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How to Migrate Emails from Namecheap to Gmail Account ?

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Published On May 16th, 2024
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Overview: Are you looking for a resolution to transfer Namecheap email to Gmail account ? Or want to know how to migrate Namecheap Private email to Gmail account ? If yes, then you have landed on the right blog. Here, you will get a simple and complete process to transfer emails from Namecheap to Gmail account. So, stay here to know more.

In today’s world, Mail Servers are inconceivably needed to deal with business correspondences. There are many free email hosting choices accessible in the world but one ought to depend on a more adaptable email platform. Namecheap is one such shared and cloud-based email solution.

Namecheap has an amazing and new GUI that works across countless gadgets – work areas, tablets, mobiles, computers, and so on. So, the customer can get it at any time when needed. This plan has been made keeping in mind the safety and security of your site. But it is said that no one is perfect, that’s why users want to move from Namecheap to Gmail account.

Hi, I am searching for an answer to transfer namespace email to Gmail account without losing data. I don’t have the faintest idea of how to achieve this undertone. Dear support group, please give me a sensible and reliable strategy to migrate namespace messages to Gmail account easily? If it’s not too much trouble, help!

Migrating messages from one host to another is one of the challenges and major tasks. In order to transfer Namecheap email to Gmail, we need a reliable solution. Because there is no manual way to transfer emails from Namecheap to Gmail account. That’s why we will use RecoveryTools Solution.

A Complete Process – Namecheap to Gmail Migration

RecoveryTools Email Backup Wizard is the finest solution for migrating from Namecheap to Gmail account. The solution enables the users to transfer Namecheap email to Gmail with attachments. While the process, the software retains all original folder structure and email properties. The solution gives many features which are explained below.

Get the Product on Your Computer:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Transfer Namecheap Email to Gmail Account

  1. Start the program on your computer.
  2. Mark on Namecheap & put your account details.
  3. Select the mailbox email folders from the list.
  4. Choose Gmail option and enter the credentials.
  5. Start the Namecheap to Gmail migration process.

How to Migrate Emails from Namecheap to Gmail Account ?

The following screen captures and the working process will help you to understand the process.

  • Launch the product on your Windows and Mac computers.

Launch the product

  • Select the Namecheap option and enter account credentials.

  • Choose the additional batch option or proxy server option, if needed.

additional batch option

  • Mark on the essential folder from the list which you want to move from Namecheap to Gmail.

  • Pick the Gmail option in the entire options of saving formats.

  • Put your account information with username or email address and its password.

  • You can also select the email filters for the selective email transfer process.

  • Press on the backup button to start Namecheap to Gmail migration process.

Top Features of Namecheap to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Migrate Namecheap Email Account in Batch:

Using this product, one can take advantage of the “Batch Mode”. This option allows you to migrate multiple Namecheap email accounts at once. Users need to generate a CSV file contact all email account id and passwords. Thereafter, upload it to the user interface panel.

  • Preserve Email information:

While transferring information from Namecheap private email to Gmail account, the product guarantees to keep all email information. During the process, it also saves the original folder structure without any changes.

  • Advance Mode Choice (Email Filters):

With this choice, the clients can take particular email migration from Namecheap to Gmail in a couple of moments. This alternative assists with figuring out information in regard to date range, from, to, subject, and some more.

  • Easy to Understand Interface:

This Namecheap email to Gmail migration solution has a basic and straightforward UI panel. All specialized or non-specialized clients can get to it with no issue. Also, it is a completely secure platform tested by many professional users.

  • Work with all Windows & Mac OS:

Namecheap to Gmail migration tool supports all editions of Microsoft Windows operating systems including Windows 11, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Server 2019, 2016, 2012, etc. Also, the best part of this application can support all x64 bits of Microsoft OS. You can also download this application on your Mac computers.


In this article, we have explained the complete method to migrate email from Namecheap to Gmail account. Namecheap is one of the popular email hosting service providers. It also offers a private email hosting service. There are many users who want to know how to migrate Namecheap private email to Gmail account. This article is a complete solution for the namespace to Gmail migration process. For other questions, please contact the technical team.