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How to migrate Thunderbird to G Suite (Google Workspace)?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Are you looking for a way to migrate Thunderbird to G Suite? If yes, then you are on the right page.

“I’ve used Mozilla’s Thunderbird for years. It has blown up on me in recent years, deleting emails I wanted to preserve for later. I knew I wasn’t doing it properly, but I’d leave them in my inbox and return to them as needed. After being gone for 4 days, I tried to retrieve my 200 or so primarily trash emails and found that they were all gone! I’m sick of it and ready to switch to a “decent” email application that won’t delete anything until I tell it to, like G Suite, but I don’t know the way so please suggest me any solution, thanks in advance.”

“Hello there, my Thunderbird has become corrupted, I’d like to transfer all of my info to my Google workspace account. So, I am looking for a solution to migrate Thunderbird account to G Suite, please suggest me a solution to me.”

In this write-up, we will show you techniques to migrate Thunderbird to G Suite. I noticed that large numbers of users are looking for a solution for Thunderbird to G Suite migration. So here is the easiest and simplest solution to overcome your problems.

Purpose to Transfer Emails from Thunderbird to G Suite

The most typical reason for users to move Thunderbird files to G Suite is to view emails from everywhere on any device.

  • G Suite provides a large quantity of storage capacity, allowing users to store a large amount of data.
  • Google takes precautions to keep your information safe and secure.
  • When using G Suite, you may access your emails from any location and on any device.

These are some of the reasons that influence the decision to migrate from Thunderbird to G Suite.

How to Transfer Emails from Thunderbird to G Suite?

Here is the simplest and easiest software to migrate Thunderbird to G Suite is Recovery Tools batch Thunderbird migrater. Thunderbird to G Suite migrater can migrate data automatically from the Thunderbird account or users can load the data manually. Also, this tool is capable to convert multiple emails from Thunderbird to G Suite account effortlessly.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Why This Software for Thunderbird to G Suite Migration?

  • This software has the power to load the data automatically from the Thunderbird account. Also, users can migrate Thunderbird emails to G Suite manually.
  • This software comes with a user-friendly interface for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Users can migrate Thunderbird to G Suite in bulk without any hassle
  • The Thunderbird Converter tool extracts the address book and all contact information (name, address, email, phone, mobile phone).
  • During email transmission, Thunderbird saves all details and relevant data. and maintains the email system folder hierarchy.
  • One of the most advantageous aspects of this software is that it does not require the installation of the Thunderbird application.

How to Import Thunderbird to Google Workspace?

  1. Download the run the software on your device to migrate Thunderbird to G Suite.

    Download the Thunderbird to G Suite migrator

  2. Next, the data will load automatically from the configured Thunderbird account, or you can choose manually.

    data will load automatically

  3. Now all the Thunderbird data will appear on the screen and select the required data and click on the Next icon.

    all the Thunderbird data will appear

  4. And then click on the “Select Saving Option” and choose “G Suite” from the drop-down.

    select saving option

  5. Now enter the login details of your G Suite account.

    enter the login details

  6. And click on the Next icon to start the Thunderbird to G Suite migration.

    next icon to start Thunderbird to G Suite migration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to export data from Thunderbird 60.0, is this software capable to do this?

    Yes, this software is capable to export data from all versions of Thunderbird.

  • Is your software able to export the whole Thunderbird address book?

    Yes, the Thunderbird migrater can export Thunderbird contacts and calendars.

  • I have some 500+ orphan Thunderbird emails, can I import the all-Thunderbird emails to apple mail?

    Yes, you can import multiple Thunderbird emails to apple mail without any hassle.

Client Reviews

Thanks to RecoveryTools, Since I needed to move my Thunderbird emails to my G Suite account for professional reasons, I looked for a solution that could Migrate Thunderbird to G Suite. So, I downloaded this software, and it works brilliantly.

My buddy recommended this solution for Thunderbird to Gmail migration, and this software works quickly and efficiently, as well as exporting Thunderbird emails with all attachments. Thank you RecoveryTools for the fantastic solution

Final Words

Finally, as you can see above, we described all the procedures to migrate Thunderbird to G Suite by using an amazing solution, which comes with the best features. but still, if you have any doubts then download the demo versions of this software to see how does the software works. Hope you like the article.