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How to Solve IncrediMail Flash Player Error?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 18-06-2022 ~ How To ~ 7 Minutes Reading


This article will describe the cause of the IncrediMail Flash Player problem and its solution.
After reading this post, you will be able to retrieve the lost emails on IncrediMail app without flash player error in 2021.

The majority of you are already aware of the truth regarding the IncrediMail email client. In addition, inform individuals who are not aware that the IncrediMail email client was discontinued on March 20, 2020.

However, we do not know why the IncrediMail team closed its doors in 2020. But one of the reasons for this may also be the problem of flash player.

Because Adobe decided to discontinue Adobe Flash Player on December 31, 2020 and it stopped playing Flash content in Flash Player after January 12, 2021.

This decision was taken by Adobe, due to security flaws associated with Flash Player and new web technologies such as HTML5, Java, PHP, etc. That’s why Adobe announced the end of Flash Player 2 years ago. It also gave all web browsers, web applications, web software, and developers two years to change their infrastructure.

Why Do I Need Adobe Flash Player ?

There is a lot of content spread across the Internet which is interesting and entertaining such as videos, pictures, GIFs, 2D animations, etc. But our web browser does not understand all this content. So, if you want to play this content, then you have to install flash player. The biggest example of this is online games.

But both IncrediMail and Flash Player are different, so the question arises:

Why Flash Player is Required to Run IncrediMail ?

IncrediMail had many features that attracted users from the beginning and bought the trust of over 4 million users. IncrediMail offers a lot of features that were never provided by other email clients such as Animations, Ecard, Experience 3D Effects, Emoticons, Animated Email Notifiers, etc.

This is why the IncrediMail email client used Flash Player for their animations and 3D effects. However, due to this discontinued support for Flash Player after January 12, 2021, it has now stopped working and shows IncrediMail Flash Player Error message.

This really affects customers as they are currently unable to open IncrediMail or IncrediMail emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Understand By User Problems:

Hi, I live in Norway, and until last week I used IncrediMail. Last week I couldn’t open my emails, I’ve got a message that says that I am not able to open IncrediMail unless I install Flash. and that I need to complete installing it in order to open my mails…

So, what do I do now? it’s not possible to install flash anymore. Does your program help me to convert what I have in my IncrediMail without having flash?

I shall be thankful for any help from you! It’s like a nightmare for me now,

Thanks in advance

Hi, with the last update of Windows 10, my father lost the possibility to use IncrediMail (no more flash). Now, the IncrediMail email client has failed to start.

Is it possible to backup IM mails and contacts without IM ? Or migrate to another mailbox, probably MS Mail or Outlook.


Most users are not opening IncrediMail email client and want to retrieve lost emails on IncrediMail app without flash player. For this, we suggest you to download and install RecoveryTools IncrediMail Migrator.


How to Fix IncrediMail Flash Player Problem ?

To solve the IncrediMail Flash Player problem, I would say that you have two options.

  • First, migrate all IncrediMail data to another webmail, email client, or file format, etc.
  • Second, contact IncrediMail and Adobe support team to fix this problem.

Well, I had contact with the IncrediMail support team and their answer is:

“According to the IncrediMail support team, this problem is related to Adobe and they should investigate it.”

As well as, I had contact with the Adobe support team and their answer is:

“After the December 31, 2020, enterprise end of date life, Adobe has already stopped supporting Flash Player. Please contact IncrediMail team to resolve this issue.”

In this current state, I could not open the IncrediMail email messages. So, what should I do now?

To solve this IncrediMail Flash Player Problem, you need to choose the first option to migrate all IncrediMail data to another place.


“If you are unable to decide where to transfer your IncrediMail data, Read IncrediMail Alternative blog.”

In this article, we will explain the process to retrieve the lost emails on IncrediMail app without flash player. The RecoveryTools solution provides a technology-driven software designed specifically for users who want to recover IncrediMail emails on another platform without flash player issues.

The program will enable the users to automatically locate IncrediMail data from the default location to the interface. And help you to retrieve the lost emails on IncrediMail app in readable formats.

Where is the IncrediMail Store Email Database ?

Well, IncrediMail stores all its data in IMM, IML, DB files that are stored in C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\IM location.

Read More: – Where does IncrediMail Store Emails ?

Steps to Solve IncrediMail Flash Player Error

We recommend you download this RecoveryTools IncrediMail solution on your computer. The program has auto-detect benefits that load all your data from IncrediMail locations. In addition, you can select IncrediMail data with dual manual selection. First, download it to your Windows computer.

Download for Windows

  • In the first step, install this application and launch it on your computer.

  • Then, choose the right option to load IncrediMail data in the interface.
  • If you don’t know where IncrediMail store their data, choose the first option – “Convert Configured IncrediMail Mailbox Data”.

  • You can also select the manual selection option to load IncrediMail data manually.

  • In this step, you need to choose the required IncrediMail folders.

  • After that, choose the file saving format such as file formats, webmail, online server, document formats, email clients, etc.

  • Next, select the location path if you have selected the file format option. And if you select the webmail or email account option, enter their credentials.

  • In the final step, click on the next button to convert IncrediMail emails without having Flash Player.

Common Questions

Yesterday when I tried to open my IncrediMail Client, I got a message that I need to do a flash update, I have tried repeatedly and nothing is working and my email will not open and I can’t be found all my IncrediMail emails. Is there any way to move my IncrediMail emails, contacts, calendars to another email client like Microsoft Outlook ?

Well, after IncrediMail and Flash Player were discontinued, many users are facing similar issues. To resolve this IncrediMail Flash Player issue, you need to move your data to another place. Follow the few simple procedures:

  1. Launch RecoveryTools solution on Windows.
  2. The tool will auto-locate your IncrediMail data.
  3. Choose the correct folder containing your email data.
  4. Select PST option for Outlook and others for others.
  5. Hit on enter to transfer emails and solve IncrediMail issues.

After updating my Windows 10 computer, I lost connectivity with IncrediMail. Is there a way to retrieve the emails in inbox/sent/archived folders using your solution ?

To retrieve the IncrediMail emails from their folders, you need to transfer all data to another platform or another file format. RecoveryTools IncrediMail solution gives 30+ file saving options to retrieve your all IncrediMail emails in inbox/sent/archived folders and other folders.

I don’t understand why IncrediMail needs Flash Player ? Can you please explain ?

IncrediMail uses Animation, Experience 3D Effects, Emoticons, Animated Email Notifier, etc. That’s why IncrediMail needs flash player.


After our personal discoveries, we found that users could not access their IncrediMail email messages due to lost support for Flash Player. That’s why they keep looking for a solution to recover IncrediMail emails without having Flash Player.

In this article, we have explained the solution to access IncrediMail emails after the Flash Player problem. You can use RecoveryTools solution to transfer your IncrediMail emails, contacts, and other items to another place easily.

For more information, you can contact us via live chat support or email. Also, you can read the related blog post to understand the solution and fix IncrediMail Flash Player Problem.