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How to Convert EML to OLM in Mac Outlook? – Easy Steps

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Published On December 28th, 2023
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Are you unable to convert EML to OLM? This write-up explains the best way to easily change EML to OLM. Here we will provide a step-by-step guide for how to import EML to OLM. Though there is no manual solution for this task, we introduced here a well known, expert’s trusted EML to OLM converter for Mac tool which can effortlessly convert multiple EML files in OLM.

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What are EML and OLM Files?

EML and OLM files are two different file formats associated with email messages. So before you convert EML to OLM, please have an overview of these files first. EML stands for Electronic Mail Message which stores individual email messages including content, attachments, sender, recipient information, and other metadata. People who need to change EML to OLM should know that these file formats are supported with several email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Windows Live Mail.

On the other hand, OLM files stand for Microsoft Outlook for Mac which is designed to store a wide range of data, email messages, contacts, and calendar items, in just a single file. Just like PST files for Windows Outlook, OLM files are specially built for the Mac version of Outlook. However, there are a lot of benefits of these file formats, but now let’s learn how to import EML to OLM with the help of one of the best EML to OLM converter for Mac.

Reasons to Convert EML to OLM:

  • If you change EML to OLM, you can check your emails from different places using any device, laptops, tablets, or phones.
  • Share your important Mac Outlook emails with others when you’re having an important discussion.
  • After converting EML files to OLM, you can send an Outlook email as a message to lots of people.

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Most Convenient Way to Change EML to OLM?

If you want to convert EML to OLM, you can use a helpful tool called RecoveryTools EML Converter. This is the special EML to OLM converter for Mac, specially made to import EML to OLM that works with Outlook on Mac. It works with EML files from multiple email services like Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, eM Client, Zoho Mail, and more.

The best part is that this can convert EML files to OLM in bulk at once, including all the attachments. You can put several EML files together into a single OLM file, and it won’t lose any information. This EML to OLM converter can change EML to OLM of any size without any limitation. You can change a bunch of EML files to OLM all at once with just a few clicks. It makes the whole process quick and easy.

How to Use EML to OLM Converter for Mac?

  1. Simply hit the download button to convert EML to OLM and then install the EML to OLM converter tool in your computer. Convert EML to OLM
  2. Now you need to import the EML files using dual options of the software: Select File or Select Folder. Click Next. import EML folders
  3. On the next screen, to change EML to OLM, choose the specific folders you need then again hit Next. check required folders
  4. Go to the saving option and click on the drop down list. Choose OLM from the menu to import EML to OLM. Select OLM (Outlook for Mac)
  5. After selecting OLM, you can simply hit the Convert button to let the software start converting EML file into OLM format. Convert EML to OLM in bulk

Why Choose RecoveryTools EML to OLM Converter?

  • This EML to OLM Convert for Mac gives you two choices: you can pick individual files or whole folders to load your emails.
  • It is capable of changing EML files to OLM for all versions of Mac Outlook.
  • You’re allowed to convert multiple EML files to OLM at once.
  • The tool keeps the organization of your folders intact when converting EML to OLM for Mac.
  • You get to decide according to yourself, where you have to store converted files.
  • All attachments are kept safely during the conversion process.
  • It works on all Windows operating systems, and there’s no size limit for converting EML files to OLM.
  • Plus, there’s a free demo available so you can try it out to convert EML to OLM before buying.

FAQs About EML to OLM Converter for Mac

Q1: How do I convert EML to OLM for Mac Outlook in simple steps?

Ans: Follow these steps to change EML to OLM using tool:

  1. Download EML to OLM Converter for Mac.
  2. Import EML file into the tool with dual options.
  3. Check required EML folders from preview.
  4. Go to saving options and choose OLM from the list.
  5. Hit the Convert button to Import EML to OLM.

Q2: How do I import the converted OLM file into my Mac Outlook?

Ans: First, convert file EML to OLM. Then, transfer the OLM file from your Windows computer to the Mac using a pen drive or external hard disk. Finally, run Mac Outlook 2011 and import the resulting OLM file by selecting File > Import option.

Q3: Which license should I choose from the three options on the official page?

Ans: For up to 10 Windows-based computers, go for the Pro license. If you need to install the software on more than 10 computers, opt for the Migration license.

Q4: Does it work on Mac OS-based computers?

Ans: Yes, this advanced EML to OLM Converter allows you to convert EML to OLM on both Windows and Mac.


In the above article you can find the most reliable way to convert EML to OLM. We have described the most powerful EML to OLM converter for Mac which allows you to change EML to OLM in bulk in just a few steps. We have explained step-by-step procedures using which you can effortlessly complete them even if you are a beginner.