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How to Import IncrediMail Files to IMAP Account ? – Stepwise Approach

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 11th, 2022
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If you change the email platform for any reason, the first thing to do is migration. I recently changed my email client and decided to migrate IncrediMail files to IMAP account. To this end, we had to find the most appropriate solution that can directly import IncrediMail to IMAP. After a long search, I found RecoveryTools IncrediMail to IMAP migration tool, also known as IncrediMail converter an intuitive solution for importing IncrediMail files into an IMAP server. In this blog we have described the complete IncrediMail conversion process on IMAP. You will also receive complete information on the solution specifications. The following explanation will surely answer the following questions:

Can I import IncrediMail files directly into the IMAP server with same folder structure?

How can I convert multiple IncrediMail files into an IMAP account? Is there any tool to export IncrediMail to IMAP in batch?

IncrediMail to IMAP Migration Tool to Import IncrediMail Files to IMAP

IncrediMail to IMAP Migration software is a versatile and convenient way to download IncrediMail files to IMAP. This tool has many advantages. It gives batch conversion of IncrediMail folders to IMAP servers. You can easily transfer IncrediMail data items with all attachments to new server. The best part of this application is the user interface. This utility has an intuitive design, simplifies transition from IncrediMail to IMAP.

incredimail backup pro how to backup incredimail data

Here’s How to Convert IncrediMail Files to IMAP Account

  • Firstly, Download and Run IncrediMail to IMAP migration tool in your system.


  • This software has dual option for selecting multiple IncrediMail files. Select files / folders here to migrate IncrediMail to IMAP.

incredimail to imap

  • Details of all selected files are displayed in the tool. Mark the desired folder and click Next.

incredimail to imap migration tool free

  • Many backup options are available. To import IncrediMail into IMAP server, select IMAP here.

IncrediMail to IMAP Migration tool

  • Enter your IMAP account credentials and click Next to start IncrediMail to IMAP conversion.
  • Additionally, you can stop the migration at any time. Finally, a message is displayed indicating that conversion is complete.

In this way, your all data has been transferred from IncrediMail mailbox to IMAP server. This has proven to be a simple solution for migrating IncrediMail to IMAP server. This application is a simple and error-free solution to convert IncrediMail files to IMAP account.

Benefits of Using an IMAP Server

  1. All data is stored on a remote server. This is useful as it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  2. Since the data is on server, there is no fear of losing it every time a system error occurs.
  3. When using the IMAP server, local storage space is saved.
  4. All emails are automatically saved if the server is managed correctly.
  5. In addition, there is a special option to save the necessary emails locally.

Why Choose IncrediMail to IMAP Migration Tool ?

  1. Installed in Different Languages: The IncrediMail to IMAP migration software has its features that can be installed in different languages depending on the needs.
  2. Batch Conversion Facility: With this utility, you can transfer large amounts of IncrediMail files to a new server. Here you can easily convert multiple IncrediMail files of any size.
  3. Save IncrediMail Folder Structure: This tool manages the hierarchy of folders during IncrediMail conversion and is managed in a separate unit. After migration, all folders will have the same structure as before.
  4. Create a SavingLog.txt File: When the import IncrediMail to EML process is completed, the utility creates a SavingLog.txt file.
  5. Maintains Formatting: The software was developed using several advanced algorithms that support metadata attributes such as subject, date, time and CC.
  6. Dual Mode to Load IncrediMail File: The program has a dual option to import multiple IncrediMail files. Once again, selective migration is possible.
  7. Save File in an Appropriate Location: Use this utility to save the file you just exported to any location.

The Verdict

The IncrediMail to IMAP conversion tool guarantees complete data security during the migration. This software is compatible with all latest or older Windows operating systems. We also recommend that you use the DEMO version to better understand the structure and functionality of the tool before investing in it.