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How to Convert LaTeX to BMP Format in Bulk? Learn Here

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 22nd, 2024
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Have you been wondering how you can easily convert LaTeX to BMP images? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will lead you through an easy-to-follow procedure to Convert LaTeX to Bitmap format, perfect for presentations and reports. From full automation of this process to cases where you might want to handle the conversion manually, we’ll outline all the basics and the best options out there. Take the plunge and find out how to easily produce high-quality BMP images from your LaTeX text.

How to Convert LaTeX to BMP? – 3 Different Ways

Following are the manual and straightforward ways to convert LaTeX to Bitmap:

Manual 1- Convert LaTeX to Bitmap with PowerPoint

1. Right-click on the LaTeX file and click on open then select Microsoft Word to open the document.

2. If a warning message appears on the screen, click ‘OK’.

3. In Microsoft Word, use the File, click on  Save As, set the file format to DOCX, and then save the LaTeX file in that format.

4. Open the Microsoft PowerPoint and click on the File option then click on the Open option to open the LaTeX file in DOCX format.

5. When the file is opened in Microsoft PowerPoint, navigate to the “File” tab, scroll down, and click on “Save As.

6. When the Save As window opens, click on “Browse” and in the “Save as type” section, select BMP.

7. Type in the name of the desired file and click on the ‘Save’ button to convert LaTeX to BMP file.

These steps offer a simple approach to turning LaTeX content into BMP images using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Manual 2- Convert LaTeX to BMP with Paint

1. Firstly, you should open your LaTeX file using any text editor you prefer, for instance, Notepad.

2. Finally, take a screenshot of the LaTeX content using the Print Screen button on your keyboard and save it as a screenshot image.

3. In the Paint application, you need to copy the screenshot, and then paste it using the CTRL + V.

4. Go to the “File” at the top of the window and click on “Save As”. Change the format to BMP and give the file its name.

Following these simple outlined steps, you can easily convert LaTeX to Bitmap image for use in several ways.

Flaws of Manual Way:

  • Converting LaTeX to BMP through screenshots loses quality, especially for complex mathematical formulas and text.
  • Both manual ways are time-consuming, especially for large volumes of LaTeX files.
  • Any of the manual methods to convert LaTeX to BMP would not preserve the original formatting of the LaTeX file.
  • The apps used manually should be installed on your computer.
  • In manual ways, you can only edit or modify the text of LaTeX files after converting them.

Straightforward Way- Quickly Convert LaTeX to BMP in Bulk with Specialized Tool

Professionals recommend using the RecoveryTools LaTeX to Bitmap Converter tool for a simple and efficient solution. This tool swiftly converts multiple LaTeX files into Bitmap images in seconds, preserving all formatting even for highly complex LaTeX documents.

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convert LaTeX to BMP

Features of LaTeX to Bitmap Converter:

  • Allows to convert LaTeX to BMP in bulk at the same time making the process faster.
  • Checks that images converted from LaTeX to Bitmap format retain their quality upon conversion.
  • Converts large data without delays or errors during the conversion process.
  • It features an easy graphical user interface that can be used by novices to the most advanced users.
  • Enables users to customize the resolution, size, or any other quality of the image depending on the required standard.
  • Compatible with most LaTeX file types to fulfill the different users’ demands.
  • Preserves all the formatting, equations, and graphics written in the LAT EX files in the converted BMP images.
  • It also guarantees the security of files at the time of the conversion process.
  • Integrates well with operating systems such as Windows and macOS.
  • Often developed with new changes and enhancements for overall better performance.
  • Offers specific help to help subscribers to solve any problems or make any inquiries they may have.


Convert LaTeX to BMP to make your LaTeX document more understandable even for normal users. These are only a few application that allows to export of files in BMP format. However, Paint and PowerPoint apps are some of them. However, these methods do not directly open LaTeX files and then convert them. Instead, you need to take screenshots or first make them compatible with those apps. Compared to manual ways, a straightforward solution like RecoveryTools LaTeX to BMP converter helps you to directly convert LaTeX to Bitmap in bulk without losing formatting.