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How to Migrate G Suite to Zoho Mail Account ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On December 3rd, 2022
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In this article, you will know a perfect solution of how to migrate G Suite to Zoho Mail account. Since, Zoho Mail introduction, many users want to move their mailboxes from the Google Workspace email account to Zoho Mail. The G Suite to Zoho Mail Migration is a very complex process, hence simplifying it in easy steps is the need of the hour for non-techie users.

Hi there!

My email account is hosted with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), and now I want to switch to Zoho Mail. I am successfully able to update the MX records & then setup mail accounts.

The problem I’m facing right now is migrating my old Google Workspace emails to a Zoho Mail account for 2 or more accounts. During the rest of the migration from G Suite to Zoho Mail, the ‘Your account could not be connected, click here for more details’ error’.

I have checked & reverified the G Suite account login credentials & passwords, which are correct. Please help me in getting a step-by-step procedure for G Suite to Zoho Mail Migration.

Solution: the possible reason which you are facing an issue is that either you had not connected your account with IMAP enabled as well as ‘less secure apps’ are turned On. More importantly, you should try a professional G Suite Migration tool that can do this task in easy & simple steps.

Preparing G Suite to Zoho Mail Migration Environment:

First of all, you need to take some important steps to establish a good G Suite to Zoho Mail migration experience. Follow these simple steps to do so:

Part 1. Generate App-Password for G Suite Account

Go to Your Google Account settings, and choose Security Tab.

Now, under the signing into Google option click on the App Passwords option.

Now, choose the Mail option and select device – Windows Computer. Then, generate your App Password.

Part 2. Disable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) & turn on Less Secure Apps

  • Go to the Google Account button & click on the Manage your Google Account.security
  • Choose the Security option from the number of options.choose security tab
  • Now make sure 2-step Verification & Use your Phone to sign In both options are turned off.setup option
  • Turn on Less Secure Apps Access.turn-off less secure apps

Part 3. Get Zoho Mail IMAP Settings:

Email Settings Port Number
Zoho IMAP Incoming mail server:
imap.zoho.com (Copy)
993, requires SSL (Copy)
143, non-secure (Copy)
Zoho POP3 Incoming mail server:
pop.zoho.com (Copy)
995, requires SSL (Copy)
110, non-secure (Copy)
Zoho SMTP Outgoing mail server:
smtp.zoho.com (Copy)
587, requires SSL (Copy)
465, non-secure (Copy)

How to Migrate G Suite Emails to Zoho Mail?

You can successfully migrate G Suite emails to Zoho Mail using a professional toolkit i.e., G Suite Migration Tool. The application will provide users IMAP function to successfully export Google Workspace emails to Zoho Webmail account.

But first, you need to free download the software:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

  1. Install & Run G Suite to Zoho Mail migration tool. The application provides the user a batch mode option to load multiple G Suite user’s accounts in the utility panel.
  2. Provide Google Workspace email account login credentials. G Suite to Zoho Mail migration tool will start loading mailbox folders here. You can choose all the required items according to your need.
  3. Choose the IMAP option from the list of 30+ saving formats.migrate g suite to zoho mail
  4. Enter Zoho Mail Username, Password, IMAP Server Name & Port Number.
    Attention Please: If you are facing errors while connecting the Zoho account in the utility, then use the app password and IMAP access for error-free migrations.

    Complete is stated on the mentioned page: Zoho Settings

    setup google workspace to zoho mail

  5. The application will also provide users multiple advanced filter settings to set up for the selective conversion of items. You can migrate only the desired items according to your need.
  6. Once you set up all the options to migrate G Suite emails to Zoho Mail account, click on the Backup button to start the process. It will provide users a live migration process directly in its panel with all details.preview migration process
  7. As the process finished successfully, a confirmation message box is displayed in the application panel. Click on the OK button to confirm & exit from here.click ok
  8. Finally, the application will generate a SavingLog report that includes the summary report of the complete migration process.savinglog report

From above you can easily understand that it is the easiest solution to export Google Workspace emails to Zoho Mail account.

Why Prefer Zoho Mail over Google Workspace?

There are many reasons for a user to switch from G Suite to Zoho Mail account. Here are some reasons why:

  • Zoho Mail is a more secure & reliable platform in comparison to G Suite.
  • There are very low chances for your data misusage with Zoho Mail.
  • Zoho Mail system will provide multiple advanced tools for the management of task & internal collaboration.
  • The Zoho Mail is completely free from all advertisements & proves to be more pocket-friendly in comparison to Google Workspace.
  • Zoho Mail system has a more feature-rich control panel to simplify the management of emails.
  • Users can manage emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. with the Zoho Mail account.

It is the need of the hour for a user to migrate emails from G Suite to Zoho Mail account. RecoveryTools G Suite to Zoho Mail Migration Tool allows you to export data of multiple users in a very secure environment.