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How to Save Yahoo Email as HTML? Complete Process

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On January 15th, 2024
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Summary: This guide explains the step-by-step process to save Yahoo email as HTML while saving your time and without needing your effort. However, there is no manual way available to export Yahoo Mail to HTML, but this task can be done by using the advanced method, given in the article. So start reading.

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Reasons to Save Yahoo Email as HTML

  • If a user export Yahoo Mail to HTML format, they can create copies of their important emails. You can ensure that you have a backup version of your emails safely preserved.
  • HTML is a format that also works without internet support. If you convert Yahoo email as HTML, you can read them anytime even when offline.
  • When you have to share your emails to somebody else or move them onto a different computer, it is quite easy to keep it in HTML format.
  • HTML format saves important parts of emails, such as attachments, headers, sender and other information in the original format.
  • For a thorough study of the information in an email or for investigators and people who require a more detailed view, saving it as HTML is beneficial due to its ability to have a clear snapshot without missing anything.

Direct Way to Export Yahoo Mail to HTML

RecoveryTools Yahoo Backup Wizard helps you save Yahoo email as HTML safely in bulk. It’s easy to use and lets you save multiple Yahoo emails at once. You can choose specific folders you want to download in HTML format. The software also saves all the attachments and additional data attached with your Yahoo email. This is helpful for every Yahoo user and also investigators who need detailed information of Yahoo data.

How to Change Yahoo Email Format to HTML With Tool?

  1. First, download and install the tool on your PC to export Yahoo Mail to HTML.Save Yahoo Email as HTML
  2. After installing the tool, enter the “Select Email Source” tab and log in with your Yahoo Mail credentials.enter Yahoo login details
  3. After logging in successfully choose corresponding folders you want to convert Yahoo email as HTML.select required Yahoo folders
  4. Now, go to the “Select saving options” section and select HTML from the list of available options.Select HTML
  5. Ensuring you have entered correct login details, click the Convert button to initiate the conversion process to save Yahoo email as HTML.

Features of the Tool:

  • Save many Yahoo mailboxes together in HTML format easily.
  • Pick and download specific mailboxes from Yahoo Mail to HTML.
  • Export Yahoo Mail to HTML with attachments successfully.
  • Great for forensics investigators, showing a detailed preview of Yahoo data.
  • Convert Yahoo email as HTML, keeping the email header info.
  • When converting Yahoo mailboxes to HTML, the app preserves all properties.
  • Save Yahoo email as HTML wherever you want with this software.
  • Use this Yahoo to HTML converter on both older and newer Windows versions.
  • Advanced features provided during data conversion for your convenience.


The problem of how to save Yahoo email as HTML format is solved in the above article. We hope that the solution we have provided would be useful for you to export Yahoo Mail to HTML. We outlined the best tool to convert Yahoo email as HTML, which can efficiently fetch all information. In addition, the software has been subjected to severe testing, which guarantees reliability.

FAQs to Save Yahoo Email as HTML:

Question 1: Can I retrieve data from my Yahoo account using this application?

Answer: Certainly! This incredible tool offers an extraction feature, allowing you to extract email addresses, attachments, phone numbers, and other properties from your Yahoo account to your desktop.

Question 2: Is it possible to transfer my Yahoo Mail data to different storage options with this solution?

Answer: Absolutely! The software offers various saving options, including PDF, PST, CSV, Gmail, Office 365, and more, giving you flexibility in storing your Yahoo Mail data.

Question 3: How to save Yahoo email as HTML using this tool?

Answer: It’s simple, by entering your credentials, you can easily Save Yahoo email as HTML format.You can find the complete procedure above in the article.

Question 4: Can export Yahoo Mail to HTML along with attachments with the tool?

Answer: Yes, you can not only download Yahoo emails to HTML but also save them along with all the attachments.

Question 5: Does the application support Windows 11?

Answer: Absolutely! This software is compatible with all the editions of Windows OS and MacOS. You can run it seamlessly on Windows 11 machines.