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How to Save Picture from Yahoo Mail – Quick Method

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 8th, 2022
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In this article, learn how to save picture from yahoo mail account. By default, a user can download a few pictures & photos from Yahoo mail. But, in the case of multiple Photos, the manual process does not work well & takes a lot of time. We try to do it with the help of a professional toolkit.

I was using the Yahoo mail service for the last three years. I am a bit fond of Yahoo mail & use it to share photos with my friends instead of social media. The benefit of using Yahoo mail for sharing Photos is that they can be kept long as an archive on the cloud without any much size restriction.

The real troubles arrive when I try to download a photo from the Yahoo Mail attachment. My Windows defender scans this file & displays a message that there is no virus. So, I click continue & then nothing happens. I did not get my Photo attachment files in my system.

With the habit of sharing pictures with my friends & family, I have many photos & images in my Yahoo mail account. I want to save these pictures from my Yahoo email account to the computer.

Quick Solution:
You can directly save photo attachments from Yahoo Mail with an Email Attachment Extractor software. This application will allow the users to download all the required photos from Yahoo Mail to the local computer.
Free download the software from the below button:

Download for Windows

Trial Limitation: The free demo edition of this toolkit will only allow the users to download pictures from the first 25 Yahoo emails. If you want to save photos from all the Yahoo emails, activate the software by purchasing its license.

Yahoo Photo Attachment Extractor – Highlighted Features:

The toolkit will offer many benefits to its users including the listed below:

  • Simple & Quick Process:

The Yahoo Photo attachment extractor toolkit is designed to provide a very simple experience. A non-techie user can easily use this application to save Photos from Yahoo attachments without any problem. The working interface of this toolkit is very user-friendly & hence does not requires any advanced technical skill.

  • Save Multiple Photos in Bulk:

The tool does not have any limitation to download pictures from Yahoo email. It is capable to save multiple photos in bulk mode. The application can be used to download image attachments from multiple Yahoo accounts.

  • Apply Advanced Filters Settings:

A user can download photos from specific emails using this tool. The software allows the users to apply advanced filter settings. The filters can be applied on the basis of Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc. It is the best solution available for the download of email attachments from Yahoo Mail.

  • 100% Safe & Secure Application:

It is a fully safe & secure application to download the photo from attachments of Yahoo mail. There is no changes in the original properties of Yahoo objects. The tool is 100% safe from all viruses. The user will obtain complete accurate results during the conversion process.

  • Compatible with All Windows OS:

The Email Photo Attachment Extractor software is fully compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows OS editions. You can run this software easily on Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

Guide to Save Pictures from Yahoo Mail:

Step-1: Install & Run the software on your system.

Step-2: Choose the Yahoo option & enter Yahoo account login credentials.

Step-3: The toolkit will list all the Yahoo mailbox folders. Choose all the required ones.

Step-4: Choose Extract Email Attachment from a list of 30+ Saving options.

Step-5: Select the folder in which you want to save Photos from Yahoo Mail.

Step-6: The tool will provide users with advanced filter settings for the conversion.

Step-7: Click on the Backup button to start saving pictures from Yahoo mail.

Step-8: Finally, the software will directly open the destination folder location. Check your pictures obtained from Yahoo emails from here.


Can I download the photos which I received 5 months ago using this toolkit?

Yes, the application has a direct option to apply advanced filter settings on the basis of the date range. You can choose exactly from which date you want to download pictures from Yahoo Mail.

Can I save the picture attachments from multiple Yahoo webmail account?

Yes, a user can select multiple Yahoo accounts mailbox folders in the software panel. Create a CSV file that will include the login details of all the Yahoo Mail accounts.

I want to use this toolkit on my Mac OS X device. Does it support Mac OS?

No, this software is only made for Windows users & hence cannot be used on Mac devices. Our team is working hard to soon launch it on a Mac machine.

How can I save photos in Yahoo Mail for mobiles?

A user can save only the pictures from Yahoo mail without saving the email by following these steps:

  • Select the email which the attached picture you want to save.
  • At the bottom of the email, you can select an inline image attachment file.
  • Click on the More option.
  • Finally, tap on the Download button.

That’s All for Today:

In the above article, I had explained a simple way of how can a user download multiple pictures from Yahoo emails without any error. Here is how you can save pictures from Yahoo mail in easy steps.

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