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How Repair Thunderbird Email Folders: Fix Completely

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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Get the complete information on How to Repair Thunderbird Email Folders?

Consider the following scenario: you are working on the Thunderbird email client and you are nearly finished with your task. And then your Thunderbird became corrupted for no apparent reason.

Alternatively, you may need to send some critical emails to your institution and, while opening your Thunderbird email client, you will receive some error messages.

Now you will be enraged at this point, and you will consider tossing away your laptop or computer.

Nope, nope don’t do this, in this write-up, we will show you the perfect solution to repair Thunderbird email folders.

The demand for an email client is growing as well currently, all of our vital work is completed through an email client. Many individuals send and receive an email like that of the Thunderbird application. However, the most common issue with the Thunderbird email client is that it becomes corrupted or damaged. This puts users in a difficult situation.

But don’t worry here we will show you one of the best and finest techniques to repair Thunderbird email folders.

Types of Corruption Issues

  • If you delete an email, it will remain to exist.
  • Thunderbird is unable to view the inbox.
  • Emails are no longer visible, and any previously visible messages are no longer visible.
  • The message may display more than once.
  • Messages continue to return even after they have been deleted.

Problems That User are Facing in Thunderbird

“Hello there, I was working on the Thunderbird email client a couple of days ago when all of a sudden, my Thunderbird stopped working. So, I started over, and I received various errors, and my emails were not appearing. I was taken aback because Thunderbird is where all of my critical information is saved. To fix Thunderbird email folders, I’m looking for a strategy to do it. Please help me. how do I fix my Thunderbird email?”

“Hello, I work for an IT company, and it appears that my company’s inbox has been damaged, as all of the e-mails are empty. I can’t repair anything if I go to the folder and pick “repair.” Everything is deleted (thank God I exported all the data). I can’t afford to lose those e-mails because they are essential to my way of life. And I really must view those e-mails that were left blank. I’m in desperate need of it. I’m using pop3 and I’m having trouble repairing Thunderbird email folders. Please help me.”

Hassle Free Solution to Repair Thunderbird Inbox File

When it comes to repairing Thunderbird email folders, users may rely on the best RecoveryTools Thunderbird converter tool to repair Thunderbird email folders. This software has several useful functions, such as the ability to convert large amounts of data as well as chosen data according to the user’s preferences. Additionally, this repair tool is equipped with a straightforward and user-friendly UI.

Furthermore, there is no requirement to install the Thunderbird application because this software possesses powerful features such as the ability to automatically load data from the default storage location of Thunderbird. So, there is no need to store the export data or the Thunderbird data itself. Additionally, if you have exported data from Thunderbird, users can effortlessly load the data and rebuild their Thunderbird mailboxes by themselves.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Most Interesting Part of the Software to Repair Thunderbird Mailbox

  • Users can easily export all the data from Thunderbird profile data like emails, attachments, notes, calendar, contacts, and other data to repair Mozilla Thunderbird emails.
  • The tool has superpowers to load the data directly from the Thunderbird default storage location easily and also users can upload the data manually by “Select Files” and “Select Folders”.
  • Also, the Thunderbird repair tool preserves metadata and the original hierarchy of all emails and related information, even after the conversion, the internal system folder organization of the emails stays unchanged.
  • This Toolkit is self-contained and capable of performing its functions. There is no need for a third-party plug-in or software to accomplish this.
  • Also, this software provides the user with 25+ file formats to repair Thunderbird email folders like PST, PDF, EML, MSG, TXT, HTML, and other file formats. Users can choose according to their needs.

How to Fix Thunderbird Email?

The software provides you multiple file formats, so you can choose any file format, according to your needs. Here we will choose PDF format. to repair Thunderbird folder as PDF.

  1. Download and run the utility on your device.

    Download thunderbird-migrator to repair thunderbird email folders

  2. Now the tool automatically loads the data from Thunderbird or users can load the data manually by the “Select Files” and “Select Folders” options.

    tool automatically loads the data

  3. Now all the data will appear on the screen.

    all the data will appear

  4. After that, press on the “Select Saving Option” and choose “PDF” (users can choose any file format according to their needs).

    choose “PDF”

  5. Now browse the saving location and apply the file naming options.

    saving location to repair thunderbird email folders

  6. And press on the “Convert” icon to repair Thunderbird email folders.

    “Convert” icon to repair thunderbird email folders

Please Read Me: Users can test out the software by downloading and installing the free sample version. Additionally, users can convert up to 25 emails from their mailboxes while using the trial version. Download the trial version by clicking on the download button. If you need to convert a large amount of data from Thunderbird, you need to get the licensed version to repair Thunderbird email folders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the user can export and convert multiple Thunderbird files at one time.
Yes, this software maintains all the emails header metadata like Cc, Bcc, and To.

Final Words

Finally, we went over every aspect of how to fix Thunderbird email folders utilizing one of the greatest software tools in the article preceding this. What an incredible feature it has to provide! Every element concerning the software has already been discussed. If consumers have any questions, they may also try out the software by downloading the free demo version to repair Thunderbird email folders.