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How to Convert LaTex to Excel in Bulk? Step-by-Step Guide

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 4th, 2024
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When we want to convert LaTex to Excel file we face lots of trouble. Believe it or not, LaTex is a quite complex file extension, and whenever you want to insert its table in Excel you encounter issues like – loss of formatting, inaccurate formulas, etc. In this article we show you the most powerful method to export LaTex to Excel. So if you want to add the LaTex table in its original structure to Excel, keep reading!

Relevancy to Convert LaTex to Excel

Manipulating and analyzing the data and information has become important across different platforms. Researchers, analysts and students, often work with LaTex files from exceptional table formatting. However, sometimes it is necessary to export LaTex to Excel to submit the final report or presentation, because of the easy compatibility of Excel files.

In this in-depth guide, we have explained the complete step-by-step procedure of the most effetive and simple method, benefits and challenges to easily convert LaTex to Excel file.

LaTex Vs Excel

Feature Source – LaTex Destination – Excel
Strength Table formatting Data analysis, calculations
Extension .tex .xlsx
Primary use Document creation Spreadsheet manipulation

Reasons to Export LaTex to Excel

Know why a user may want to convert LaTex to Excel:

  • Sharing data through Excel helps to easily collaborate with friends and colleagues who are not familiar with the formatting of LaTex.
  • Excel offers an advanced set of features for data analysis such as charts, pivot tables which are not available in LaTex.
  • Converting LaTex into Excel spreadsheets enhances workflow and facilitates further analysis.
  • LaTex contains complex formatting within the table cells which is not easily understandable.

Common Challenges to Convert LaTex to Excel File Format

Several roadblocks can hinder while converting LaTex to Excel:

  • Several roadblocks can hinder while converting LaTex to Excel:
  • LaTex supports highly complex tables like muti-rows, multi-columns cells and difficult formatting.
  • LaTex is designed with high quality typesetting of mathematical expressions that is not natively supported by Excel.
  • Embedded code, special characters and symbols contained in the LaTex file cannot be directly translated to Excel.

Export LaTex to Excel in Bulk with Expert-Supported Technique

No manual method allows you to save a LaTex file to Excel, hence you need to take help of a conversion tool. The most secure and effective method to change multiple LaTex documents into Excel is by using the offline software, RecoveryTools LaTex Converter. The software does let users face any formatting and data breach issues unlike online tools. Hence it supports to convert LaTex to Excel in Bulk within seconds.

The LaTex to Excel Converter is a unique tool that can help you simplify the conversion as much as possible and provide you with the several primary features.

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Essential Functionality LaTex to Excel Converter

Look how the software make the conversion process easier and faster:

  • A prominent feature of the tool is its ability to convert LaTex to Excel in bulk within a short span of time. It is particularly helpful for users who work with numerous files on a regular basis.
  • Another feature worthy of attention is the possibility to preview folders before the conversion and choose certain ones for conversion. This makes it possible to deal only with the needed files and avoid some extra actions and manipulations with data.
    batch convert LaTex to Excel required files
  • This LaTex to Excel converter is also very user friendly hence everyone can use it regardless of their computer skills. It is for convenience, meaning that no matter how new or old the user is to the tool, it should not be difficult to use the tool.
  • Also, there are two options available for adding files and folders; these options make it convenient in the handling of data. In this feature, the conversion can be done in large batches, and there are no file size limitations on the data being processed.
    export LaTex to Excel instantly
  • In addition to directly export LaTex to Excel, the tool also supports conversion to 9 other file formats of which are DOC, HTML, PDF, XLS, etc. Since it can be used to transfer data to any type of applications and needs, the LaTex to Excel Converter is an all-in-one tool for managing files and their conversions.
    Latex to Excel convert provides 9 formats

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How do I insert a LaTeX formula into Excel?

By converting LaTex file in Excel files format you can easily insert the LaTex formula into Excel spreadsheet.

Q 2: How to convert LaTeX to Excel?

  1. Start RecoveryTools LaTex to Excel Converter.
  2. Add all the Latex files and folders.
  3. Choose required LaTex folders.
  4. Select XLS in the saving option.
  5. Browse destination path and click Convert button.


LaTex is a typesetting document that plays an important role in scientists, professionals, students, and engineers lives. Because of the above reasons that we explored in the article it becomes necessary to convert LaTex to Excel file for some users. However, we explained to you the best approach to export LaTex to Excel in bulk, safely in a very short time. This is the offline LaTex to Excel converter software that is known for its security and maintaining quality. Try the free version of the tool.