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Convert Gmail to Word Document in Bulk Without Losing Formatting

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Published On December 21st, 2023
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Have you got tired of managing bulk of emails and need to know how to convert Gmail to Word Document? If yes then feel relaxed. This technical post describes multiple techniques for how to save a Gmail email as a Word Document. So stay focused…

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As you know how popular Gmail is! Everywhere, everyone is having a Gmail account on their device. This is known to be the easiest collaborating solution for both professionals and individuals. For several reasons users and many organizations need to convert Gmail to Word Document. This helps them in a lot of ways depending on their purpose.

MS Word is a Word processing application developed by Microsoft which is also a part of Office suite that offers an easy to use interface for managing several tasks such editing, crafting, or formatting documents. I help to create documents in multiple formats like .doc, .docx, .docm, .html, .txt, .xml, etc. Hence, in this article we will explain to our readers how to save a Gmail email as a Word Document.

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Benefits of Gmail to Word Conversion

Converting Gmail to Word Documents offers versatile benefits tailored to user preferences. Following the export process, users can:

  • Preserve Gmail data offline by saving it in Word Documents.
  • Access Word Documents without an internet connection.
  • Print Word Documents using various formatting options.
  • Conveniently share Word Documents as attachments.
  • Easily open MS Word Documents using a variety of programs for enhanced flexibility.

How to Convert Gmail to Word Document?

To save a Gmail email as a Word Document manually, modify your Gmail settings as follows:

Step 1: Enable IMAP in Gmail

  • Log in to your Gmail account using your credentials.
  • Locate the Gear icon, click “See All Settings.”
  • Access “Forwarding and POP/IMAP,” then enable IMAP.
  • Click “Save changes”.

Step 2: Configure Gmail in Thunderbird using IMAP

  • Launch Thunderbird, go to Mail setup.
  • Enter details, click “Continue” to convert Gmail to Word Document
  • Enable IMAP, choose “Manual Configuration.”
  • Double-check and set up Gmail IMAP in Thunderbird, click “Re-test.”
  • Click “Create Account” to add Gmail to Thunderbird.

Now move to the next step to save Gmail emails in plain text format using ImportExportTools NG add-ons.

Step 3: Save a Gmail Email as a Word Document

  • Use ImportExportTools, select “Export All Messages” in Plain Text.
  • Right-click on the folder (with attachments).
  • Select the destination folder for the Doc file and click “Select.”

While this manual process is feasible, it can be time-consuming and complex. For a more user-friendly approach, especially for novice users, consider the professional method.

How to Convert Gmail to Word Document using Advanced Solution?

If you need an easy solution to instantly save Gmail emails to Word Document then you should definitely take help of RecoverTools Gmail Backup Tool. Using this tool anyone can easily save their Gmail emails into Word Documents from anywhere in the world just by downloading on their computer. Whether you are multiple Gmail emails or just a single, you can directly convert them into Word files. It’s a very popular Gmail to Word converter which has been appreciated by so many professionals helping them to convert emails to Word document from multiple email applications.

Steps to Convert Gmail to Word Document with Tool

Efficiently save a Gmail email as a Word Document, complete with attachments, using these straightforward steps:

  1. Launch the Gmail to Word converter and input your Gmail account details, then click the Login button for access. Convert Gmail to Word Document
  2. Navigate Gmail mailboxes and folders within the software panel; selectively choose the desired folders for bulk processing. check folders
  3. Set the saving format as DOC and specify the destination path, following the displayed options. select DOC
  4. Click the Convert button to initiate the Gmail to Word conversion; exercise patience during the ongoing process.

Why Choose Gmail to Word Converter?

  • This Gmail to Word converter saves Gmail emails into Word Documents and several other file formats or email platforms.
  • This tool allows users to backup any part of their Gmail which includes emails, contacts, pictures, calendars, and Drive.
  • This automatically deletes duplicate emails while converting, making work convenient.
  • A date range filter is among the features that are available within the utility enabling the selection of email to be within the specified timeline desired.


Finally, this article discusses ways for how to convert Gmail to Word Document dealing with large volume emails. Users can choose between a manual approach using the Gmail Settings and Thunderbird or the advanced solution to save a Gmail email as a Word Document whereby they can access their Gmail emails offline, and share conveniently. The best way to convert multiple Gmail emails to Word Document is by the tool Gmail to Word converter. It offers an easy way for Gmail to Word conversion while providing the best result.

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