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Best Tool to Export Microsoft Word Documents (*docx/*.doc) files to HTML Web Page format.

  • Concise HTML Code, Once Conversion Finished no Extra HTML Tags
  • Preserve all the Original Metadata & Properties of Word Documents
  • Allows to Create Separate HTML file for Each Microsoft Word Documents
  • Best DOCX to HTML Converter to Export Documents in High Quality
  • Perform Unlimited Conversion of Multiple Documents to HTML Format
  • Convert DOCX to HTML & Save resultant HTML files at Desired Location
  • DOC to HTML Converter allows to Save Output files at Same Source Path
  • Word to HTML Converter is supported by Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, etc.
  • Open resultant HTML file in Edge, Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Netscape etc.
  • Allows to support all Word documents including Word 2016, 2013, etc.

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RecoveryTools have core expertise in dealing with the regular problems of non-technical users. Many are looking for a way to export Word documents to HTML documents with all embedded objects included. A very simple solution that can accomplish DOCX to HTML file conversion in very simplified way.

Convert Docs without Restrictions

You can convert Microsoft Word documents to HTML web page formats without facing any file size restrictions. Export unlimited Microsoft Word documents files (*.doc/*.docx) to HTML format. You can convert all type of information included within Microsoft Word documents to clean HTML file like Hyperlinks, Images, tables, etc.

Batch File Conversion Processing

Users can easily convert single or multiple Word DOC files to HTML format. The application provides dual ways to load Word DOC files in the software panel. Choose Select Files option to load only specific documents for conversion or Select Folders option to load entire folder containing multiple Document files to process in batch mode.

Create High Quality HTML Files

The DOCX to HTML Converter software will generate high quality HTML documents. You should not be worried about the original components & properties of Word Doc files while saving them as HTML files. The software will automatically adjust all your needs & requirements by applying advanced settings such as quality or other properties.

Data Security & User Privacy

DOCX to HTML Converter software is fully secured & keep tights all the original user privacy. It will not create any harm to the user’s data & protect the document privacy. Unlike Free & Online Word to HTML Converter, where you have to upload your document of their servers, it is a completely offline toolkit that works in your own computer system.


The Microsoft Word file list is widely used. The DOC / DOCX extension is the file that contains the documents. It is closely related to Microsoft Word. DOCX files contain desktop images, videos, photos, and audio. This changed everything, the systems survived. Words, images, tables, graphs, photos, and more can be easily edited with the MS Word file.

HTML markup language for web applications. Viewers can edit the HTML file. For example, use the names of these files to create the notification text. Words can include images, titles, tables, etc. And etiquette. You can use markup languages such as PHP and CSS. The user has the ability to select HTML, which is much easier to do because no new software is needed.

RecoveryTools DOCX to HTML Converter software is one of the best solution available at present time to export all the Microsoft Word Document information to a clean HTML file. You can easily all the Microsoft Word documents into any Web Browser like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, etc. The software will easily convert all the Microsoft Word documents pages to HTML file.


Convert Word Documents to HTML

In some case if a user wants to save Word file as HTML then use this best DOCX to HTML converter. It enables the users to change Microsoft Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007 as well Word 2003, and previous files as HTML files without requiring any technical knowledge.

Convert Documents with Objects

Sometimes a user wants to convert DOCX to HTML files but in case the DOCX file contains lot of graphics like images, pictures, shapes, WordArt, SmartArt, Video, symbols, or images as objects from another application. This it might prove to be a major challenge. Word to HTML converter is the best solution for you in that case.

DOCX to HTML Converter Offline

The Word to HTML Converter offers much advantageous features than Online DOCX to HTML tools or Word file to HTML Converter software. The working of the tool is much faster than online tools. There is no requirement to first upload Word file on Server, convert it than download resultant HTML in hard drive but this tool totally work in local storage.

Convert Unlimited Word Files to HTML

The tool to convert Word to HTML offers users a wide range for the number of DOCX files to be converted as HTML files. One can add as many Word document files in the software panel & the utility will convert DOC to HTML format within few minutes keeping all the structure of Word file completely maintained & secured.

Convert All Word Documents to HTML

Word to HTML conversion tool is designed in such manner that one can export all type of Word document files to HTML format with the help of this utility. There are normally number of users that always looks to convert Word 2007 files to HTML, Word 2010 to HTML, Word 2013 to HTML or Word 2016 documents to HTML file format instantly.

Save DOC to HTML at Desired Path

The vitality of the DOCX to HTML converter can be understood due to its saving option for resultant HTML files. The Word to HTML converter asks the users to save the files at required file storage path so that they can be easily accessible. The utility to convert Word to HTML provides various useful file naming option to save names of files in some ordered arrangement of Date, Subject, or From fields.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 5 items from every folder.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of Word to HTML Converter Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these simple steps to learn DOC to HTML File Conversion:

  • Step 1: Run DOC to HTML Converter Tool in Windows OS.
  • Step 2: Choose DOCX/DOC Files to Load in Software.
  • Step 3: Select the Items Displayed for Word Conversion.
  • Step 4: Choose Desired HTML Format from list of 20+ Options.
  • Step 5: Click Convert & analyze Documents Conversion Process.

Yes, Microsoft Word is a very impressive Word processing software that can edit a DOCX file and create any text document according to our desires. But HTML is a Web designing language and it contains scripts and coding to do the same task. In case you want to add Word documents to your Website like WordPress sites or others than you can directly add it as HTML files instantly.

Yes, Off Course, the tool creates a universally supported HTML files that can be open on all platforms and OS versions including Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc.

Yes, one can only export specific Word documents to HTML files using trial version. To perform whole migration, purchase the license of this utility to save Word file as HTML.

No, the tool performs DOCX to HTML or Word to MHT file Conversion in an independent environment and hence here is no requirement of other third-party utility.

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