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Step-By-Step Guide to Save PDF as EMF in Bulk Easily

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 14th, 2024
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Here is the step-by-step tutorial to save PDF as EMF in an easy manner. If you want to transform your portable document into a vector file that can be scaled without the loss of resolution, then read this guide. Find multiple thoroughly researched approaches and learn how to convert PDF into EMF in bulk effortlessly.

Steps to Save PDF as EMF in Bulk Quickly

  1. Add PDFs in RecoveryTools PDF to EMF Converter.
  2. Pick the required folders for specific conversion.
  3. Choose EMF format in Saving Option.
  4. Save PDF as EMF at Desired Path.
  5. Click on Convert button and get the result.

So these were some quick steps to convert PDF into EMF format for users who are in a hurry and need an instant result. However, we have provided an in-depth complete guide where we will simplify this task using a manual approach and the best PDF to EMF converter. Keep reading!

Understand the Benefits to Convert PDF into EMF

With the help of the following table, you will be easily able to understand, how you have made the right decision to save PDF as EMF:

Characteristics PDF (Portable Document File) EMF (Enhanced Metafile) Benefits to Export PDF to EMF
File Type Document format Vector Graphic format Allows to use of graphics for applications that require EMF.
Purpose Exchange Documents and preserve layout and format Stores graphical images especially vector graphics Handle and manipulate the graphic elements in an environment where detailed graphic editing and high quality outputs are required.
Type of Content Contains text, graphics, elements, and rich media Static images Easy to edit and modify graphic elements using any graphic design tool you can save PDF as EMF.
Quality High quality but degrade with raster elements High quality especially for line art and shapes Allows to maintain scalability and quality of vector graphics while ensuring the images remain sharp and clear.

How to Save PDF as EMF Format? Manual Way

Since there is no specific manual way to convert PDF into EMF, our experts have found a way to do it. This may seem quite lengthy as it includes multiple steps.


Microsoft Word and PowerPoint should be installed on the computer.
Both of these apps should be active to use.

1st Step: Open PDF File then Save it as DOCX Using MS Word

  1. Locate the PDF file and Right click on it to save PDF as EMF.
  2. Select Open With option then open it using Microsoft Word.
  3. Click ok on the pop-up warning message.
  4. Go to File option then select Save As.
  5. Save PDF as DOCX then Hit Finish.

2nd Step: Open the Doc File in PowerPoint

  1. Start the PowerPoint application and tap on the File button.
  2. Pick the Open option then choose Computer.
  3. Click on Browse and a pop-up will appear.
  4. Click on the drop-down arrow to open multiple File types.
  5. Select All Outline (*.txt, *.rtf, *.doc, *.wpd, *.wps, *.docx, *.docm).
  6. Now you can see the PDF file that you changed in DOC format.
  7. Select it and click Open to save PDF as EMF.

3rd Step: Convert PDF into EMF Using PowerPoint

  1. After following the above method, you can see the converted PDF document on the PowerPoint interface.
  2. Now you have to save it as EMF, click on the File tab again.
  3. Go to Save As > Click on Browse.
  4. Select Enhanced Windows Metafile (*.emf) in Save as type.
  5. Select a file name and Hit the Save button.

Drawback of This method:

  • It does not provide a direct method to save PDF as EMF file.
  • Need to use multiple apps like Microsoft Windows and PowerPoint.
  • Required multiple steps, first changing into docx, importing to PowerPoint, and then saving PDF as EMF.
  • This method will change the entire PDF document formatting into a plain text format just after changing it in Word.
  • If you have multiple PDF documents, you need to repeat the same process to convert each PDF into EMF.
  • Other drawbacks of this method are, that it is time-consuming, and requires lots of effort and technical knowledge.

Direct Strategy to Save PDF as EMF in Bulk

RecoveryTools PDF Converter is a Specialized tool to convert multiple PDF files into EMF format in bulk without taking time. If you are worried that you may lose the formatting of your PDF file during conversion then use this software. This is the expert’s recommended all-in-one solution that supports 18+ file formats and helps users convert PDF into HTML, RTF, EML, PST, MSG, GIF, JPG, BMP, etc. Try the free version of the tool and instantly convert PDF into EMF for free in high quality.

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save PDF as EMF format easily

How to Use PDF to EMF Converter Smart Tool?

  1. Start your computer’s PDF to EMF converter.
    PDF to EMF converter tool
  2. Add folders and files in PDF format to the program panel.
    select PDF file or folder
  3. Next, use the GUI to pick the necessary PDF documents.
    select folders
  4. Select EMF as a saving option after that.
    Save PDF as EMF in bulk
  5. Next, look through a destination route to save the output.
    brpwse destinatioon path
  6. To begin to save PDF as EMF, click Convert  and see the result.
    change PDF into EMF format instantly


The above digital guide provided easy-to-follow tips to save PDF as EMF. We thoroughly discussed the reasoning for convert PDF into EMF, and step-by-step intrusion to implement this task to get accurate results. Manual methods may show you some challenges but the specialized PDF to EMF converter tool will process to solve your problem seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: How to save a PDF as an EMF?

Install the Recovery PDF to EMF converter tool and add your PDF files to save PDF as EMF file as per your choice.

Q 2: Can I use Online PDF to EMF converter tools?

There is nothing bad in using the online PDF to EMF converter tools, but some of the online tools save private data of innocent users and later they face data breach issues.

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