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How to Migrate Emails from HostGator to Office 365 Account ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 15-06-2022 ~ How To ~ 5 Minutes Reading


Overview: Are you required a solution to migrate emails from HostGator to Office 365 account ? Or are you considering a way to learn the HostGator to Office 365 Migration process? Don’t fear, RecoveryTools explains a simple procedure to transfer emails easily. So, read the post and learn the method.

HostGator is quite possibly the most well-known website-hosting or email hosting platform with honorable highlights and reasonable costs. I love that they let you pick the right web hosting plan for your business, any place it lives, on the web, or in the cloud.

By using HostGator services, you will get free webmail services. These Webmail are very old and provide less storage space. It is suitable for small industries to work all the communication operations at ease. But when we talk about big enterprise solutions, Microsoft 365 is the first choice for everyone.

Office 365, known as the Microsoft 365 suite, is a cloud-based Microsoft usefulness apparatus and is the best option for some endeavors. It provides users with all common Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, and more. Also, it is a cloud-based email, calendar, and collaboration service hosted by Microsoft.

I’ve tried a number of reputable web-hosting companies, including GoDaddy and Squarespace. But no one is perfect for business. Now, my team suggests to move into Office 365 environment. That’s why I’m finding a method to migrate emails from HostGator to Office 365 account. So, do you know anyway? Help me!!!

Perfect Solution to Migrate HostGator Emails to Office 365

A user can effectively migrate emails from HostGator to Office 365 account using a professional toolkit i.e., RecoveryTools Email Backup software. This product will offer a direct method to transfer HostGator Emails to Microsoft 365 account with all the folders. Also, the toolkit required only Office 365 and HostGator account credentials to move emails directly.

Get the Solution by the below buttons:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Note: The downloaded solution is shareware. You can use it in trial mode.

Steps to Transfer HostGator Emails to Microsoft 365 Account

  1. Run the toolkit & select the HostGator option.
  2. Now, enter the HostGator account credentials in the panel.
  3. Mark all required HostGator folders as per need.
  4. Now, choose Office 365 option & enter the details of account.
  5. Start the HostGator to Office 365 Migration process.

How to Migrate Emails from HostGator to Office 365 Account ?

  • Run the utility on your Mac or Windows computer and select the HostGator option.

  • Now, login the account using HostGator credentials and IMAP details.

  • You can utilize the additional options for batch account migration.

  • Now, the toolkit will load all the folders of your HostGator account in the panel. Check only the required folders.

  • The product gives 25+ saving options. Here you need to pick Office 365 option.

  • Additionally, you can select the filter options for the selective backup process.

  • Here, you need to fill in the Office 365 account details in the user interface panel.

  • Now, press the start button to migrate emails from HostGator to Office 365 account.

Top Features of HostGator to Office 365 Migration Tool

This application comes with an easy migration process without requiring any high-level specialized information. So, below are some top advantages of this application:

  • This application upholds the numerous HostGator mailboxes migration process at a single process.
  • Also, it gives the option to transfer all emails from a HostGator Mailbox to Microsoft 365 account directly.
  • The toolkit only required account credentials of both HostGator or Office 365 accounts to migrate data easily.
  • Also, the solution is completely independent there is no need to install any other applications.
  • Another best option of this application is Proxy Server to connect or log in with your account from another location.
  • Also, one of the best options of this toolkit is to maintain the email folder hierarchy structure during the process.
  • While the HostGator to Office 365 Migration process. The software retains original email elements including attachments.
  • Also, one can easily use this application on all editions of Mac and Windows workstations.

Common Issues Faced by Users

Can I use this application to download HostGator emails to PST format ?

Yes, this application gives the separate option to download the HostGator emails locally.

Is there are any limitations of this HostGator to Office 365 Migration tool ?

No, the utility can migrate unlimited emails from HostGator to Office 365 account easily without any limitation.

So, does it work on my local Windows 8.1 workstation ?

Definitely, this application is available for Mac and Windows. So, you can use it on your Windows editions without any problem.

Hi, I am getting an error message “Error Authenticating”. How do I resolve it ?

This issue appears when you entered the wrong account credentials. Also, if you still have issues, contact the technical team.

Final Words

In the end, I just say that if you willing a way to migrate emails from HostGator to Office 365 account. Then this write-up will explain the complete method. Here, you will get a flawless method to migrate emails from HostGator to Office 365 account easily. Also, you can also use the demo version to understand the method. For any kind of help, contact the technical team.

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