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Three Effective Methods to Convert LaTeX to HTML in Bulk

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Rollins Duke
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Published On June 19th, 2024
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Do you have any idea how you can make it possible to display scholarly articles that contain mathematical equations on a webpage? This is the point where it is necessary to convert LaTeX to HTML. In this article, you will find information about how to export LaTeX to HTML efficiently with easy steps. We will describe the steps outlined in the guide, explain what the latest tool is, and give some advice on how to maintain content clarity when transferring it to the Web. Begin!

LaTeX can be described as one of the most efficient typesetting systems which is widely used for the creation of academic papers and scientific documentation. It can support, for instance, high-level mathematical equations or other well-organized types of documents. At the same time, HTML remains the fundamental coding language that lets users build engaging, diverse, and inclusive web content.

The conversion of LaTeX documents to the HTML format can be valuable for any researcher, researcher, or web developer who wishes to disseminate their work on the internet. Here in this guide, we have discussed the availability of tools and manual techniques in detail to convert LaTeX to HTML.

Hence, whether you need to present your research on a personal web page, know how to export LaTeX to HTML format, or make your document more universal, let us guide you to the best practices and top three effective methods to satisfy all your needs.

How to Convert LaTeX to HTML?

There are several methods for converting LaTeX documents to HTML format. It is just up to you to decide which of the methods is fine for you.

Use MS Word to Export LaTeX to HTML

1. Start the Microsoft Word application on your computer.
2. Next, you need to go to the top of the application window, click on the “File” option, and then choose “Open”.
3. Locate the .tex on your computer, then click OK provided that the LeTeX that you wanted is selected.
4. The content of the LaTeX is now going to appear in the context of MS Word.
5. Go to the “File” tab once more, and then select the “Save As” option.
6. From the “Save as type” pull-down list, choose the HTML format.
7. Click the “Save” button to convert LaTeX to HTML.

Try Notepad++ to Save LaTeX as HTML

1. Navigate to the folder of your LaTeX document to export LaTeX to HTML.
2. Instead, you should right-click on the LaTeX file.
3. From the right-click menu, click on the option that reads “Open With. ”
4. To convert LaTeX to HTML, Select a plain text editor like Notepad++.
5. When the LaTeX file is displayed you should click on the File menu.
6. Choose the Save As option from the menu and select HTML in file type.
7. Select a directory to save to, type a name for the file to be saved, and then click on the “Save” button.

Note: The above manual ways are not recommended for large volumes of LaTeX folders.

Utilize a Great Tool to Convert Multiple LaTeX Files to HTML Efficiently

Quickly convert multiple LaTeX files to HTML documents with no data loss using the Recovery Tools TEX Converter Software. This tool preserves the structure of the LaTeX files and accurate and detailed formulas to give high-quality conversion. Any user can download the tool and use it to easily batch convert LaTeX to HTML documents within just a few seconds.

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Step to Use RecoveryTools LaTeX to HTML Converter:

1. Downloading and landing on the simple interface of LaTeX to HTML Converter on your PC is the first step to export LaTeX to HTML.
Start LaTeX to HTML converter tool

2. Second, the drop-down menu will show the choices for files and folders. To add your LaTeX files, choose any of the options.
select file or folder to add LaTeX files

3. Keep selecting the folders you want to convert LaTeX to HTML.
Convert LaTeX to HTMl in bulk

4. In order to convert all LaTeX files to HTML at once, you must now choose HTML from the available alternatives.
export LaTeX to HTML easily

5. Select the location on your device where the converted file will be saved.
save LaTeX as HTML on chosen path

6. After clicking the “Convert” button, the LaTeX to HTML conversion will be successful after a little delay.
Quickly convert LaTeX to HTML

7. When the conversion is complete, you can locate your files in the location you specified in the preceding step.


Finally, we have understood how to convert LaTeX to HTML now. In the above-detailed guide, we clearly explained all the possible and effective approaches to export LaTeX to HTML. However you ask the experts which solution is highly preferred for this task, then they would always recommend using the RecoveryTools LaTeX to HTML converter tool. Meanwhile, we have already mentioned the benefits of this tool in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: Can I convert LaTeX to HTML?

Yes. Using a powerful tool like RecoveryTools LaTeX to HTML converter, you can easily export multiple LaTeX files into an HTML document quickly, without losing format or making an effort.

Q 2: Are HTML and LaTeX similar?

No. HTML files are hypertext markup languages that are used to develop web pages and applications. On the other hand, LaTeX is a typesetting system, including complex equations and symbols developed for scientific and academic papers.

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