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cPanel Email Quota Limit Exceeded – How to Fix it?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On July 7th, 2022
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Learn here how to fix the problem of cPanel email quota limit exceeded. I am facing a problem in further getting new emails. My cPanel email Quota limit Exceeded & the mailbox is full.

Had you also faced the same problem like Mailbox quota full in your cPanel account? You can fix this error here. The problem occurs mainly due to having excessive emails in your mailbox. Whenever you try to send an email, this warning message will be displayed:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its

recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

[email protected]

Mailbox quota exceeded

For every webmail account including cPanel, there is a fixed size limit to store emails & messages. Generally, when a user opts to cPanel, the quota size was assigned too low.

The best way to deal with this problem is by deleting unnecessary emails. Another way is that you can also extract & delete the attachments from cPanel emails. Attachments occupy a lot of space.

You can either spend money & raise your Quota limit or simply empty your mailbox storage.

Quick Solution:
You can empty the cPanel mailboxes with a powerful solution. Try RecoveryTools EmailRaser software that will instantly remove your cPanel mailboxes. Users can also remove specific cPanel emails by applying filter settings. Free download this software from the below button:

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Simple Steps to Fix cPanel Email Quota Limit Exceeded:

  • Launch Software to Fix cPanel Email Quota Limit Exceeds.
  • Provide login details of the cPanel account in the IMAP section.
  • Select all required cPanel emails to delete.
  • Setup options to delete emails & also apply filter settings.
  • Start the Email Deletion process to empty space in your mailbox.

Checklist before Deleting cPanel Emails:

To fix cPanel Email Quota Limit Exceed, you have to delete large emails from your mailbox. Before deletion of emails, it is recommended to take a backup of cPanel emails in local storage.
Taking backup of these emails helps the users in case of any future use. Follow these steps to save emails in local storage:
To complete the process, first, you need Email Backup Software. Obtain the application from the below button.

Download for Windows

Step-1: Launch software & choose the IMAP Server option. Enter details of your cPanel account to start login.
Step-2: The application will list all emails of your cPanel account. Select them accordingly.
Step-3: Select the destination saving format. I like to recommend you select them as PST files.
Step-4: Setup cPanel to PST backup option in software panel like destination location, filter settings, etc.
Step-5: Click on the Backup button to start the process to save emails.
By following these above steps, a user will have their cPanel emails on the local disk. This backup of emails can be useful for future use.

Frequently Asked Queries by Users:

What are the email notifications of Mailbox Disk Quota in cPanel?

cPanel mainly displays three types of warning according to the space occupied:

  • Mailbox disk quota ‘warn’ percentage – 80%
  • The Mailbox disk quota ‘critical’ percentage – 90%
  • Mailbox disk quota ‘full’ percentage – 100%

In case, if you face any warning, it is recommended for you to take action accordingly. The best solution is to delete the unwanted emails from your mailbox.
Can I delete only the emails which I obtained 2 years ago?

Yes, the EmailRaser software has advanced filters settings option that will enable them to delete emails only before any specific date.

I want to clean all the emails from my Junk folder of cPanel. Is there any option available to do so?

Yes, the software will list all your mailbox folders in its panel. A user can choose only the required folders for cleaning up the mailbox.

Can I use your application on my Windows OS matching?

To fix cPanel emails mailbox quota limit exceed issue, you can do this task with this application. The cPanel Email Cleaner software is fully compatible with all the latest versions & editions of Microsoft Windows OS.

Client Testimonials:

Listen to the words of our valuable clients about our Products & Services:

I must say that it is one of the best solution available to deal cPanel email quota exceeded mailbox is full issue. I only needed to provide the credentials of my account & choose the items to delete. It functions in a completely automatic environment.
– Tiberius

I purchased cPanel email hosting service which gives me a quota of storage of only 250 MB of emails by default. My mailbox storage space filled so quickly withing few months. Now, I want to get more emails & remove all the unnecessary emails. I am lucky to have this toolkit which completes all my tasks so easily.
– Marcus Brutus

That’s All from Me:

The above article fully explains the process of how to fix cPanel email quota exceeds the issue. You should not be worried about the original components of the cPanel emails. Before emptying your Inbox, make sure you keep the emails saved in local storage.