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How Do I Export Samsung Contacts to Excel, Google Sheets, and OpenOffice Calc?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 5th, 2023
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In this technical guide you learn how to export the Samsung contacts list from a phone or tablet to an Excel spreadsheet, read this article. Here, we’re going to walk through the process of exporting Samsung contacts to a CSV file. So that you can import it into Excel or Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet program that supports CSV files. Read the complete post to know more.

With so many contact records stored on our Android devices, exporting them to Excel is not only convenient but also a useful way to manage them efficiently. However, many users find it difficult to export Samsung contacts in Excel format as the existing methods require a lot of technical guidance. That’s why this article will introduce an easy and user-friendly way to export contacts to Excel.

If you like Samsung phones and like to meet millions of people around the world, then you’ll probably need to set up all contacts in your Samsung Native Address Book app. But, when you have thousands of contacts to store in your Samsung device, it doesn’t work for you. That’s why a huge number of users want to export Samsung contacts to Excel sheets.

Unavoidable Reasons to Export Samsung Contacts to Excel

A contact list is one of the most used features on our phones, and it’s also one of the most overlooked. But there are lots of reasons why users want to export Samsung contacts to an Excel workbook. Some of them are explained below:

  • Easily Manipulate Contacts Data: Excel is a spreadsheet application that is used to manipulate stored data. It has lots of filters and sorting modes to easily arrange your data without any issues.
  • Sort Data in Meaningful Categories: Microsoft Excel is identified as a trending financial application in the world. It allows you to easily sort your data into meaningful categories without any issues.
  • Print Numerous Contacts at Once: One of the best things about Microsoft Excel is that it allows you to print contacts easily. However, you can’t take printouts using Samsung devices. That’s why most users who want to print contacts, prefer to export Samsung contacts to an Excel CSV file.
  • Teamwork & Planning: Excel provides a wide range of facilities including teamwork in a single workbook. Microsoft cloud platforms also offer Excel programs so that users can easily plan their work schedules.

There are many more reasons why users wish to export their Samsung contacts to Excel, but all of them are not mentioned in this post. Now, let’s explain the solution to export Samsung contacts to an Excel sheet.

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How to Export Contacts from Samsung Devices to Windows Computer?

  1. First of all, you need to open your Samsung Device Address book.
  2. Choose the contacts app and go to the contacts list option.
  3. Tap on the settings three-dot option and click the manage contacts option.
  4. Then, choose the “import and export contacts” option.
  5. Press the Export button and select the list of your contacts from your address book.
  6. The device saves all contacts listed on your Internet storage location.
  7. Connect this device through a USB cable and transfer the contacts file to the computer.

Note: You can also use email or another medium to move contact files from a Samsung device to a computer.

Export Samsung Contacts to Excel Tool – Instantly

RecoveryTools vCard Converter Tool is one of the best solutions for this problem. This software allows you to convert Samsung Contacts files to CSV format for Microsoft Excel. It creates a universal CSV file that is easily accessed through any spreadsheet program like Google Sheets, Zoho Sheet, OpenOffice Calc, etc.

Moreover, it provides a fast and simple solution to easily change the Samsung Contact file extension for Microsoft Excel. Also, you can easily use this application on all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Download the solution on your Computer:

Download for Windows Purchase Now

Note: This is a trial application, which will allow you to export only a few contact details to the Excel format. If you want to export the complete Samsung contacts list to Excel, then you need to purchase this application.

How to Export Samsung Contacts to CSV for Excel & Google Sheets?

  1. First of all, you need to download the solution from the website. Install it on your computer and read all information before proceeding.
    export samsung contacts to excel
  2. Choose the Samsung device exported VCF file with the help of dual selection options. If you want to choose multiple files at once, then select Choose Folders option.
    select Samsung contacts files
  3. The solution generates the preview of your selected contacts files in the panel.
    preview contacts
  4. Press the Convert button and choose the CSV option in the list.
    choose csv option
  5. Select the required destination location path to save the resultant data at the user’s location.
    location path
  6. Press the Next button to convert Samsung contacts to a CSV file.
    complete the process
  7. After completing the process, the tool will automatically open the destination location.
    destination location

Advantages of Export Samsung Contacts to CSV Tool

  • Two Options for Batch File Selection: If you have multiple Samsung devices and you want to save the contacts from all devices into a CSV file, then this application provides dual options. The folder selection option allows you to choose single as well as multiple Samsung contacts files at once.
  • Maintain Contact Properties: If you are migrating data from one location to another, the data property context is of great importance. That’s why this application is developed with the latest programming algorithm, which provides complete contact detail protection. There will be no changes after completing the procedure.
  • Single Application has Multiple Outputs: This application is specially designed for users who want to convert their contacts. That’s why it supports a huge number of saving options. So, you can easily share your Samsung contacts with multiple platforms without any issues.
  • Free Preview and Saving Location Selection: The solution provides an option to choose any location where you want to save the resultant data. Also, it offers to view your contact details in the panel before starting the process.
  • Windows Supportable Solution: his tool is compatible with all the editions of the Windows operating system, including the latest Windows 11 versions.

Manual Process to Change Samsung Contacts File for Excel

If you want to export Samsung Contacts to Excel, the Windows operating system has the option to convert your file format to CSV by default. But before I explain this process, I want to warn you that this process can also cause the loss of your data. So, follow the process at your own risk:

  1. Open your Microsoft Windows Explorer.
  2. Go to the Contacts folder through search and open c:/users/()/contacts/ location.
  3. Press the Import button and choose the required Samsung exported vCard file.
  4. Then choose the Export button and select the CSV option in the list.
  5. After a few seconds, your Samsung contacts file will change into the Excel format.

Final Words

In this article, we have described the best method to export Samsung contacts to CSV files. If you want to open the Samsung contacts list in Excel, download the recommended solution. I suggest you not use the manual method because the manual way needs extra technical knowledge and guidance. If you have any issues while using the professional solution, contact the technical support team.