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How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Office 365?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 5th, 2023
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This article will guide you through various methods you can use to remove duplicate emails in Office 365. Today, we will share an expert-suggested method that you can use to effectively delete duplicate emails from Office 365 mailbox. So, continue with this article until the end to get the best solution to resolve the issue.

Office 365 by Microsoft is a cloud-based application suite. It comprises various productivity applications including, MS Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, One Drive, One Notes, and more. With 354 million users, Office 365 is quite popular among users as well as businesses. The tools that come along with an MS Office subscription significantly improve productivity and collaboration for users. However, duplicate emails are a thing that even Office 365 mailbox isn’t immune from. Not only do these duplicate or triplicate emails reduce the productivity of users but they are very annoying as well. So, let’s see why it gets important to remove duplicate emails in Office 365.

Why Must you Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook 365?

There are several reasons why you must get rid of duplicate emails in Office 365 mailbox. In this segment, we have mentioned the most common ones.

  • Duplicate emails occupy storage space as they are the same size as the original email.
  • They create confusion in users about if the email has been replied to or not.
  • These duplicate emails increase the size of data files which hinders the saving process of actually important items.
  • When duplicate emails keep on increasing in number, it significantly slows down the performance of the application.

As you see all these reasons depict why you must eliminate duplicate emails in Outlook 365 mailbox as quickly as possible. But how can you actually do it? Well, check out the next segment to know the smart solution you can use to accomplish the task.

Expert Way to Remove Duplicate Emails in Office 365

If you are tired of duplicate emails hindering your daily tasks while simultaneously decreasing the performance of your Office 365 mailbox, then you need to get rid of those emails. And to tackle that, we have brought an expert recommendation, RecoveryTools Email Duplicate Remover. This splendid utility is not only a favorite of numerous technical professionals but is also equally loved by plenty of users. Moreover, it is loaded with a surplus of exceptional features.

Prominent Features of This Software

  • Efficiently finds and deletes duplicate emails from your Office 365 mailbox
  • Batch Mode helps in deduplicating multiple accounts at once
  • Moves duplicate emails to a separate folder after the process for user review
  • Able to easily detect duplicate attachments from email body
  • Deduplicates not just emails but also other Office 365 mailbox items like contacts etc.
  • Multiple advanced data filters sort and delete specific duplicate items in the mailbox
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows (32-bit & 64-bit) OS

So these are some of the remarkable features of this tool. Now, let’s move on to the procedure of using this utility to remove duplicate emails in Office 365 mailbox.

Steps to Use the Software to Remove Duplicate Emails in Office 365

  1. Download and run the utility on your Windows system
    start the tool to remove duplicates in Office 365
  2. Next, choose Office 365 as the Email Source
    select Office 365 as email source
  3. Enter your Office 365 credentials (username & password) in the required fields
    enter O365 account credentials
  4. Then, the software analyzes and adds your Microsoft 365 folders to the software panel
    now tool adds your data to the panel
  5. Now, select the folder you want to deduplicate
    select folders to deduplicate
  6. Apply advanced filters as per your requirements
    apply advanced filters accordingly
  7. Then, click on the Remove button, and upon doing that, a warning dialogue box that says “O365 duplicate emails will be permanently moved to a different folder. Are you sure you want to continue”. Click on the Yes button to proceed forward
    click yes button to remove duplicate emails in Office 365
  8. After that, the software will show you the live deduplication process
    see the live deduplication process
  9. Click OK on the pop-up notification after the completion of the deduplication process
    click OK after the process completes
  10. Now, when you head to your O365 account, you will see a folder named Duplicates Found. This folder has the duplicate emails that the software found in your original data.
    go to O365 mailbox to see the duplicates folder
  11. Lastly, you can review and proceed to delete the duplicates folder
    delete the duplicates folder to remove duplicates in Office 365

Upon following these simple steps to remove duplicate emails in Office 365, all of your duplicate emails will be moved to a separate folder. You can easily review your duplicate emails in that folder after the completion of the process. Moreover, this tool also provides you with the live status of the deduplication process. And in addition to that, it also offers you a log report of the deduplication process to save.

Is There a Manual Solution to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook 365?

Technically, you can manually remove duplicate emails by deleting them one by one, however, this way it takes a substantial amount of time from users. Therefore, to avoid wasting a significant amount of time on manually deleting duplicate emails one by one, users look for an automated solution to accomplish the process, and that too, with utmost data security. And that is why we have mentioned an expert-favorite product in the previous segment.

Before We Go

This above-mentioned article on “Remove Duplicate Emails in Office 365” discussed an expert solution that you can use to securely delete duplicate emails in your Office 365 mailbox. Along with emails, you can also get rid of duplicate contacts, attachments, and other mailbox items. This above-mentioned solution is a favorite of numerous technical professionals as the manual approach to accomplishing this task includes finding and deleting duplicate emails one by one. Hence, to avoid wasting your time and efforts on the manual solution, technical experts suggest going for an automated solution instead.

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