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How to Restore Data from External Hard Drive on Windows Machine?

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Published On May 17th, 2024
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Would you like to know how to restore data from external Hard Drive on Windows 11, 10, and more? You will find all you need to know right here.

External hard drives have grown in popularity as a result of their speed, low cost, and convenience.  Many computer users save their system backups on an external hard drive. If the data on this storage device is lost, it is possible that years of data backups will be destroyed.

External hard drives are also frequently used to give additional storage to supplement the capacity of your system’s internal disks. However, much like conventional hard drives, they are susceptible to data loss due to mechanical or software failure.

What are the most common types of external Hard Drive failure?

Prior to attempting external hard drive recovery, it’s critical to understand why your external hard drive failed. This will assist in determining the best line of action for recovering data.

Mechanical Failure

Due to the high number of moving components in external hard drives, they do incur some wear and tear. Older hard disks are particularly susceptible to failure. The spindles, read/write heads, and actuator arms are the most often damaged components.

A grinding and cracking noise from the hard drive is a clear symptom of mechanical or physical hard drive failure. Additionally, your disk’s files may become faulty or invisible, and the hard drive may emit a continual beeping noise. A beeping noise often indicates a problem with the hard drive’s read/write head.

Software Failure

Along with physical failures, your external hard drive may encounter a software problem. This could be the result of a firmware failure, in which case the external hard drive will have communication issues with the computer. Your computer may fail to recognize the device entirely.

Additionally, malware outbreaks might result in software failure. Indeed, often malware is designed to encrypt your data until you pay the criminals, a practice known as ransomware. Worse, a virus may entirely destroy the data on your external hard drive. Additionally, files and folders may refuse to open or may vanish and then reappear when the external hard disk device is reconnected.

What Triggers the Data Loss on External Hard Drive?

  • Deleted or formatted files by mistake
  • Loss or damage of critical file system structures
  • Sudden shutdown of the system or application failure
  • Damaged or missing partition structures
  • Damage caused by a power outage or surge, a virus assault, or other unidentified causes

How to restore data from external Hard Drive on Windows?

There are numerous of third-party apps that can assist you restore lost information. However, one such software is Data Drive Recovery Software for Windows. Fortunately, this program is extremely simple to use, and even inexperienced users may use it to recover their data from external Hard Drive. The program offers so many advance features which make this application handy. Also, with this app, you can easily recover deleted data from Hard Disk, restore data from formatted Hard Drive, and more.

Also, you only have to follow certain simple steps to have this work done.

Working steps to restore external Hard Drive data

  • First of all, download the software on your Windows machine and connect your external Hard Drive.

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  • Then, run the application and choose the option which suits your needs.
  • Choose your external Hard Drive. The software will start analysing and show all of your data that is present of lost.
  • Now, click on recover button to start the recovery of your external Hard Drive.
  • Choose the destination path and click on Save button to begin the process.
  • The program starts restoring your external Hard Drive data to the selected location. This procedure will take several moments. Please wait.

That’s it. By following the above easy procedures, you may restore data from External Hard Drive on Windows system.

Data Restored

Unexpected loss of data from your external drive is always scary. However, much, if not all, of this data may be restored using the approach mentioned above.

The above application is 100% accurate and secure. With this app, you can easily restore data from external Hard Drive on Windows without facing any type of hassle.