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cPanel Email Backup & Restore Complete Process – Quick Guide

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 19-05-2022 ~ Cloud Backup ~ 5 Minutes Reading


Table of Content for cPanel Backup & Restore Tool:

By the end of the session, you will…

Understand Need for cPanel Mailbox Backup

Plan how to backup cPanel mailbox items

Guide to restore cPanel backup on the new server

…with cPanel Backup & Restore software.

I lost access to my cPanel account. Is there any way to back up my old emails from my cPanel account and restore the cPanel backup to a new server? I’ve tried manual steps, but I still can’t complete my task.

Do not worry! The process of backing up cPanel emails is now much easier. cPanel e-mail backup software provides a direct way to store and download cPanel e-mails to your local desktop.
A perfect tool to handle the following tasks:

  1. How to get email backup from cPanel?
  2. Know how to restore cPanel backup on the new server?
  3. How to export all my emails from the cPanel account?
  4. Learn how to download emails from cPanel?
  5. How to take cPanel email backup?
  6. How do I backup & restore cPanel on another server?

Once you have backed up your cPanel emails, you can restore a cPanel backup to a new server using the restore feature that is built into cPanel by default.

cPanel is a Linux-based web-based control panel that allows you to quickly manage all web hosting services on a centralized platform. With its icon-based graphical user interface, it greatly helps web developers manage web accounts with extreme efficiency.

How I take Backup of cPanel Emails?

I do this with the powerful Email Backup software. You will only need the login details of your cPanel email account. Enter your username and password and the tool will load all cPanel mailbox items into it.

One of the main reasons I used this software was the ability to back up the cPanel email filter. I simply use the filter settings to back up only cPanel-specific emails. Offers to use cPanel filters based on:

  • Date Range (in between dates)
  • From (Emails Received from a Particular Email Address)
  • To (Emails Sent to a Specific Email Account)
  • Subject (Any Specific Subject of the Email)
  • Only Export Sent Folder
  • Exclude Exporting Email Body Content & Attachments

Learn cPanel Email Backup Process Step-by-step:

First, download a free trial of cPanel email backup software to your computer. Just download it for free from the button below:

The free version of Backup & Restore cPanel allows you to download only the first 25 emails. If you want to back up unlimited cPanel emails without any restrictions, try activating the software. You can obtain a license key to activate the tool below.

Follow Steps to Perform cPanel Restore Process:

  • Launch Software on your machine. Choose cPanel Webmail options from the Email Source list i.e., Horde Webmail/Roundcube Webmail, etc. Chose Any of the desired options from here.
  • Enter the cPanel Login Email Address, Password, IMAP Host & IMAP Port Number according to requirements. Users can also take a backup of multiple cPanel accounts at once using batch mode.cpanel email backup
  • Select all the required cPanel mailbox folders to backup.cpanel email backup & restore
  • Choose destination cPanel account type to restore (Roundcube/Horde/Webmail). I restored my cPanel emails into Roundcube Webmail. So, I choose the IMAP Server option from the saving options list.cpanel backup email messages
  • Enter the details for the destination cPanel account like Email Address, Password, IMAP Host, IMAP Port, etc.how to restore cpanel backup on new server
  • Users can also apply cPanel filters to perform backup & restore of selective cPanel emails.cpanel backup email filters
  • Finally, to start the process, click on the Backup button.
  • The software will display a live preview of the cPanel Backup and Restore process directly in the software panel.cpanel full backup restore

Amazing Features of cPanel Backup & Restore Application:

For webmasters, cPanel works as a complete resource management package on a centralized platform. It is very important for them to regularly back up mailbox items to local storage.

RecoveryTools Email Backup Wizard Software has mastery in doing so. It has been recommended by a number of experts due to its advanced features. Some state-of-the-art features offered by this toolkit are listed below:

  • Take a backup of multiple cPanel accounts to local in batch mode.
  • 100% accurate results obtained without making any changes in the original email copy.
  • Download only the copy of the cPanel email, without deleting it from the server. If you want to delete emails try Email Cleaner Software.
  • The tool will download all the cPanel emails or provide the option to save only specific emails by applying cPanel filters.
  • Retain original metadata & properties of cPanel emails during the backup & restore process.
  • Provides the option to maintain System Folder Hierarchy of cPanel Webmail Mailboxes.
  • Fully independent & standalone cPanel backup email only software without requiring .Net framework.
  • The software can be used on any Windows OS i.e., Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.
  • Users can also migrate emails from one cPanel account to another cPanel account using the same utility.

Concluding Words:

The above article provides a perfect way to back up emails and cPanel mailbox items. The user can easily recover emails from the cPanel account to a new server without data loss.

That’s all from me! Stay in touch with me and read other helpful guides.