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How to Save PDF to OXPS Format? Step-By-Step Instruction

Published By Jamie Kaler 
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Published On June 14th, 2024
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Do you want to know how to save PDF to OXPS? Get the easy-to-follow tips to quickly get your printable documents in the form of standardized versions of the original XPS format. Throughout this blog, we will discover what are PDF and OXPS formats, the differences between these two files, essentiality, and how to change PDF to OXPS with manual and expert’s recommended solutions.

PDF Document: It stands for a portable document format that is used to share and exchange documents with friends and colleagues. Developed by Adobe, this is a highly compatible format that can easily be shared across various devices and platforms. However, for certain needs, users often need to save PDF to OXPS file. Let’s understand the OXPS file with a short definition.

OXPS File: These are XAML-based OpenXPS files, which are created while printing Microsoft XPS Document Writer (MXDW) in Windows 8. These files include several useful features like digital signatures, digital rights management (DRM), and 3D content.

Keep reading this informational blog to get the manual and specialized ways on how to convert PDF to OXPS.

What Are the Needs to Save PDF to OXPS?

Users choose OXPS files over PDFs for several advantages. Before we know how to change PDF to OXPS, let’s get an overview of the necessity of this conversion:

  • Managing Storage: In comparison to PDF files, OXPS files are smaller in size. This allows users to store the PDF data without occupying lots of space.
  • Enhance Workflow: Converting PDF to OXPS files allows employees to exchange files with each other within the workplace.
  • Compatibility: Several apps do not support PDF files, but OXPS files. To access the PDF data in those apps, users save PDF to OXPS.
  • Microsoft Integration: For printing and distributing documents, OXPS is a native format for Microsoft Windows that works flawlessly with all Windows services and apps.

How to Change PDF to OXPS Manually? Step-By-Step

  1. Click on the PDF file that you want to edit using Microsoft Word present on your PC.
  2. On the warning message that appears, click “ok” button.
  3. Hover your cursor over the ribbon at the top left corner of the page and click on the word “File. “
  4. Click on the Save As option and select the folder in which you wish to save the document.
  5. Choose ‘XPS document (. xps)’ as the file type before clicking on ‘Save’.
  6. This way you can convert PDF to XPS, which is an older version of OXPS file.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • This method does not offer the possibility to save PDF to OXPS but only to the XPS format that is older.
  • Links, citations, and references may not be clickable.
  • It takes a lot of time as this has to be done each time for each file.
  • Graphics and media embedded in the file may not be visible to the viewer.
  • One disadvantage to change PDF to OXPS manually is that there is a possibility of losing metadata.

Sophisticated Strategy to Save Multipe PDF Files to OXPS At Once

When it comes to the conversion of PDF files to OXPS, it is advisable to use advanced RecoveryTools PDF Converter Tool. This aplication is specially designed by the experts to quickly save PDF to OXPS in bulk without taking time. This PDF to OXPS converter software facilitates the PDF to more than 18 output formats such as userscan convert PDF to EMF, TXT, RTF, EML, MSG, PST, XPS, MHT, HTML, EPUB, OXPS, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, DOC, and DOCX.

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how to save PDF to OXPS in bulk

How to Convert PDF to OXPS Format With Tool?

  1. Download and launch the suggested PDF to OXPS converter on your Windows computer.
    start PDF to OXPS converter
  2. Choose the PDF files you want to convert from your storage directory.
    add PDF files
  3. Select the PDF files using only the mouse within the context of the tool interface.
    convert required PDF to OXPS
  4. OXPS should be chosen in the list as the saving format.
    Save PDF to OXPS in bulk
  5. Select the path  on the PC where you want the file to be saved.
    save OXPS at desired path
  6. Lastly. press the “Convert” button to change PDF to OXPS.
    how to change PDF to OXPS in bulk
  7. Open the destination folder to see the converted file.

Characteristics of the Automated PDF to OXPS Converter

  • Allows to save PDF to OXPS offline on Microsoft Windows.
  • Developed to incorporate the latest algorithms with a guarantee of a 100% success rate.
  • The PDF to OXPS converter effectively converts PDF files to more than 18 world standard formats.
  • Easy to use for all users and does not require technical knowledge or experience.
  • Self-contained, does not depend on third-party assistance.
  • Moreover, it enables the user to choose the specific PDF files in the tool.
  • Supports the privacy of confidential information.


To sum up, I have presented the idea to save PDF to OXPS format. Understanding the disadvantages of the manual procedure, we suggested using specific PDF to OXPS converter software. The described guide and the characteristics of the automated tool provide a suitable and effective method to change PDF to OXPS.

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