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Quick Ways to Save PDF as JPG with Step-By-Step Process

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Rollins Duke
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Published On June 18th, 2024
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In numerous scenarios, users need to save PDF as JPG. PDF and JPG are the most commonly used file formats serving different purposes and unique features. This article provides the top four methods to export PDF to JPEG along with the requirements of this process. Begin reading.

A Brief of PDF and JPG

PDF files share documents across different platforms and devices preserving the original layout, fonts, and images. PDF files are ideal for creating official documents, reports, and eBooks.

However, JPG or JPEG files are a widely popular image format known for high compatibility and easy compression. These files are small in size, easy to share, loads fast, and can be opened easily.

When Do We Save PDF as JPG?

Easy to View: Whenever you need to share a document or content that can be easily viewed on any device without requiring special software, you need to export PDF to JPEG.

Loads Faster: JPG files are more compatible and faster to load when uploading or publishing them on Websites or social media.

Presentations: If you want to represent your PDF content in slideshows, you must save PDF as a JPG.

Easy Sharing: JPG files are known for their compatible and easy compression. If you change files from PDF to JPG, you can easily share them across any device.

Smaller in Size: One more advantage of converting JPEG into PDF file is that, JPG file can contain a large volume of PDF document content, into a smaller file.

How to Export PDF to JPEG?

Saving PDF files in JPG format is not such a complicated task. All you need is, just the right approach while keeping the flexibility in your mind. In the following, we have offered different manual and automated strategies like specialized PDF to JPG  Converter Software that will help you to change file from PDF to JPG.

Save PDF as JPG Using PowerPoint

Follow the steps mentioned below, if you want to export PDF to JPEG manually with the help of PowerPoint:

Step 1: Open PDF and Save as DOCX in MS Word

1. Find your PDF file and right click on it.
2. Choose “Open With” and select “Microsoft Word.”
3. Click “OK” if a warning message pops up.
4. In Word, go to the “File” menu and select “Save As.”
5. Save the file as a DOCX and click “Finish” button to change document from PDF to JPG.

Step 2: Open the DOCX File in PowerPoint

1. Open PowerPoint application to save PDF as JPG.
2. Click on the “File” menu and select “Open.”
3. Choose “Browse” and a window will pop up.
4. In the file type dropdown, select “All Outline” formats (e.g., *.txt, *.docx).
5. Find and select the DOCX file you saved from Word, then click “Open.”

Step 3: Export PDF to JPEG With PowerPoint

1. With the DOCX file open in PowerPoint, go to the “File” menu.
2. Select “Save As” and click “Browse.”
3. Choose “JPEG” from the “Save as type” dropdown.
4. Enter a filename and click “Save” to save PDF as JPG.


  • It is not a straightforward way to export PDF to JPEG file.
  • You need to use both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  • First, you convert the PDF to DOCX, then open it in PowerPoint, and finally save it as JPG.
  • The document formatting may change to plain text when converting to DOCX.
  • For multiple PDFs, you need to repeat these steps for each file.
  • This method takes time and effort to save PDF as JPG.
  • It requires some technical knowhow to perform all the steps correctly.

Change File from PDF to JPG Using Paint App

1. To open the PDF file, navigate to it, doubleclick on it, then use a PDF viewer.
2. Take a screenshot of the PDF, just select Print Screen.
3. Copy the screenshot from the PDF, launch Paint, and press CTRL + V at the same time.
4. A multitude of tools are available in Paint for editing the PDF snapshot.
5. Now select the File option by clicking on it in the upper left corner.
6. After selecting Save As, select the JPEG file type.
7. Save as JPEG and type a filename to save PDF as JPG.
8. To save PDF as JPG file, choose the file location and press the Save button.


  • Taking a screenshot will reduce image quality and make the text and other details less clear.
  • This task is slow and tedious especially for multiple page PDF files.
  • Paint offers basic editing tools but lacks the advanced features which lack converting the PDF to JPG properly.
  • You can only capture only one page at a time, which is inconvenient to save PDF as JPG in bulk.

Change Document from PDF to JPG Using Adobe Acrobat

1. Start Adobe Acrobat in your browser or install the app on the computer to change file from PDF to JPG.
2. Enter an email address and password and login to your account.
3. Click on the Convert option from the top of the page.
4. Select PDF to JPG from the given list.
5. Click on Select File option then add your PDF document.
6. Click the Convert button and the Adobe Acrobat will save PDF as JPG.


  • Adobe Acrobat is a paid service that offers the trial version only for once.
  • You need a proper internet connection to export PDF to JPEG.
  • Adobe Acrobat lacks advanced customization options.
  • Adobe Acrobat interface may seem complex for some users.

Best Approach to Save PDF as JPG High Quality in Bulk

The best and easiest way, recommended by experts, is using the all-in-one RecoveryTools PDF Converter Software. It’s reliable and powerful, letting you convert many PDFs to JPG files at once. You don’t need extra software, and it’s quick and easy. Just keep in mind, it works only on Windows. Plus, you can save files wherever you want.

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Features of RecoveryTools PDF to JPG Converter software

Save PDF as JPG Offline in Bulk: You can export PDF to JPEG in bulk using this software without needing an internet connection. It works on its own, even if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
export PDF to JPED in bulk

Export PDF to JPEG Selectively: You can pick which PDF files you want to convert. There’s a special window where you can see all your PDFs and choose the ones you need.
save PDF as JPG selectively

Multiple Saving Locations: You can decide where to save your converted JPG files. You can either save PDF as JPG in the same folder as the original PDFs or choose a different folder, like on your computer or a USB drive.

Wide Range of Conversion Options: This software can do more than just PDF to JPG. It can convert PDFs to over 18 different formats, including PST, GIF, BMP, and others commonly used.
18+ saving options


The above article describes the process to save PDF as JPG. Adobe Acrobat, Paint, PowerPoint, and RecoveryTools PDF to JPEG Converter software are the most commonly used methods to export PDF to JPEG. However, Except the advanced PDF to JPEG converter tool, each has several limitations. Make sure you use the method that meets all your needs and you can easily change file from PDF to JPG.

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