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How to Export & Migrate IncrediMail to HTML by Containing Email Attachments ?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On May 29th, 2024
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Learn how to convert IncrediMail to HTML file format. Quickly export IncrediMail emails in HTML folder. Free Download IncrediMail to HTML conversion software that allows you to move batch messages of IncrediMail mailbox to HTML with attachments. This is a fully standalone utility that does not require any other application for the conversion procedure. This utility can be easily launched in Microsoft Windows operating system programs, including Windows 10, for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system.

IncrediMail to HTML Converter Free Download:

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Download trial version of the IncrediMail Converter software. The users can use this application to batch convert IncrediMail user mailboxes to HTML documents. Many users want to know how to convert email from IncrediMail to HTML with attachments. Analyze the query provided below:

Common Issues Faced by Users

“The IncrediMail email client suddenly stopped working. I think it crashed. The IMM, IML HTML so that the resulting HTML file can be easily access into HTML format. Is it possible to perform this action using a product or service ?”

“I need to convert IncrediMail e-mail to HTML when sending e-mail, but the design of the email was very poor – it’s actually an e-newsletter and there are a few things to do before transfer Is there a way to migrate email from IncrediMail to HTML?”

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How to Convert IncrediMail to HTML Format ?

Follow these easy & quick steps to migrate IncrediMail IML into HTML file.

  1. Run RecoveryTools IncrediMail to HTML Converter, files such as IncrediMail IMM, IML, DB, CAB, IMA, IMB, IME and IMF are automatically added. In the software panel.
  2. Here you can preview IncrediMail emails with complete information in software interface, select an email folder and click on Save tab.
  3. Select HTML as Saving format, select file naming option as required, and choose destination path and press OK button on the toolbar.
  4. The process of converting IncrediMail IMM to HTML is in progress and displays the current progress of folder.
  5. Once the task is complete, retrieve converted HTML file from the selected target location and use it accordingly.

Export IncrediMail IML to HTML – Step by Step Free Guide

  • Select IncrediMail file / folder by selecting either Select File or Select Folder. The Select Folder option converts unlimited IncrediMail emails to HTML format. Otherwise, you can use the Select file option.

convert incredimail to html

  • Mark all items for transferring in HTML file format and hit the [Next] button.

incredimail to html conversion free

  • In the list, select HTML as the save option to export IncrediMail files in HTML format.

IncrediMail to html

  • Setup other things if needed such as destination location or file naming option, and save converted data item. Click Next to convert IncrediMail to HTML.


  • Wait for completion after a few seconds. The final message is displayed on the screen.

IncrediMail to html Migration

  • After the migration is completed, IncrediMail to HTML converter tool will automatically open destination folder and receive resultant data file.

Using this way, you can easily transfer or export all IncrediMail files to your HTML folder. Let’s look at the software before moving on to the last part.

Highlighted Features of IncrediMail to HTML Conversion Tool

  • Batch Conversion IncrediMail Email to HTML: IncrediMail to HTML Conversion software saves time during the migration process. Multiple emails and IncrediMail messages can be downloaded into the software panel in two ways. You can automatically download from set profile path or click [Select File] or [Select Folder].
  • Convert IncrediMail to HTML with Attachments: IncrediMail file to HTML software can export IncrediMail emails to HTML mailbox. The biggest advantage of the IncrediMail software is that users can export HTML mail with all attachments in all inserted formats.
  • Transfer Unlimited E-mail Data: With the help of IncrediMail to HTML converter software, you can export an unlimited number of mailboxes from IncrediMail. There is no limit to the file size when using this utility. Convert unlimited IncrediMail emails to HTML without size restrictions.
  • Mail Integrity is Maintained as Original: The software keeps all the metadata and properties of the IncrediMail mailbox items. The original metadata of IncrediMail e-mails, such as To, CC, From and Date, have not changed.
  • Toolkit Compatible with Windows: Easily run this extraordinary utility with the latest editions of Microsoft Windows programs (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.). Both editions (32-bit and 64-bit)

Reasons to Convert IncrediMail Files to HTML

  • HTML offers the best optimization for search engines.
  • The content can be changed quickly and easily if necessary when used in HTML format.
  • The time required to download the HTML is shorter.
  • Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, or other additional software is not required to display HTML content.
  • In addition, this format provides enhanced content security for remote access from devices through which the Internet is available.


In the above article, you will learn how users can move IncrediMail emails to HTML format. Importing data from IncrediMail to HTML is anyway very important for the user to manage the data. Here we will create the best tools for importing IncrediMail email into HTML file format. We also simplified the user experience by showing how to export IncrediMail to HTML mailboxes.