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How to Convert LaTeX to JPG Format Without Losing Formatting?

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Published On June 20th, 2024
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Would you like to know how to convert LaTeX to JPG? This guide is here to aid you in the process. Sometimes you might be required to copy your equations from LaTeX to other folders to use them for presentation, in a webpage, or share your work with a fellow who does not use LaTeX. In this article, we will discuss the relevance to convert LaTeX to JPEG and the potential difficulties you may face, as well as the step-by-step instructions for the manual approach with the help of the LaTeX to JPG converter tool. Let’s get started.

What are the Reasons To Convert LaTeX To JPG?

  • JPG or JPEG is a widely supported image format that can be easily shared via email or social media.
  • JPG files are easy to upload to publish on websites.
  • Users who convert LaTeX to JPEG can easily view LaTeX data in high-quality images across any device.
  • JPEG makes the complex LaTeX data easy to understand.

How to Convert LaTeX to JPEG Manually?

Following are some manual methods to save LaTeX files in JPG format:

Export LaTeX File to JPG Using Paint App in Windows

  1. First, one needs to open the LaTeX file with any LaTeX viewer such as Notepad.
  2. Now capture the LaTeX page, by pressing the print screen button on the keyboard and copy the image.
  3. Open the Paint application on your computer and press CTRL + V to paste the screenshot.
  4. Then, from the upper menu go to “File,” then “Save As,” in the “Format” field choose JPG, set a name for the file, and save”.

Convert LaTeX to JPG Using PowerPoint

  • First, find the location of your LaTeX file, then, point at it, right-click, and from the list click ‘Open With’ and choose Microsoft Word.
  • In case of occurrence of any warning message click “OK”.
  • Next, in Word documents go to the File menu and choose the ‘save As’ option, then select the file type DOCX and save the LaTeX file in that format.
  • Then start the MS PowerPoint, move to the “File” tab then click Open the LaTeX file which you saved in DOCS format.
  • Once the file is opened in PowerPoint, navigate to the “File” option, click on it, and then on “Save As. ”
  • In the next window, click on “Browse” and then in the options provided below, select “JPG” from the “Save as type” dropdown box.
  • Type in the desired filename and then click “Save” to convert LaTeX to JPEG.

Best Solution to Convert Multiple LaTeX Files to JPG Easily

The best software to convert many LaTeX files to JPEG format is RecoveryTools TEX Converter, which is quite fast and efficient even if the LaTeX file is full of data. It is the best and most advanced LaTeX to JPG converter that is built for this purpose alone.

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convert LaTeX to JPG

Features of RecoveryTools LaTeX To JPG Converter

Batch Conversion: It is capable to convert LaTeX to JPEG format in bulk at the same time, making the work much faster.

High-Quality Output: Make sure that the conversion of the images in JPG does not reduce the quality of images produced from the LaTeX format.

Fast Processing: Able to handle large amounts of data by being able to perform fast conversions while maintaining accuracy.

User-Friendly Interface: Clear-cut graphical user interface that can indeed be managed by both novices and professional users without any complications.

Customization Options: Enables users to select options like the picture resolution, dimensions, and quality of the output depending on the requirement.

Compatibility: It supports a large number of LaTeX file formats making it easy for users with different needs to use the software.

Preserve Formatting: Retains all the formatting, equations, and graphics of the LaTeX files in the converted JPG images.

Secure Conversion: Protects your files from unauthorized access while converting them from one format to another.

Cross-Platform Support: This can be run on different operating systems such as Windows and macOS to convert LaTeX to JPG.

Regular Updates: Always updated with new features and improvements which enhances the performance of the software.

Customer Support: Ensures customer support to help customers with any problems or inquiries that they may encounter during conversion.

With these features, the LaTeX to JPG Converter tool provides several features that make it easy to convert LaTeX files to JPG with ease and ease.

Comparing Manual Methods And LaTeX To JPEG Converter

  • The manual method is not the verified technique to convert LaTeX to JPG as compared to the tool.
  • No manual way can direct change LaTeX to JPG but the tool can.
  • Other method consumes lots of time but the tool does not.
  • In the manual method, you need to perform several steps but the tool provides a straightforward process.
  • Your LaTeX file will not remain in the same format if you use the manual approach. However, the LaTeX to JPG converter preserves the original formatting.


So these were some methods that you can use to easily convert LaTeX to JPG format. We thoroughly explained manual and direct ways to ease this process. Therefore, we also suggested which solution is most preferred to convert LaTeX to JPEG.

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