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How to Open MBOX File in Mac OS X ? – View MBOX in Macintosh

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On January 20th, 2023
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Do you want to know how to open MBOX file in Mac? If yes, read the following blog and find the best possible way to view MBOX in Mac directly.

There are many possible ways to open MBOX file in MacBook. Either you can convert your MBOX files in some other format or use some file viewer. But, the best way to view MBOX file in Mac is to convert your mailbox files in a document format such as PDF. Also, the best thing about converting your files in this format is that you can directly access MBOX file by just viewing the file in any browser. Moreover, it keeps your data safe and maintains the formatting of files also. Also, you can easily port these files and preview them on other platforms directly.

So, let us know about the solution for how to open MBOX file on Mac OS X. Here, we have suggested an automated solution to convert your mailbox files in a portable document format. MBOX to PDF Converter is an efficient utility. Before we discuss the solution, download the utility and have a look at the steps to view MBOX on Macintosh.

How to View MBOX File in Mac ?

Follow the given steps to open MBOX file in Mac:

1. Run the tool to access the *.mbox files on Macintosh.

2. Add required MBOX files or folders.

3. Choose the MBOX files to convert from added folders.

4. Select the Saving option as a PDF from the list.

5. Choose the Destination path and File Naming Option.

6. Click on Export to start the process.

7. Once the conversion is over, you can open MBOX file in Mac directly.

How to Open MBOX File in Mac OS X ? – Screenshots

1. Firstly, download the tool to view MBOX in Mac on any Mac machine.


2. Secondly, install and run the software. Add the required MBOX files from Add File(s) / Add Folder(s) options. Click on Next.


3. After that, choose the required MBOX files to view MBOX in MacBook. Click on Next.


4. Now, select the saving option as PDF to open MBOX file in Mac.


5. After that, choose the Destination Path and File Naming Option.


6. Lastly, click on the Export button to open MBOX file in Macintosh.


7. Soon, the process will be completed. So, you can view your files in MacBook.


Note: Once the conversion process is over, you can simply open the converted files in any browser or PDF viewer to view MBOX file in Mac.

Solution to View MBOX File in MacBook

The utility to open MBOX in Mac is an appropriate solution. The utility has a very simple and easy-to-understand layout. Also, it can be easily installed on all Mac OS versions. It is completely a Mac-based software that does not require any external support. Using this tool to view MBOX file in Mac, you can convert multiple or selective files as per need. Also, the utility solves a number of user queries such as:

1. How to View MBOX file in Mac?

2. How do you open MBOX files on Mac?

3. How do I view an MBOX file in MacBook?

4. How can one open .mbox files on Mac?

This above-suggested solution gives the solution to all such queries. Also, there is a demo version available for the tool. But, it allows converting only 25 items per folder. If you want unlimited conversion, you can get the licensed version of the utility to open MBOX file in Mac here.


Utility to Open MBOX Files in Macintosh – Important Features

1. Option to Add Multiple Files: The utility allows you to add multiple mailbox items through the Add File(s) or Add Folders(s) options. So, you can add single or multiple files to open MBOX in Mac.

2. All Mac OS Support: The utility can be installed on any Mac-based machine. So, it is supported by all Mac OS versions.

3. Allows to Select Destination Path: To view MBOX files n Macintosh, you can save the resultant PDF files at the desired location. The utility gives an option then select the Destination Path.

4. File Naming Option Available: Also, you can save the output files as per the required file naming option. There are many naming conventions available. These are various combinations of From, Subject & Date.

5. Option to Remove Added Files/Folders: With Remove / Remove All buttons, you can remove the added files or folders which are not required. Therefore, to delete a single file, click on Remove and to delete all the added files, click on Remove All.

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Summing Up

So, in the above blog, we have suggested a very reliable solution to open MBOX file in Mac machine. The utility can be installed on any Mac computer with ease. Also, it offers many advantages and features for a hassle-free conversion process. There is a trial version available for the tool that lets you understand the working and interface of the tool. But, the trial edition allows to the conversion of only 25 files per folder. You can go with the licensed version to view unlimited MBOX files in Mac OS X.