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How to Open Word Document in Chrome Browser ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 24th, 2022
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Hi! I have more than 400 Word document files stored in my local storage. For some purpose, I want to open these files in Chrome browser. Is there any possible way using which I can open Word document in Chrome browser. Please suggest me some useful and efficient way to view Word document in chrome.

Are you also looking for a solution to open Word document in Chrome browser? If yes, go through the given blog and find an appropriate solution for the same. To view Word document in Chrome, there might be various solutions. But, the best one is to change Word document in HTML format. Then, to preview Word document in chrome, you just have to double click on the file.

In the following blog post, we have mention a trusted and efficient solution to open Word document in chrome browser directly. Word to HTML converter is an easy to use offline utility. Using this, you can directly change Word documents in the format that opens in Chrome browser. By simply clicking on the file, you can view Word document in chrome. Before we have a discussion about this solution, let us see how the utility works.

How to View Word Document in Chrome ? – Complete Steps

To open Word Document in Chrome browser, follow the steps given below.

1. Firstly, download and install the utility to preview Word Document in Chrome.


2. After that, from Select Files or Select Folders options, add required files.


3. Now, choose from added Word files to open in Chrome. Click on Next.


4. From Select Saving Options, choose HTML to open Word document in Chrome.


5. Select the Destination Path as per need. Click on Convert to start the process.


6. Within some time, output files will be stored in the chosen location. You can Open webpages in Chrome by simply clicking twice on the file.


Note: The utility gives an option to Save Converted Messages in Same Source Folder. Using this option, you can save the resultant files in the folder from where you added Word document files.

Solution to Open Word Document in Chrome

The tool to view Word files in Chrome browser is an offline solution. The utility is supported by all Windows machines. Using this software, you can change Word documents into a format that opens in Chrome browser. So, to open a Word document in Chrome, this solution is one of the best tools available. Bulk conversion is also possible using this tool. Also, all the conversions are done ensuring complete data security. There is no risk on any data loss using this tool to view Word document in chrome browser.

There is a demo version available for this software to view Word document in Chrome. But, its limitation is that it allows to convert only 5 items per folder. For limitless conversions, you can choose the licensed version of the tool to preview Word document in Chrome from here.

Tool to Preview Word Document in Chrome – Important Features

1. The utility allows to change multiple files together. You can open Word document in Chrome in bulk. There is no restriction on the number of files you want to view.

2. Also, using this software, all the added files are converted while maintaining the original formatting of Word files. You can easily view Word document in Chrome browser with the original structure of files.

3. The solution to open Word document in Chrome is supported by all the versions of the Windows Operating System. So, it can be easily installed on all the latest and older Windows OS systems.

4. With this software, you can save the output files in the desired location. Also, there is an option to save output files in the source folder.

5. To view Word document in  Chrome browser, you do not require any external application. It is completely a standalone software.

Summing Up

In the above write-up, we have explained a step-by-step way for how to open Word document in Chrome browser. The utility suggested is a professional approach to view Word document in Chrome. To experience the working of the tool, you can try the demo version. It will help you understand the solution in a better way.

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