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Instant Solution – Backup Apple Mail to External Hard Drive

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 28th, 2022
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Hi! I am looking for a solution to backup Apple Mail to External Hard Drive. And, I have a number of Mac Mail emails in my local storage. I have to reset my MacBook for some reason. So, I want to back up the entire data to the external hard drive on Mac OS. Please, anyone, tell me how to backup data without any problem.

If you are also one of those users, then keep reading this blog and find out the best possible way. In the following write-up, we have suggested a very quick and efficient way to backup data to Hard Drive.

Apple Mail is a well-known Email Client used by Mac users and utilized SMTP for sending and receiving messages. A lot of users always store the entire Mac Mail mailbox items in the computer hard drive, so that users can easily use the backup. Moreover, Apple Mail also provides a direct option to export the entire mailbox items to have it in the External Hard Drive but that too in the MBOX file format. and, it is not possible to access those files directly, in short, it is better to backup in the portable file format.

A Solution to Backup Apple Mail to External Hard Drive

RecoveryTools Apple Mail Migration Tool is a powerful software that allows users to backup emails to a Hard Drive. The software has been developed with a highly professional tool that offers multiple advanced features to carry out the data. It is possible for users to backup unlimited data without imposing any size limitations and without needing technical guidance throughout the process.

Since this utility does not support the direct configuration of Mac Mail, so you need to first export Mac Mail mailbox items in the MBOX format and then upload the data on the panel. Just Download the Apple Mail Backup Tool for free of cost and start the process.

How to Backup Mac Emails to External Hard Drive? – Complete Steps

  • Firstly, download and install the tool on your Mac OS device.
  • After that, from Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) buttons, add Mailbox files.

run apple mail backup tool

  • Now, choose the files to convert from added folders. Click on Next.

select apple mail data

  • Then, Select Saving Option as a PDF from the list to backup Apple Mail to the hard drive.

choose file format to backup mac mail into hard drive

  • After that, Select Destination Path and Fie Naming Options as per need.

backup apple mail to external hard drive

  • In the end, click on the Export button to export Apple Mail to the hard drive. Soon, the process will be over.

final exported message

Within some time, all the added Apple Mail files and folders will be converted into the portable document format along with attachments if any. You can find the output files at chosen destination path. Once the conversion process is complete, you can easily store the backup to the Hard Drive directly.

Features of Apple Mail Backup Tool

  1. The software provides a flexible GUI that can be easily used by all users whether they are from technical or from non-technical backgrounds.
  2. It provides dual options to load the Mac Mail files on the panel. Users can choose to upload files either by selecting some specific files or by choosing a complete folder that is full of files.
  3. There is no file size limitation and the software has the ability to handle a large amount of data itself.
  4. Users can see the preview of all the emails in different view modes such as content view, hex view, raw message, attachments, message headers, and others.
  5. Also, the tool gives the option to remove the added files/folders. In case you want to delete a single file, click on the Remove button. In case you want to remove all the added Apple Mail files, you can click on the Remove All button.
  6. All folders and subfolder hierarchies remain the same. There is no risk of any data loss using this software to move Apple Mail to the hard drive.
  7. While backing up unlimited data, there will not be any kind of data loss and the data will be taken out in the actual original format.

Closing Words

In the above blog, we have mentioned a simple and stepwise solution to backup Apple Mail to External Hard drive. We have suggested a utility to backup the entire Mac Mail data in a single attempt with imposing no file size limitations. Also, it is one of the easiest tools available in the market with a flexible GUI. The software will provide you with better results with 100% accuracy with maintaining the entire layout of the data.