How to Export IncrediMail Emails to Google Workspace Account ?

Karen Chard | August 10th, 2021 | How To

Overview: Looking for a method to import IncrediMail emails to G Suite account ? Or learn the process to export IncrediMail to Google Workspace ? If your answer is Yes, your hunt is over. Because here you will learn the best method to transfer IncrediMail to Google Workspace account. So, what’s the delay let’s start.

These days, everybody is requesting to utilize rapid and effortless innovation to accomplish things. Individuals need to make fewer moves to get better results. This is the motivation behind why organizations decided to move data into Google Workspace or G Suite accounts.

But here we will talk about how we get IncrediMail data in Google Workspace account. Because many people want to know the reason behind this process of the closure of IncrediMail. Yes, now IncrediMail is not available after 20th March 2020.

That’s the biggest reason to move data from IncrediMail to Google Workspace account. When you choose to move from IncrediMail to G Suite, you should decide how to data migration from IncrediMail to G Suite. Each IncrediMail profile has many emails, contacts, calendars,  and each data you need to keep.

However, transfer data from IncrediMail to G Suite account isn’t pretty much as simple as we might suspect. Because you need to move your current messages, contacts, schedules, and documents from IncrediMail to G Suite.

These days, you will discover different utilities on the Internet to move IncrediMail emails to G Suite or Google Workspace account with complete mailbox items. But RecoveryTools gives its users to a professional solution.

A Specialized Solution – IncrediMail to G Suite Migration

To solve such issues, we need an expert solution. Since there is no manual way accessible for moving messages from IncrediMail to G Suite account. RecoveryTools IncrediMail Migrator is the best solution to solve all your IncrediMail email program relate issues. You can download the solution on your Server and Windows PCs.

Download the Solution:

Download for Windows

Steps to Transfer IncrediMail to Google Workspace

  1. Get the solution on your computer.
  2. Select the IncrediMail files with dual options.
  3. Choose the required folders from the given list.
  4. Select G Suite option and fill all the details in panel.
  5. Start IncrediMail to G Suite Migration process.

How to Migrate Emails from IncrediMail to G Suite Account ?

  • So, let’s get started. First, get the solution on your computer.

  • It has a dual-mode of the data selection process. First, you can choose manually data with dual options or if you don’t know the location path, then choose the auto mode.

  • Now, it shows all your email folders in the software. Here, select the required folders.

  • Choose the G Suite options to migrate IncrediMail to Google Workspace account.

  • Put all your details of Google Workspace or G Suite account here.

  • Now, click on the next button to start the procedure of importing IncrediMail to G Suite account.

  • When the change cycle is done effectively tap on the OK button to Confirm and Exit from here.

Features of IncrediMail to Google Workspace Migration Tool

  • The most developed choice is this application can automatically find the default area of your IncrediMail messages.
  • The solution comes with a simple platform where you can without much of a stretch export IncrediMail messages to G Suite account.
  • It additionally offers double manual choices to pick bulk and single IncrediMail files such as *.imm, *.iml, *.db.
  • The solution gives a wide range of saving alternatives. You can without much of a stretch believe and export IncrediMail information to different platforms.
  • After getting the IncrediMail client profiles messages in the panel. It permits you to pick your necessary files or email folders from the given list.
  • The item upholds all IncrediMail version mailboxes. It offers an extraordinary choice for migrating IncrediMail v2.0 and v2.5 messages rapidly to G Suite account.
  • While transferring IncrediMail to Google Workspace. It keeps all your email components and properties with attachments.
  • You can undoubtedly utilize this application on all Server and Windows machines including Windows 11.

Client Testimonials

This product assists me to transfer 5GB of IncrediMail data to G Suite account immediately. Despite the fact that I am a non-specialized client and didn’t know how to import IncrediMail into Google Workspace. However, this product helps me a ton to accomplish this assignment without dealing with any issues.

– Danielle Brock

Necesito migrar de un servicio basado en escritorio a un servicio web. Por lo tanto, prefiero elegir Google Workspace para esto. Estaba buscando muchas alternativas que hicieran posible migrar de IncrediMail a G Suite, pero ninguna de ellas cumplía con mis requisitos. Luego, un amigo me recomendó este software de migración de IncrediMail a G Suite, que me ayuda mucho a lograrlo. Gracias a los desarrolladores de esta gran utilidad.

– Olivia


In the above article, we have disclosed the simplest way to import IncrediMail data to G Suite account. The product permits you to straightforwardly way to transfer emails from IncrediMail files to Google Workspace account directly. It is a 100% secure UI panel that never saves your own data inside the product database. On other issues, ​get in touch with us through email or live visit.