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OLM to EML Converter to Bulk Convert OLM Files to EML Format

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 21st, 2022
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Introduction: – Many reasons can convince you to convert OLM files to EML file format. In this guide, we will introduce you to a simple process to use OLM to EML converter for Mac Outlook database.

EML is one of the most standard formats for storing email messages with attachments. Several email clients accept the .eml file to view and read the data. Additionally, the EML files are compatible with numerous mail clients, and offers wide range of functionality.

What Convinces Users to Export Mac OLM to EML Format?

If we talk about the OLM file, Outlook for Mac emails, and mailbox items stored in it. It can only be opened with the Mac Outlook, and not with any other email client.

It is one of the solid reasons why users are concerned about switching from OLM files to EML. After converting data from OLM files to EML, the user can easily access and read messages in many mail clients. That’s why most people are continuous looking for a solution for queries such as:

  • How to convert OLM files to EML format with attachments?
  • Which is the most used solution to export OLM mailbox emails to EML file?
  • What’s the best OLM to EML Converter?
  • How do I Batch Export Mac OLM Files to EML Format?

Best Solution to Convert OLM to EML Format

RecoveryTools OLM Converter Software is a perfect application to convert Outlook for Mac files to EML format with attachments. It is only the software that is designed after considering user requests for OLM data files to EML conversion. It is proper and accurate. Using the product, the user can transform OLM files of any Outlook version to EML format. The resultant EML files can access with all the supportive email applications.

Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Trial Limitation: The free trial demo of this application will enable the users to export only the first 25 emails from the Mac OLM file to EML. You can convert unlimited files once after purchasing the license edition.

Simple Steps to Convert OLM Files to EML:-

  1. Run the automated solution on the Windows machine.
  2. Check the two ways to load Outlook for Mac data.
  3. Choose the required OLM files/folder to continue the process.
  4. Select EML as the desired saving format and enter a location.
  5. Tap on the Convert button and start the conversion process.

Some of the Defined Features of the Tool are the Following:-

  • The OLM to EML converter designed to satisfy domestic and company needs.
  • Since the tool supports files from large Mac Outlook stores, there is no size limit.
  • It is designed with an easy-to-use GUI, so both technical and non-technical users can easily execute it.
  • This application provides 100% accurate results. It will create common EML files, which will be compatible with various email clients, etc.
  • The OLM to EML conversion tool retains email properties, such as cc, bcc, subject, signature, date, time, title, footer, deleted email, text format, etc.
  • The solution is a fully automated utility that saves the final result on the desktop. Also, users can choose different destination routes.

Steps to Convert Multiple OLM Files to EML Format

The following guidance helps you understand the working of automated solution.

Install and launch the free demo edition of the OLM to EML Converter.

(The trial edition helps you convert the first 25 Outlook for Mac OLM files to EML format. This limitation can be overcome after switching to the Pro edition.)

  1. Now, choose from Select Files and Select Folder to upload .olm emails from the saved location.
  2. If you have any corrupted OLM files for conversion, check the “Use extracted mode for corrupt .eml files. Then, click the Next button.
  3. Click on the required OLM file or OLM folder for the conversion process.
  4. Select all folder types for the process. Then, pick EML as the desired file saving type, shown in the screenshot.olm to eml converter
  5. Now, click on the folder type icon to fill the required location in the destination path tab. The software by default saves the results on the Desktop.olm to eml
  6. Go to the File Naming option to manage the resultant EML files more professionally with date, time, and year filters. So, check as per the requirement.olm to eudora
  7. In the last, click on the Convert button and start the easy conversion of OLM folders to EML format.olm to em client
  8. After the conversion is finished, click on the OK button to confirm & exit.

That’s all for OLM to EML converter.In this way, you can convert OLM files to EML format along with attachments. There are no chances of alteration and data loss. It gives perfect results.

What’s More, User Want to Know?

Q) I have converted OLM files to EML Now I want to access them where I can import them any suggestion?

Ans. These are some of the references it might help:

Q) Does the software supports batch conversion of OLM files to EML format?

Ans. Yes, the software supports bulk conversion of OLM files to EML format without any difficulty. Also, there is no file limitation imposed by toolkit.

Q) How do I batch convert OLM files to EML format with attachments?

Ans. Using this product, you can convert entire Mac OLM data to required format with attachments.

The Concluding Words

In the guide above, we have listed complete information to convert OLM files to EML with all information. The method is accurate and easy that all can use for complete results. All the steps are verified by experts, you can perform them this task efficiently by using the OLM to EML converter.