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Exim to Postfix Migration – Switch from Exim Mail Server to Postfix, Dovecot or Qmail

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 3rd, 2024
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In this article we discuss Exim to Postfix Migration tool to help the users to enable Debian Change Exim to Postfix, Dovecot or Qmail Mail Server. Well I have gathered a lot of information by reading various articles that it is not so easy to migrate Exim to Postfix account. There are various scripts available for free to convert from Exim to Postfix account called mb2md which have few command lines. Mb2md seems to be run as a user and not as root, in case if you have too many users to export from Exim to Postfix Mail server.

Free Download Exim to Postfix Migration Tool:

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If discussing the internet so kind of program or software are there but when come on message handling services. MTA responsible for both the side client & server part of SMTP. Exim is a mail transfer agent which transfers emails or messages from one PC to another using client-server application architecture. In easier words Exim Mail Server is your own personal PC which serves as an electronic Post Office for electronic-mail transfer.

Postfix is Unix-based interface & easy to setup Mail Server for Medium-sized communities. Postfix is very flexible Mail Server due to its major style requirements. It has a very good record of security purpose. Postfix is a no cost & open-source mail transfer agent which tracks & provides an email. It is originally published in 1997 & launched under IBM Public Certificates. A large number of users wants to export the mailbox items from Exim Mail Server to Postfix accounts.

I’m currently migrating from a CentOS/cPanel to a new CentOS/Plesk server. I’m currently copying/pasting my current mailboxes from Exim to my new server which runs postfix.
It seems like inbox emails show properly under my new server when I copied them over; however, all my other folders (sent, junk, draft, etc…) don’t populate with any data.
I’ve read all of the DO guides, and plenty of others, but the differences in configuration files, commands, and setups, make it very difficult to migrate settings.

What’s the best way to migrate cPanel Exim (MBOX) emails to ISPConfig Postfix (Maildir)? One of my providers is closing a Data Center and I need to migrate 2 of my servers to another provider.
– Running CentOS6.7 with ISPConfig

  • Mitchel Concuss, Nevada City

As the query easily suggest that the above user need for an Exim MBOX to Postfix Maildir file converter software. One such amazing software available in present time is RecoveryTools MBOX Migrator which provides a direct option to so.

How to Migrate Exim to Postfix Mail Server?

From the above video tutorial, we can easily understand that how can a user successfully switch from Exim Mail Server to Postfix Mail Server. We take the help of a professional toolkit to do so. The working of this amazing toolkit is very easy & simplified as any non-technical user can better understand it. Just follow these simple steps to so.

  1. Install & Run Exim to Dovecot Converter tool & read all important instructions.
  2. Browse for Exim Mailbox items (*.mbox) in your application panel by dual ways from source location i.e. /var/vmail/<domain>/<account>.
  3. Choose the Exim Mailbox folders with sub-folders to compete the whole process.
  4. Choose Maildir option from the list of 30+ Saving options.exim to postfix migration
  5. Setup Exim Mailbox to Postfix Maildir file conversion option in software panel as change destination path etc.
  6. Click on Convert button & analyze the whole file conversion process.
  7. Access the resultant Maildir files directly from destination folder & save the mailbox items at Postfix default storage location i.e. /var/mail/[username].

As from above we can easily conclude that one can successfully migrate from Exim to Postfix Mail Servers. The utility is itself a state-of-the-art toolkit having world-class features.

Major Features of Exim to Postfix Migration Tool:

The utility comes up with some powerful & amazing features which makes it a state-of-the-art solution in the same domain. Some of the major features of this amazing software are listed below;

  • Supports to export unlimited Exim Mail Server files to Postfix account without any limitation.
  • It will preserve the on-disk system folder hierarchy of the Exim mailbox items.
  • Also allows to export Exim Mail to Postfix Maildir files including Cur, TMP or New subdirectories.
  • Allows to batch export multiple Exim Mail Server users mailbox data to Postfix at a single instance.
  • Enables the users to convert Exim emails to Postfix Mail Server along with all inserted attachments.
  • It will export Exim MBOX files to Postfix Maildir files which will also enable the users to switch from Exim to Dovecot, Qmail, or Courier Mail Servers.
  • The software enables the users to save resultant Postfix supported files at Desktop. Apart from it, users can also change default destination path according to their requirements.
  • The software is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows OS i.e. Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

The Verge: In the above blog post we successfully deals & try to find out an advanced solution to convert Exim Mail Server to Postfix Mail Transfer Agent. We take the help of a professional toolkit instead of a third-party free manual script i.e. md2mb.pl. The software is one of the best solution available in present time & its trial version will export first 25 emails from its each folder.