How to Export IncrediMail Emails & Contacts to CSV File ?

Karen Chard | August 13th, 2021 | IncrediMail

Overview: Are you wondering about a solution to export IncrediMail Email to CSV file ? Or want to learn about how can a user export IncrediMail Contacts to CSV File ? If yes, then use the best IncrediMail to CSV Converter software by RecoveryTools, which provides users a direct option to do so. Read more to know how to transfer emails from IncrediMail to CSV files.

IncrediMail is one of the popular email client applications developed by Perion is an Israel-based ad-tech company. It provided 3D effects and customizes your background and many more facilities. But, as of now, IncrediMail isn’t available.

The IncrediMail has closed down the IncrediMail application and its Server on 20 March 2020 and as of now, no one can use this application.

That’s the reason a large number of users want to export IncrediMail emails and contacts to CSV format. There are large numbers of queries that had been asked by the users regarding the whole conversion process.

CSV is otherwise called Comma Separated Values. It is a computer file which used to save records. It is utilized for data set purposes and bookkeeping & spreadsheet programs. Since the CSV record can undoubtedly open with numerous applications where they can easily manage their data.

Perfect Solution – IncrediMail to CSV Converter

As from above, we can easily analyze that a large number of users want to know how to export IncrediMail Emails & Contacts to Excel CSV File format. You can try the best IncrediMail to CSV Converter software to accomplish this task. One such powerful application is best IncrediMail Migrator Software which provides users a direct option to export IncrediMail mailboxes to Excel CSV Files. Export IncrediMail Emails & Contacts to Excel CSV File with the help of IncrediMail to CSV Converter. Get the solution with the below buttons.

Download the Software:

Download for Windows

Note: The trial version of the software will enable the users to convert only the first 25 items from every folder. But if you want to unlimited convert multiple IncrediMail mailboxes to CSV files then it is necessary for the users to first purchase the license of IncrediMail Contacts to CSV Converter software.

Steps to Export IncrediMail Contacts & Emails to CSV File

  1. Launch the IncrediMail solution by RecoveryTools.
  2. Choose the IncrediMail mailbox files with dual-mode.
  3. Select the required email folders from the given list.
  4. Choose the CSV option and set the location path.
  5. Start the IncrediMail to CSV Conversion process.

How to Export IncrediMail Contacts to CSV File – Complete Method

Understand the working of RecoveryTools IncrediMail to CSV Converter software just by following these steps:

  • Install & Run IncrediMail to CSV Converter & Load IncrediMail Mailbox Items (IMM, IML & DB).
  • Provides dual ways to choose IncrediMail Files i.e. Select Files or Select Folders. However, the application will automatically detect the default IncrediMail Mailbox Profile location.
  • The utility will list all IncrediMail mailbox items in software panel from which you can select only required files.
  • Now choose CSV option from the list of 30+ Select Saving formats.incredimail to csv
  • It will ask the users to setup IncrediMail to CSV File Conversion options.incredimail import contacts
  • Click on Folder Icon button to change Destination folder location. Users can also Make a New Folder to switch folder path.incredimail export contacts
  • After IncrediMail to CSV File Conversion process finished successfully, click on OK button to confirm & exit.recover incredimail contacts
  • The utility will generate a SavingLog report which will include all important information regarding conversion.backup incredimail contacts

Understand the IncrediMail to CSV Conversion Process – Video Tutorial

The overall process of IncrediMail to CSV File conversion is a completely secure program. Its working is very easy & simplified as any non-technical user can also understand its working. Let’s understand the complete process by a video tutorial:

Highlighted Features of IncrediMail to CSV Converter software:

IncrediMail to Excel Converter program enables the users to quickly export IncrediMail mailbox items to CSV file format. It comes up with powerful features to move IncrediMail emails to CSV format. Some of the major features of IncrediMail to CSV Converter software are listed below:

  • One can convert unlimited IncrediMail Files & mailbox items to CSV (Comma Separated Values).
  • It comes up with a very easy & simple graphical user interface which proves to be very beneficial for non-technical users.
  • It is a completely standalone application & hence does not necessarily require an IncrediMail email client installed on your PC.
  • Users can save the resultant CSV file to their desired location. One can change the default destination folder from Desktop to any of the user’s desired locations. It also provides users to create a New Folder directly through its application panel.
  • The software also provides preview & live conversion of IncrediMail Mailbox conversion directly in its panel.
  • IncrediMail to CSV Converter software will display all the Metadata Properties & Attachments in the software panel.
  • Quickly Save IMM & IML Files to CSV Excel Program files using this state-of-the-art application.
  • IncrediMail to CSV Converter software is compatible with all Microsoft Windows Programs i.e. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

Free Way to Export IncrediMail Contacts to CSV:

Follow these steps to export IncrediMail Address Book to a CSV File:

  1. Open Tools Menu then choose Address Book option.
  2. Click File menu & then choose Export option from there.
  3. Choose the Folder which you want to export from your Address Book.
  4. Select standard IncrediMail Contacts (CSV) file name, or give a custom name for its copy.
  5. After finished whole Setup process click on Save button.

The Verge

Learn to know about the best way to convert IncrediMail emails to CSV format. You will learn a perfect tool to know how to export IncrediMail Files to Excel CSV File. One can quickly understand & considers the problems to convert IncrediMail mailbox items. It comes up with the best & most reliable solution that can convert IncrediMail IMM, IML, DB, etc. Also, the trial version of IncrediMail to Excel CSV Program software is capable to convert only the first 25 emails from each folder.