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How to Save Yahoo Email as Attachment – Problem Solved

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 8th, 2022
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In this article, learn how to save Yahoo Email as Attachment file. Many users want to obtain the emails from Yahoo mail as an attachment file. It will help in forward a forensic copy of your Yahoo Mail as an attachment file. Know here in detail how to do that.

If you get a fraudulent email, it is very helpful to send a perfectly fair copy to the responsible organization, industry partner, and law firm.

When the user clicks on the email client, the client copies the contents of the message and the attachment to a new message. The email header of the original message is not included.

To send a complete forensic copy with the original message header, the fraud email must be sent as an attachment to the new message.

Here in this article, I will show you how to save Yahoo email as an Attachment file. Embed this email obtained with the original message & send them accordingly to the required ones.

Quick Solution:

You can save Yahoo Mail as an Attachment file using a professional toolkit. Try the RecoveryTools Yahoo Backup tool, which will provide a direct option to do so. Using this software, a user can save Yahoo emails as attachments in 30+ file formats.
Free download the software from the below button:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Trial Limitation: The trial version of this software will enable the users to save only the first 25 emails. If you want to save unlimited Yahoo emails as attachment file, activate the software. You can activate the software by purchasing its license.

Manual Procedure to Save Yahoo Message as Attachment:

A user can manually save Yahoo emails as attachment files. Follow these simple steps to learn how to save Yahoo emails as email attachment file:

  • Copy the information of the email in your system. Open Word file & then save the email to the desired format.
  • Save your email to your local drive.
  • Enable POP/IMAP settings to access Yahoo email account on email clients like Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Choose another email address to forward your Yahoo emails to another account.
  • Now save your Yahoo emails to your local disk for archiving purposes.

Benefits to Save Yahoo Emails as Attachment:

There are many benefits of saving Yahoo Emails as Attachment files. Some of them are listed below:

  • Forward Email with Original Properties:

Saving Yahoo email as attachment will help a user to forward emails with original meta properties. The email header information will be kept preserved while sharing the email for forensics & legal purpose.

  • Save Emails in Bulk Mode:

The toolkit will enable the users to save Yahoo emails as attachments in bulk mode. A user can select the Batch Mode option available in its home panel to save emails in bulk mode. Create a CSV file & then enter the details of your Yahoo accounts in it. Provide the CSV file in the software to load mailbox information.

  • Save Only Required Emails:

The application will provide the users to apply the filter settings for the conversion of emails. Users can save only required Yahoo emails as attachments. These filters can be applied on the basis of certain labels like Date Range, To, From, or Subject.

  • Quick & Simple Process:

The working of this toolkit is very easy & simple. It performs the complete task within few minutes. A user can save thousands of Yahoo emails as Attachment files in the local storage. The application will create 100% accurate results while keeping the integrity of emails intact.

  • No Yahoo Sync is Required:

The tool can function without requiring synchronization of your account with an email client. Manually when a user tries to do so, it will need the sync of your account with the client. But the tool is fully independent & standalone to perform its work. Just provide the login credentials & your task will be done automatically.

Guide to Save Yahoo Mails as Attachments File:

The working of this utility is very easy & simple. Just follow these steps to learn how to do that:

Step-1: Install & Run the toolkit & enter Yahoo email account login credentials.

Step-2: Choose Advanced methods for saving emails from multiple accounts like Use Batch Mode or Use Proxy.

Step-3: The software will list all the Yahoo mailbox folders in its panel. Choose all the required items for the conversion.

Step-4: Choose the PDF saving format from the list of 30+ saving options.

Step-5: The application will provide advanced filter settings for the selective conversion of mailbox items. A user can apply the filter settings on the basis of Date Range, From, To, or Subject. You can also Request More Features…

Step-6: Start the process directly in the software panel.

Step-7: Once the conversion process finished successfully, click on the OK button to confirm & exit from here.

Step-8: Finally, the tool will directly open the destination folder location from where you can obtain the email files.

Step -9: Compose a message which you want to send & then attach the obtained email file as an object.

Step-10: Provide recipient account address and the subject of the mail & then click on the Send button.


In the above article, I had explained a simple procedure of how to save Yahoo emails as Attachment files locally. Share Yahoo emails or use them for forensic and legal purposes. In this way, a user can keep preserved the original email header & meta properties information completely preserved.