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How to Import Thunderbird Emails & Contacts to iPhone – Solution

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Published On January 21st, 2023
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Are you one of them who is looking for a method to sync Thunderbird emails to iPhone? Or want to know how to import Thunderbird contacts to iPhone? If so, then don’t worry. Here we are to solve all issues related to how to access thunderbird on iPhone by using the best and perfect solution. So, keep reading the post.

Smartphones are quickly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Because in today’s world, every single task is completed with a smartphone. In such a setting, no one would want to be carrying a laptop or computer everywhere. The question is, what happens to users who send and receive email using Thunderbird under such circumstances?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client that’s been around for quite a while. The latest release comes with some nifty features, including support for a number of social networking apps, a brand new UI that’s designed for mobile devices, and a new way of organizing emails & address Books.

Because, till now no such update or notification has come from Mozilla Thunderbird-like users to sync Thunderbird to iPhone. Users will have to take the help of some professional solution. But before we explain the complete process. Let’s understand some reasons to export Thunderbird contacts to iPhone.

Reasons to Import Thunderbird Contacts/Emails to iPhone

Hello there, I have been using Thunderbird as my email client for the past three years. However, I recently bought a new iPhone 12 to replace my old one. My essential emails and attachments are all stored in the Thunderbird email client, the difficulty is that those emails and documents are really important to my day-to-day operations. So, I want to export all my Thunderbird data and transfer it to my iPhone. So, could anyone suggest to me the way how do I get thunderbird email on my iPhone?

If we want to get thunderbird email on iPhone, we must store the data in Thunderbird as PDF file. So that it may be readily transferred to the iPhone or opened when needed. Alternatively, we will have to transfer the data from Thunderbird to Gmail account. Yes, there is another alternative available, which is detailed further down this page. But if you also want to export Thunderbird Address Book to iPhone, then you need a professional way.

To perform these procedures, we will rely on tools that are both rapid and intelligent. The entire procedure is outlined here for your convenience.

Solution: Import Thunderbird Email to iPhone

Here we will demonstrate one of the most effective and powerful methods of receiving Thunderbird email on your iPhone. The RecoveryTools Thunderbird Migration Tool is the best available. To export data from the Thunderbird application, this software includes an intuitive user interface, and it eliminates the need to install the Thunderbird application on your computer. Additionally, the tool includes sophisticated features for accessing Thunderbird email on an iPhone. The following are some of the fantastic features: batch and chosen data conversion; file naming option; and many more.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Import Thunderbird Email to iPhone?

  1. Download and run the software on your device.

    launch the solution

  2. Next, the tool loads the Thunderbird data automatically, or also users can load the files and folder manually.

    loads the Thunderbird data

  3. next, all the data will appear on the windows for preview.

    all the data will appear to get thunderbird email on iPhone

  4. And then choose “IMAP” from the “Select Saving Option”.
    choose imap
  5. After that enter your iCloud account details in the user interface. Here, you need to put imap.mail.me.com in Host and port no. 993.
    enter details
  6. And click on the “Convert” icon to start the procedure.
  7. Now, you need to open your iCloud account and check all emails on your Mail app. You can sync this iCloud account with your iPhone easily.

Unprecedented Features of the Tool

  • Bulk Conversion: the Thunderbird to iPhone migrator can easily convert and transfer huge data in bulk at one time without any hassle.
  • Convert All Data: this wizard can easily convert all Thunderbird data like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and other data.
  • Load Thunderbird Data Automatically: one of the best features of this software is that this tool can automatically load the Thunderbird profile data from the default storage location.
  • No Need to Install Thunderbird: The Thunderbird Migration Software is self-contained and capable of performing its functions. There is no need for a third-party plug-in or tool to accomplish this.
  • Preserve Email Headers: Easily convert Thunderbird emails, including their header data (to, cc, bcc), subject, and other information.

How to Import Thunderbird Address Book to iPhone?

  1. First of all, you need to export Address Book from Thunderbird.
  2. Go to the Address Book option and click on the Tool option and choose the Export option.
  3. Now, set the location where you want to save Thunderbird CSV Contacts files.
  4. Download the RecoveryTools CSV to vCard Converter on your computer.

    Download for Windows Download for Mac

  5. Install and launch the solution on your computer.
    launch the solution
  6. Select the Thunderbird CSV file with the browse option.
  7. Choose Contact mapping options if you needed.
    choose mapping options
  8. Select the encoding options if required.
    contact encoding options
  9. Set saving location path to save resultant data at the user location.
    saving location path
  10. Start the process to export Thunderbird contacts to vCard file.
    start the process
  11. Now, you need to open your iCloud account.
    open icloud
  12. Select the Contacts app and choose the required settings option.
    contacts app
  13. Import Thunderbird contacts to iPhone directly through iCloud.
    import contacts

Client’s Reviews

Thank you so much to RecoveryTools for providing the Thunderbird migration tool. I had to transfer all of my Thunderbird info into my Android phone a few days ago. And I was concerned about how I would complete this duty. So, my buddy suggested that I should use this software to access Thunderbird data from my Android phone. And I made use of this tool, which is quite fantastic since this software performs admirably. This software must be purchased.- jacky from Spain

Hello there, I acquired this software to move my whole Thunderbird database to create backups. Because I have my doubts about whether or not email clients will become corrupt at some point. So, I found this solution, and it is incredible how well it works, and the greatest part is that it can simply convert a large amount of data from Thunderbird in a matter of minutes. I adore this software.- Marina from Brazil

Time to Say Goodbye

According to what you can see above, we discussed the entire technique and steps necessary to receive Thunderbird email on your iPhone by utilizing a wonderful solution. This has the great features that have been stated above as well as others. and also, a trial edition of this tool is included with the purchase. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.