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Move Apple Mail to New Computer Manually or With Automated Process

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 01-11-2022 ~ Apple Mail ~ 5 Minutes Reading

This article outlines every possible method to move Apple Mail to new computer. So, if you’re looking for a superb solution for the same, the platform is all yours. So, let’s begin by defining those methods and the means by which you can use them.

One of the primary downsides of using a desktop-based client such as Apple mail is that you are limited to using it on a single device because all data is stored on a local disc. You cannot access a previously configured Mac mail folder unless you relocate it from the prior configuration.

Thus, relocating the Apple mail client to a new Mac creates the need to transfer Apple Mail folders to another computer. Therefore, let us describe the methods by which you may move them without losing any data. Therefore, have a peek.

The Manual Method to Move Apple Mail to New Computer

To transfer Mac Mail folders to new computer, you must first export or find the location of your Apple mail files. The following are the procedures for locating your Apple mail folders.

Move Mailboxes from Mac Mail

  • Select the Mail app’s icon on the Mac Dock to launch it.
  • In the Mailboxes panel, choose the mailbox or folder you wish to convert to a mbox file.

Note: By holding the Command key and choosing the specific folders you want to include, you may pick several mailboxes or folders. Pick the first item, then hold the Shift key and select the last item; Mac Mail will highlight all the things between the two chosen ones.

  • Select Mailbox > Export Mailbox from the Mail menu bar.
  • Select Choose to produce a new mbox file to the desired location after selecting a destination folder for the mbox file.

Then you’ll need to transfer all of these folders on a pen drive and paste them onto the new system. So, this is the first phase to move the Apple Mail to new computer. Now go to the instructions below to finish your task.

Import Folders to Apple Mail

1: Choose File > Import Mailboxes on your Mac’s Mail program.

2: Select a source from the list, read the information beneath the list, and then click Continue.

  • Select Apple Mail if you’re importing a mailbox exported from Mail or a folder in the /Library/Mail/ folder on another Mac. On a Mac, click the desktop to bring up the Finder, press and hold the Option key, pick Go > Library, and then select the Mail folder.
  • If you’re importing messages from a Windows or UNIX computer, choose “Files in mbox format” and then navigate to the folder that contains the files.

3: Rearrange the imported messages as desired.

  • The messages are stored in a new mailbox in the Mail sidebar named Import. You may then remove the Import mailbox by dragging folders and messages from it to new or existing mailboxes.

This concludes our discussion of how to move apple mail to new computer. As you can see, the stages are extremely extensive and do not guarantee the data’s integrity. Additionally, you may utilize folders through only Apple mail. You will be unable to utilize the folders with another account.

As a result of these limitations, we give you the finest solution to transfer Mac mail folders to a new computer conveniently and swiftly. Therefore, have a peek.

An Alternative Way to Easily Move Mac Mail Email to Another Computer

The Mac Mail converter is the simplest and most direct solution to transfer apple mail folders to another computer. The main feature of the program is that it allows you to move folders not only to the same Mac mail-compatible client but also to another. Thus, when you switch machines, you’ll have the option of using another account with the same data in addition to Mac Mail. With this app, you can convert Apple Mail emails into PDF, and other file savings. As such, consider the way through which you may utilize the instrument to do your objective.

  • To begin, copy and paste the folders to your new system, whether it is a Mac or a Windows device.
  • Following that, download, install, and open the software¬†on the device to which the Mac mail folders were saved.
    start the mac mail converter
  • Now, click Select files or Select folders to pick the Mac files you wish to convert.
    click select files or select folders
  • Then, you’ll notice that the programme has updated all of your selected Mac mail folders.
    updated mac mail folders
  • Now, you must pick the saving choices that are compatible with the email client that you intend to use, and then click the save button after specifying the location for the files.
    select saving option and click save to move apple mail to new computer

Thus, this is how the Apple Mail converter functions. Now, let us go deeper into it in order to ascertain its full potential.

Find Some Traits of the Alternative Approach

  • The utility is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems in all of their versions.
  • It is capable to move apple mail to new computers in batches without any constraints.
  • It also relocates the general attributes of Mac mail, such as attachments and others.
  • Allows you to store your data in a portable file format other than compatible with Mac Mail.
  • It provides a dual choice for converting files: pick individual files or entire directories.
  • It is 100% secure and ensures the integrity of all your data during the procedure.

In Conclusion

We have discussed the many methods to move apple mail to new computer. The first is the manual, which includes several procedures and is limited to transferring data to an Apple Mail-compatible file format. The alternative is an automatic solution that requires fewer steps and can even migrate Apple mail folders to another format of your choice. As a result, you may compare the two ways and determine which one is best for you.

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