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How to Migrate MDaemon Emails to Office 365?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 06-10-2022 ~ MDaemon ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Overview: A large number of users are searching to know how to perform MDaemon to Office 365 Migration process. If you are one of those, then read this article to know more.

Here, you will find a method that allows you to export emails from MDaemon to Microsoft 365 accounts directly. As we know, there is no manual way available. That’s why here, we explain all the methods. So, keep reading.

MDaemon is one of the widely used email server groupware functions. It offers a reliable Mail Server, Instant Messaging platform, GroupWare, Webmail, & Mobile Device Management on a single platform. It also comes up with WorldClient Private Email as well as Hosted Cloud Email Services.

“I was asked to start to move email users from the MDaemon server to Office 365 SMB. it is only for 15-20 users in total but:

  • Some users attached to the server via POP
  • Some via IMAP.
  • Most via Outlook connector version 3.5x from MDaemon

All iPhone and BB devices are attached to ActiveSync. The original setup is working OK and integrated well, but Outlook connector users have large profiles (Min 5GB up to 6.5GB). Did someone from this fine IT group do this before? Need some help and advice – Regards – Joe Williams, Asthana

But after conducting deep research we understood that a lot of people trying to convert their email data into Office 365. So, through this article, we are going to provide you with a complete solution to migrate emails from MDaemon to Office 365 accounts along with attachments.

Migrate MDaemon to Office 365 Account using Professional Method

Take the help of the RecoveryTools MDaemon Migration tool to batch export MDaemon emails to the Office 365 accounts. It provides an accurate mailbox conversion in a secure manner. users can easily move their data without any restrictions.

Also, the tool has advanced and superior features, which makes the software easy to use and unique. There is no need to do any extra import/export process to migrate emails from MDaemon to Office 365 account.

Download for Windows

Working Steps for MDaemon to Office 365 Migration

  1. Install & run the tool on your system.

    run the tool

  2. Click on Select Files or Select Folders to browse from source files.

    browse from source files

  3. The utility will display all folders in MDaemon files and the user’s data.

    display all folders

  4. From the File Saving options list choose Office 365 option.

    Saving options list

  5. Apply the filters like choosing the required language and if you are an admin then enable the “I Am Admin” option.

    required language

  6. The utility also provides Advanced Filters option on basis of Date Range, From, To, and Subject. Users can also exclude Folders for selective folders.

    Advanced Filters

  7. Enter Office 365 login credentials i.e., Username & Password.

    login credentials

  8. Once you set up all the settings then click on Convert.

    setup all the settings

  9. Analyze the whole Process in your application panel.

    MDaemon to Office 365 migration

  10. Once the whole process is finished successfully click on the OK button to Confirm & Exit from here.

    process finished

  11. At last, the software will generate a Saving.Log report which will include all the information regarding MDaemon to Office 365 Migration process including Start Date & Time, Saving Type, Source File Location, Items Converted, Destination Path as well Final Status of the Process.

    Saving.Log report

How to Migrate Multiple Users from MDaemon to Office 365 Account?

The tool also allows us to move mailbox data from multiple user accounts through user mapping. To understand more about multiple user migration, follow the below steps.

  1. Choose the Select Folder option & upload the email folder containing multiple user data.
  2. Check the option I am converting multiple users & browse the locally saved mailbox.

    *Note: To perform mapping & move multiple users’ accounts user must select these options. Other ways user mailbox will consider normal folder data.

    converting multiple users

  3. Select the users to migrate from the given list of users.

    given list of users

  4. Choose Office 365 as a saving option & enter the login credentials. Then click Connect button.
    *Note: For multiple user conversions, users need to select the I Am Admin option & need to provide admin login credentials.

    login credentials

  5. After authenticating the account, select the source & destination users to map the accounts.
    *Note: you can also perform the user mapping using the manually entered CSV file. Select the Use CSV Mode option for the same.

    source & destination

  6. At last, hit the Convert button to initiate MDaemon to Office 365 migration.

After going through the above process, we can easily conclude this is one of the simplest solutions available. This toolkit proved to be the best choice for email users who are trying to transfer all of their mailbox items from MDaemon to the O365 account.

Using this tool, no user needed to have high-level technical knowledge. The software enables the users to do processes directly just by providing Office 365 login credentials i.e., Email Id & Password.

Major Features & Advantages of Tool

  • Mapping of Mailbox Folders:

    The software comes up with the I am Admin option to migrate MDaemon data for multiple users in an Office 365 Administrator account. The amazing thing about this utility is that it supports manual Mailbox Mapping during the bulk data process. However, the selected mailbox data will be migrated & automatically Mapped with the user’s mailboxes.

  • Copy to Default Folders:

    The software provides the option to manage folder structure or hierarchy. It provides a separate Copy to Default Folders option which will maintain the source folder structure i.e., 1:1 at the destination. All emails of Inbox-to-Inbox folder, Drafts to Drafts folder, Sent Items to Send Folder, or Outbox to Outbox label of O365 account.

  • Easy Authentication & Account Permissions:

    The software supports Easy Authentication i.e., it can easily connect to your destination Office 365 account with the credentials you provide to the software. The tool will show Zero downtime i.e., during the process one can easily access their mailbox & can do any operation as per choice.

  • Easy to Use & Secure process:

    The MDaemon to O365 Migration tool comes up with a very intuitive user interface and acts as a self-guiding application. It also supports folder mapping into some other popular languages i.e. Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, or Norwegian. The process will take place in TLS Connection or SSL Secured Certificates.

  • Advanced Filters:

    The application provides advanced settings for filter-saving options helpful to migrate emails from MDaemon to Office 365 accounts. Some of the major fields are Data Range, From, To, Subject of emails, etc. Apart from it, users can also export some specified folders to reduce time by excluding unwanted emails.

Closing Words

In the above article, we discussed various queries of a user regarding the export of emails from MDaemon to the O365 account. We take the help of third-party MDaemon to Office 365 Migration tool making it easier for the users to migrate emails.

The software is completely free of cost to download and allows conversion of the first 25 items from MDaemon mailbox folders to Office 365 public folders. Buy a suitable license according to your requirements to perform unlimited conversion of your MDaemon mailbox to Office 365 account.