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Free Aadhar Card Password Remover to Unlock Aadhar PDF Password

Published By Jamie Kaler 
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Published On June 2nd, 2022
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Download Aadhar Card Password Remover Software to unlock Aadhar PDF password absolutely free of cost. Using this freeware software users can remove Aadhar card password effortlessly in all the versions of Windows Operating system.


In this era, most of the things have now gone digital. India is incredibly developing day by day in various fields. For this digitally progressing India, Aadhar is one of the smart move, an initiative to make the things more efficient. “What is Aadhar card?” – People usually seek a reliable answer to this software. As, it is one of important thing for Indian citizen thus, they need to everything related to it. Therefore, let us begin with a brief description about Aadhar card.

Aadhar Card – Right of Common Man

Aadhar is one of the world’s largest biometric ID system. It is identity proof and proof of address for the Indian Citizens, which is collected by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). One thing which makes it distinct from other identity proofs is that no particular age is required to create Aadhar. Everyone can have it whether it’s a young child, teenager, transgender or senior citizen. Unlike identity proof like Voter ID, which can be only created after the age of 18.

Now the next question arises that what does Aadhar Card carries? A unique 12 digit number is what Adhaar carries, which is used as unique identity number of any individual. Along with the numbers it also carries details like Name, Photograph, D.O.B, Address, Sex, and biometric scan details like finger and iris scan of the cardholder. One can take numerous government and non-government benefits having Aadhaar Card like availing gas subsidies, invest in financial instruments, opening a bank account, mobile connection, filing income tax return, etc.

About e- Aadhar Card

The electronic format of your Aadhar card is E-Aadhar Card. To avail this you need to visit the official website of UIDAI –  https://uidai.gov.in/. E- Aadhar card will then download it in the form of password protected PDF format. An individual having e- Aadhar Card can submit it as a document anywhere. Your data also remain protected from the tear or loss. Aadhar Card holder usually get muddle up with the password of e- Aadhar Card. E-Aadhar PDF file password consists of 8 characters containing Name and D.O.B of the cardholder. For example, your name is Anumika Kirar and D.O.B say it is 11 Jun 1996. Then your e- Aadhar PDF password will be – ANUM1996. But in case if you have a short name, say of 3 words. For example, your name is Dia and DOB is 9 June 1990 then your password will be – Dia1990.

Having e- Aadhar Card password with PDF means you need to put the password each time you need to open. Repeatedly putting a password to view Aadhar Card each time, can irritate anyone. There comes the need to remove Aadhar Card PDF password. You can easily unlock Aadhar Card and remove e- Aadhar Card password forever by using a reliable Aadhar Card Password Remover.

Free Aadhar Card Password Remover to Unlock E- Aadhar Card Password Forever

Why to get annoyed repeatedly by putting Aadhar Card Password again and again, when a free option is available. Now to open PDF file you do not need to put password numerous time. It could be removed free of cost, using Free Aadhar Card Password Remover. It is completely free software which can unlock Aadhar PDF password permanently with just few simple clicks.

5 Reasons to Choose Aadhar Card Password Remover

  • Remove Aadhar card password free.
  • Unlock unlimited Aadhar PDF file one-by-one.
  • Unlock Aadhar PDF password permanently.
  • Remove Aadhar Card Password quickly and safely.
  • Provide 24X7 technical assistance free of cost.

How to Remove Aadhar Card Password Free?

To remove Aadhar Card Password free, the first download and install Free Aadhar Card Password Remover Software. Then, follow these below-listed steps:

  • Open the tool, choose Aadhar Card files to be unlocked.
  • After it provides software the password for one last time.
  • Then choose the saving location and click “remove password”.
  • Within seconds, completion message will pop-out, click “OK”.
  • Now go to the saving location to find the unlock Aadhar PDF file.

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Wrapping Up

It is not required to repeat the annoying method of putting password each time to open e- Aadhar Card password. When a reliable freeware solution, i.e. Aadhar Card Password Remover is available. So, it can unlock unlimited password protected Aadhar Card PDF files permanently one by one. Also, it is the most recommended software to remove Aadhar card password free of cost.