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How to Transfer Emails from Blueyonder to Gmail / Google Mail Account?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Synopsis: – Are you searching for a way to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail account? Do you need to know the automatic procedure to move all your Blueyonder emails to your Gmail account? If so, you are on the right page. Here, you will learn the simple technique to transfer Blueyonder email to a Gmail account. Read on to know more.

In today’s era, there are several mailing portals available for a user to choose from. Blueyonder is one of them. It is a webmail service provided by Telewest Internet service. Once, it was the biggest company in the United Kingdom. Now, it is a part of Virgin Media. However, you can still access your webmail through the Blueyonder.co.uk IMAP address today.

Telewest Blueyonder is now outdated. This is why a large number of users want to move their data to Gmail account as it is considered one of the best places to save your email without any security issues. A couple of days ago, we got an inquiry from London.

“I have several email messages in my Blueyonder account, and I need to import all these messages into my Gmail account. I’ve searched a lot for tested solutions but can’t seem to find the exact approach.” Please suggest a proper way to migrate Blueyonder email to a Gmail account.”

The Best Solution – Blueyonder to Gmail Migration

RecoveryTools Email Backup Wizard is a quick solution to export Blueyonder email to Gmail account efficiently. This utility has the ability to migrate multiple Blueyonder email accounts to Gmail in a single process. It has several functions that make it a safe and reliable solution. There is no risk of data loss by using this tool.

Download the Solution:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Transfer Blueyonder Email to Gmail Account

  1. Launch the product on your PC.
  2. Select and put Blueyonder email details.
  3. Choose Blueyonder email folders from the list.
  4. Pick the Gmail option and fill in all the details in UI.
  5. Start Blueyonder to Gmail Migration process.

How to Transfer Emails from Blueyonder to Gmail Account?

Follow the given steps to understand the software better:

  • Get the solution on your workstation with the help of the above buttons.

  • Choose the IMAP option and enter the details of your Blueyonder account with the IMAP address:

Blueyonder IMAP Settings

  • Login Address: Enter your email address.
  • Login Password: Your Blueyonder.co.uk password
  • IMAP Address: blueyonder.co.uk
  • IMAP Address Port No.: 993

  • Select the required email folders in the list of mailbox folders.

  • Select the Google Mail or Gmail option in the saving options list.

  • Put all the credentials of your Gmail account in the user panel.

  • You can select the additional filter option in the given list.

  • Start the process to migrate Blueyonder email to a Gmail account.

Top Features of Blueyonder to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Batch Migration Supported:

Users can now use the advanced options of this utility to migrate bulk Blueyonder accounts to Gmail at once. It has a separate Batch Mode option on its home screen. When you enable this option, then the solution will allow you to move all the data from multiple Blueyonder accounts to your Gmail account.

  • Copy to Default Folders Option:

The solution includes another advanced option to move Blueyonder email folder data to Gmail default folders without any issues. This option is very useful when you move all your data to a new Gmail account.

  • Apply Filters to Export Specific Data:

This solution will provide a list of several filter settings. Clients can apply these filters to send out just explicit messages from Blueyonder to Gmail accounts. You can apply these filters based on specific categories like Date Range, To, From, Subject, and so on.

  • Easy to Use & Simple Working Interface:

The Blueyonder to Gmail migration tool is an extremely easy-to-understand program to perform tasks. It is a totally independent program and thus does not require any other application. This product offers an entirely reliable platform to migrate Blueyonder emails to Gmail accounts directly.

  • Keep Email Properties & Folder Structure:

During the process, the product maintains all your email databases without getting any issues. It keeps all email elements like attachments, email subjects, addresses, time and date, images, text, hyperlinks, email internet headers, etc. Also, the solution keeps all email folder hierarchy structures intact.

Common Asked Queries

Does the product preserve my Blueyonder folder structure on Gmail?

Yes, the product keeps the structures of all Blueyonder mailbox directories and labels intact.

Does the product keep up with my email properties during the cycle?

Yes, the product preserves all email properties with attachments.

I hear that Blueyonder is merged with Virgin Media. So, can I still move my Blueyonder emails to Gmail?

It totally depends on the Blueyonder webmail server. If the server is working, then you can move all the data; otherwise, you need to contact the Virgin Media support team.

Would I be able to utilize this application on my Mac Book Pro PC?

Sure, To do that, you need to download the Mac variant of this application.

Observational Verdict

In this post, we have discussed an excellent solution to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail account. RecoveryTools Blueyonder to Gmail migration tool is the best option for anyone who wants to transfer Blueyonder email to a Gmail account directly. This application has been widely tested and trusted by users, organizations, and professionals. If you have any queries, contact us. Read this blog, to understand better about the tool!