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How to Import Excel Contacts to iPhone / iCloud – Can We Import Contacts from Excel to iPhone?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 11-05-2022 ~ How To ~ 5 Minutes Reading

In this blog we will learn how to import Excel Contacts from XLS, XLSX file to iPhone X, XL, 8S, 8, 7, 5, 5S etc. Successfully export Contacts from Excel to iCloud account quickly & instantly. One can import Excel Spreadsheet to iPhone for large amount of mailbox data. Excel to iPhone Contacts Converter enables the users to export details from Excel Contacts List to iCloud in simple & easy steps.

Free Download Excel to iPhone Contacts Converter Tool:

Excel is a great program by Microsoft to store & manage large Contacts lists. In case if you have large number of business & personal Contacts saved in an XLS, XLSX spreadsheets. It is not so easy for the users to import Excel Contacts to iCloud account. Import Contacts from Excel file to iPhone to easily access user’s information on different platforms. It can be useful keeping in touch with all the employees and hold meeting through iPhone devices.

Excel is a spreadsheet software can be used to store all records in a tabular format as introduced Microsoft. It will create XLS or XLSX foe saving Contacts file & Macro Workbook. Since there is no direct way to import contacts from Excel Sheet to iPhone. One needed to export vCard files or VCF format quickly & instantly. This can be done with the help of Excel Contacts to iPhone Converter tool to directly import contacts from Excel spreadsheets to iPhone.

How to Import Contacts from Excel to iPhone Accounts?

The software will enable the users to export first 10 items completely free of cost. Each contact appears on a virtual card called vCard files. If the vCard contains contact information more than one person, each contact will become a separate entry. Now when all contacts from Excel spreadsheets is transferred into VCF file, then vCard files can be easily imported into iCloud. After successful edition of Contacts into iCloud it can be sync with iPhone smoothly. Its working is very easy & simplified as any non-technical user can better understand it just by following these simple steps:

  1. Install & Run Excel Contacts to iPhone Converter toolhow to convert excel contacts to iphone
  2. Choose the required Excel Contact file from source location.excel contacts to iphone
  3. The software will provide Contacts Field Mapping between Excel file & vCard file.excel contacts to icloud
  4. Ask the users to save resultant VCF files at user desired location.excel to contacts iphone app
  5. Finally, setup conversion options like Save all Contacts in One VCF file or Set vCard Encoding.
  6. Click on Convert button & then click on OK button to confirm & exit from here.export excel contacts to iphone
  7. Once the conversion process finished successfully access resultant vCard / VCF files.excel to iphone contacts converter

How to Import vCard File in iCloud Account?

  1. Browse to the iCloud official site i.e. https://www.icloud.com/
  2. Sign In with Apple Id & Password to access your account in cloud.
  3. It will provide various Menu from where you can choose Contacts
  4. In the left-bottom corner, it will provide a Settings Gear Choose Import vCard option.
  5. Choose the resultant vCard file & then click on Open
  6. At last the Wizard will start importing Excel Contacts into iCloud.
  7. Once all your Contacts will be received in iCloud, then they are also available for the iPhone Address Book. It will automatically synchronized with your iPhone devices if you have already added the same iCloud account in your devices.

Now as when the contacts get transferred from Excel to iPhone X, 8, 7 Plus, 6, 6S, 5S, 5 etc. devices. Excel to iCloud Contacts Converter is an effective to export contacts from Excel Spreadsheet to iPhone devices.

Some Highlighted Features of Excel to iCloud Converter:

Apple iPhone firmly managed to break through the criticism and become a successful line of phones. The mobiles are one of the handy technologies which can be used via a vast category of users. The software covers all the needful details while detailing how to transfer Excel Contacts to iPhone mobiles. It comes up with various advanced features to perform Excel to iCloud Conversion as some of them are listed below:

  • Will create ANSI vCard files which will enable the users to successfully supported with iCloud or iPhone.
  • It will create vCard 3.0 version allowing users to import contacts from Excel to iOS.
  • Excel to iPhone Converter enables the users to import Contacts from Spreadsheet to iPad.
  • It will allow Empty Email Address to get convert those contacts which does not have email address.
  • Users can easily save exported contacts from Excel into vCard select a destination location.
  • By default, the software will save resultant VCF file in Desktop in a New folder.
  • The software will enable the users to automatically Map Excel Fields with vCard Fields.
  • The Excel to iPhone Converter utility will also ask the users to Save All Contacts in Single VCF
  • The XLSX to iCloud Converter tool is compatible with all latest versions of Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.
  • It will also enable the users to set vCard encoding as ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-32, UNICODE, or Default.
  • The free trial version of Excel to iPhone Converter tool will export only first 10 items.

The Verge: As from above, we can easily conclude that it is one of the best solution available in present time. Each contact appears on a virtual card called a vCard as one can import vCard using Contacts on iCloud.com. If vCard contains contact information for more than one person, each contact becomes a separate entry. Contacts from imported vCard added to all Contacts group as one can add contacts to any other group by dragging them into desired group.