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How to Convert OLM File to EML Format in Bulk? Complete Guide

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On March 28th, 2024
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Introduction: – Many reasons can convince you to convert OLM file to EML file format. In this guide, we will introduce you to a simple process to use OLM to EML converter for Mac Outlook database and manual methods.

As we all know Mac Outlook save their data in OLM format, including emails, contacts, calendar, notes, journals, etc.

On the other hand, EML is one of the most standard formats for storing email messages with attachments. Several email clients accept the .EML file to view and read the data. Additionally, the EML files are compatible with numerous mail clients and offer a wide range of functionality.

But sometimes, it happens when users want to convert OLM file to EML format in bulk without losing any information. don’t worry, here you will get complete information with step by step guide.

Reasons for Change OLM File to EML

  • Maybe users want to switch from Mac Outlook to another email client that supports EML format like Windows Live Mail.
  • Or users are thinking of moving from Mac to Windows OS or email clients.
  • OLM can be opened only in Mac Outlook, while EML format is compatible with multiple email clients including Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Entourage, etc.
  • High risk of data loss while moving OLM files, but EML preserved all email components including header and body details.

Simple Steps to Convert OLM File to EML

  • Step 1: Run the OLM to EML converter.
  • Step 2: Load OLM files using dual options.
  • Step 3: Choose the required OLM data.
  • Step 4: Select EML as the saving format.
  • Step 5: Select the location as per choice.
  • Step 6: Convert button to convert OLM to EML in bulk

To know more about this process, follow the given expert solution below after the manual process.

Manual Methods to Convert OLM File to EML

If you want to convert OLM to EML manually, then you can simply open Mac Outlook requires email, and simply drag and drop it on the desktop screen. And your EML file will be created. As you can see how simple it but it has some drawbacks such as:

  • Users have to follow the same process again and again for each email.
  • You can’t save multiple emails as EML in bulk at once.
  • Mac Outlook must be configured with proper subscribed accounts.

So, it is better to use any third-party tool for bulk conversion, as we have mentioned below.

Best OLM to EML Converter: Instant Solution

RecoveryTools OLM Converter Software is a perfect application to convert OLM file to EML format with attachments. It is only the software that is designed after considering user requests for OLM data files to EML process.

It is a proper and accurate tool, which provides 100% safe and secure results. This software has several advanced features and filters, which makes it the number one choice of users. Also, the resultant EML files can be accessed with all the supportive email applications.

Trial Limitation: The free trial demo of this application will enable the users to export only the first 25 emails from the Mac OLM
file to EML. You can convert unlimited files once after purchasing the license edition.

How to Perform Bulk OLM to EML Conversion? Complete Steps

  1. Download and install the mentioned converter tool.

    OLM to EML converter tool

  2. Now, choose from Select Files and Select Folder to upload OLM emails from the saved location.

    upload OLM emails

  3. If you have any corrupted OLM files for conversion, check the “Use extracted mode for corrupt EML files. Then, click the Next button.

    corrupted OLM files

  4. Click on the required OLM file/folder for the conversion process.

    required OLM file/folder

  5. Then, choose EML as the desired file-saving type.

    file-saving type

  6. Manage your converted data as per your choice from the File Naming Option.

    File Naming Option

  7. Select the location to save the resultant data using the Browse button.


  8. Hit the Convert button to convert OLM file to EML format in bulk.

    convert OLM file to EML format

  9. After the complete process, a confirmation message will appear and hit the OK button.

    confirmation message

Why OLM to EML Converter Over Manual Methods?

  • This software allows users to convert OLM file to EML in bulk at once without having file size limitations, while manual methods don’t allow bulk conversion.
  • Also, this tool provides dual options that allow users to upload single or multiple OLM files and folders using the Select Files and Select Folders options.
  • All the folders and subfolders will appear on the screen and check the required data from here as per choice.
  • Also, this tool allows users to convert all emails from all default folders including Inbox, Sent, Draft, Trash, Bin, and other created folders.
  • If you have corrupted and damaged OLM file formats, then you can easily manage your data using the “Use extracted mode for corrupt OLM file” option.
  • Exported EML files will be supported in all email clients including Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Entourage, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ques 1: Can Outlook open EML files?

    Ans: Yes, Outlook can open EML files by drag and drop process.

  • Ques 2: What is EML file in email?

    Ans: EML format stands for electronic mail messages to store single email data including email body and header.

  • Ques 3: Does Gmail use EML?

    Ans: Yes, Gmail saves email in EML format by downloading or drag and drop method.

Final Words

In the guide above, we have listed complete information to convert OLM file to EML with all information. The method is accurate and easy that all can use for complete results. All the steps are verified by experts, you can perform them this task efficiently by using the OLM to EML converter. We have provided complete information, you can use the required method as per choose, which suits you best.