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Tips to Convert Word to PDF File

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In this article, you will learn how to convert Word files to PDF. Users can easily export Microsoft Word documents to Adobe PDF format. It will create a separate PDF file for each Word document. This Word to PDF Converter toolkit will create searchable PDF files for forensic purposes.

If your Word document is important and you want to get it from the outside world. So, the best option for you is to simply convert this Word document to an Adobe PDF file. Hence, this blog is a very useful guide for you. You will get instant solutions here.

PDF is one of the safest file formats for saving and using textual data. Because PDF is not an edible text file. So, you don’t have to worry about a data change. If you are a legal person, I do not need to explain the importance of the PDF file in court proceedings and other legal activities.

Hello, I have some Word documents created as part of my seminar preparation. A few days ago, my instructor asked me to share our documents with the group so that they could evaluate them. To protect me against unauthorized modifications, I decide to convert Word to PDF format. This is an important document for me. Please someone recommend me a safe method to do the same.

The above query provides a complete summary of the requirements to convert Word files to Adobe PDF.

Best Software to Convert Word to PDF File

RecoveryTools DOCX Migrator Software is the best solution to convert Word documents to PDF files. This toolkit will allow the users to export single or multiple Word to PDF files in groups. It is a very easy-to-use program. You can use this tool to quickly create searchable PDF files from Microsoft Word documents for forensic purposes.

You can free download the toolkit from the below button:

Download for Windows

Trial Limitation: A user can check the working of this tool without spending any money. However, the free trial of this tool will only allow the users to convert 25 Word documents files. So, if you are worried about exporting all the documents, then you need to first activate this tool.

Step by Step Procedure to Print Word to PDF File

  1. Install & run Word Document to PDF converter.
  2. Browse Word files using the Select File/ Folder option.
  3. Select the Word files from the given list.
  4. Choose PDF & then set up Word to PDF options.
  5. Now, click on the Convert button to start the process.

*Note: Through the “Save Converted Messages in Same Source Folder” option the utility allows you to convert a Word document into a PDF file & save the output file in the same source folder.

Prominent Features of Word to PDF Converter Wizard

It is the best solution to transfer Word documents to PDF files. It has a very simple graphical interface that will enable all types of users to easily work on the tool. Here are some useful features of this tool.

  • Multiple Word Files to PDF Conversion:

The tool allows converting multiple documents from Word to PDF format at the same time.

  • Offline Convert Word Documents to PDF:

The software is completely an offline solution. It doesn’t need an internet connection to convert documents to PDF format.

  • Maintains the Document structure:

It ensures data integrity by maintaining the structure & formatting of the exporting document.

  • 100% Secured Platform:

The utility is a completely offline solution. So, your data will always save within your system itself.

  • Compatible with All Windows OS:

Word file to PDF converter is fully compatible with all versions of Windows OS. Also, the resultant PDF file will support by all editions of Adobe Acrobat reader.

Understand Full Working of Word File to PDF Converter

A user can fully understand the working of the Word to PDF Converter tool easily. You can do it just by following these simple steps:

  • Install & run the Word to PDF Converter tool on your Windows OS computer.
  • A user can Load the Word file in the software panel in dual ways i.e., Select Files or Select Folders option.
  • The software will list all the documents in its panel. You can select all these files according to your team.
  • Now, select the PDF option from the list of 30+ saving options.
  • It’s time for the users to set up the Word to PDF conversion option. You can set up options like change destination path, or apply file naming convention settings.
  • Now, click on the Next button to start Word to the PDF conversion process. Users can analyze the live conversion process with all details.
  • After the process is finished successfully, users will obtain a confirmation message box. Now, click on the OK
  • Users can access the resultant PDF files directly from the default destination path.

Highlighted Review on Export Word File to PDF Tool:

The solutions of RecoveryTools helps 5M+ users worldwide. Here is one highlighted feature of this tool that we received on our support.

“For the last few years, I am working as a legal administrator. As a part of the court procedure, I always need to create the documents in PDF format. But past few days I am facing an issue while creating the PDF using the manual solution.
Thankfully, RecoveryTools Word to PDF Converter tool will help me to export Word documents to PDF documents. I really like to appreciate the developers of this solution.”

Ina Ayaka


In this blog, we explain the complete solution on how to convert Word documents to PDF files. The above step-by-step procedure helps to convert Word documents to PDF effortlessly. It is recommended that you go for the automated solution to convert Word safely and easily.