person. There are numerous ways of doing it. Address books, notebooks, email records, and Excel programming all can do it.

On the other hand, Yahoo is quite possibly the most popular free email provider. In addition to that, The Yahoo application helps web-displaying associations to send assigned messages for email publicizing. Be that as it may, it is perhaps the best stage where you can undoubtedly store 1TB of data.

Being in a business environment, I have to manage a large number of contacts. Many times Excel files get corrupted due to some technical reasons. So, I want to import Excel Contacts to Yahoo Mail in order to keep them safe. Is there some way to do this? Please suggest to me a solution for the same.

-Andrea James

A Complete Solution – Excel to vCard Converter

RecoveryTools Excel to vCard Wizard is the best-suited solution for the above query. To import an Excel Contact file to Yahoo Mail, firstly you need to convert the Excel contacts file to a Yahoo contacts format. This can be done using the solution given in the below write-up. Once you get the required file, you can import Excel Contacts to Yahoo Mail.

Download the tool to import Excel to Yahoo contacts in a few simple steps.


Note: The trial edition of this application to export only a few contacts from Excel to vCard format. For more, you need to buy the solution for the complete migration process.

A Solution to Import Excel to Yahoo Contacts

Phase 1: Convert Excel Contacts to Yahoo Supportable Format

1. Run and Install the tool on your computer running on Windows OS.

import excel contacts to yahoo mail

2. The tool will give different options to import Excel contacts to Yahoo. Select the Excel contacts XLS or XLSX file you want to convert.

import excel contacts to yahoo mail

3. The utility will let you set up Contact Fields Mapping according to your requirement.

import excel contacts to yahoo mail

4. Choose the Destination Folder to convert Excel contacts into Yahoo contacts format.

import excel contacts to yahoo mail

5. Also, you will get an option to set vCard Encoding. Choose the desired vCard option. Click on Convert to convert Excel file contacts into Yahoo Mail.import excel contacts to yahoo mail

Now you will get the desired file to import Excel contacts to Yahoo Mail. After this, you can easily import the converted file to Yahoo Mail through a quick manual procedure.

Phase 2: Import VCF to Yahoo Mail

1. Firstly, log in to your Yahoo Mail account. Here, click on the Contact icon.

import vcard to yahoo

2. Now, click on Actions. From the list of options, choose Import.

import vcard to yahoo

3. As, we want to import the contacts from an external Excel spreadsheet, choose File Upload. Click on Import.

import vcard to yahoo

4. Now, you will get an option to choose the file. Once you choose the required file to import Excel contacts to Yahoo Mail, click on Import.

import vcard to yahoo

5. Within some time, all your Excel contacts will get imported into the Contact List of your Yahoo account.

Benefits of usingĀ Excel Contacts to Yahoo Converter

1. Automatically Map Excel and vCard fields:

The tool has a special feature for contact fields mapping. It automatically displays the user information to map Excel Fields with vCard Fields. Some of the fields are First Name, Last Name, Birthday, Gender, etc.

2. Create separate or single VCF files:

The tool to import Excel XLS / XLSX files to Yahoo supportable format gives an option to save all contacts in one VCF file. So, you can check or uncheck this option according to your requirement.

3. Different vCard encodings:

Here, you get an option to change the vCard encoding. You will get many options here like UTF-8, Unicode, UTF-32, UTF-7, etc.

4. Compatibility with Windows OS:

The Excel to Yahoo Contact format conversion tool is compatible with all the latest versions of the Windows Operating System.

5. Save converted VCF file to the desired location:

The utility gives an option to choose the destination path for saving the converted Excel spreadsheet to Yahoo supportable format to any desired location.

Closing Words

In the above blog post, we have explained the complete solution to Import Excel Contacts to Yahoo Mail. The Excel Contacts to Yahoo conversion tool can directly convert Excel contacts into a portable file. You can further import vCard to Yahoo Mail manually. Also, the software provides a special contact fields mapping option. You can use the TRIAL edition that converts up to 10 contacts for better understanding.

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