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How to Migrate Emails from KPN Mail to Gmail Account ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 16th, 2024
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Overview: Are you finding a method to transfer emails from KPN Mail to Gmail account ? Or you want to know the process of migrating KPN Mail emails to Gmail account ? If so, then your finding end’s here. In this article, we will discuss how to import KPN emails to Gmail account. A large number of users are looking forward to a way to migrate from KPN to Google Mail Services. So, keep reading the post.

KPN Mail (Also known as Koninklijke KPN N.V.) is a Dutch telecommunication company. KPN started from an administration run postal, broadcast and telephone utility and is situated in Rotterdam, Netherlands. KPN also famous for a webmail service called kpnmail.

However, KPN is an outdated email platform that only offers a simple user interface. And it doesn’t provide security like Google Mail. That’s why a large number of users want to migrate emails from KPN Mail to Gmail Account. One of the queries explains in below.

Hi, I am from London, and for a long time, we have been using KPN mail for our organization. Last days, one of our employees wants to leave our organization. They want to migrate all their personal data to Gmail account. Our management team has allowed her data to be transferred from KPN Mail to Gmail account. But I couldn’t find the right way to migrate KPNmail to Gmail account. Please Help!!!

Although Gmail itself only allows forwarding of email from a mail server or email account. Also, it will not be the preferred option for the users. Because in email forwarding you can receive only new incoming emails from KPN to Gmail account.

A Professional Way – KPN Mail to Gmail Migration Tool

An KPN Mail account may contain important information related to email, address book, calendar, etc. Hence making it necessary to secure all information during the KPN Mail to Gmail migration process. So, to accomplish this task without facing any hassle, here we use RecoveryTools Email Backup Wizard which can be downloaded for free from here.

Get the Product:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Transfer KPN Mail to Gmail Account

  1. Launch the product on your computer.
  2. Select the KPN Mail option and give details.
  3. Mark the mailbox folders from the given list.
  4. Tick on the Gmail and provide credentials.
  5. Start the process to transfer KPN Mail to Gmail.

How to Migrate Emails from KPN Mail to Google Mail Account ?

  • First you need to download the solution on your computer. Install or launch it.

download the solution

  • Select the KPN Mail option from the list of email source and provide KPN Mail credentials.

  • Also, you can select the Batch option to migrate multiple KPN Mail accounts to Gmail.

migrate multiple KPN Mail accounts

  • Select the required mailbox folders after complete the analysing process of KPN mailboxes.

  • Choose the Google Mail or Gmail option in the list of file saving options.

  • Put all the details of your Gmail or Google Workspace account in the user interface panel.

  • Select the additional filter options if you want to migrate only selected emails.

  • Press the next button to start the migration process of KPN Mail to Gmail account.

Top Advantages of KPN Mail to Gmail Migration Tool

  • 100% Safe KPN to Gmail Tool Interface:

It is a completely secure application software for Windows and Mac. It never saves your mailbox data such as emails, contacts, calendars, and more into the software data. It was tested by many professional labs and users. While the process, it never saves your account credentials in the user interface panel.

  • Export KPN Mail Emails to Gmail with Attachments:

The program allows you to move KPN emails to Gmail account along with all the attachments. The tool also maintains all the properties of attachments after migration. So, use the solution without any issues.

  • Direct & Self-propelled Solution:

This utility does not require any advanced skills or technical knowledge to transfer KPN Mail email to Gmail account. The working of the software is fully automated and it will upload all mailbox items from KPN to Gmail account directly.

  • Maintains Email Metadata & Mailbox Properties:

The solution maintains the on-disk system folder hierarchy during the migration of KPN Mail emails to Gmail account. It also preserves all email properties and metadata components of an email such as attachment, to, cc, bcc, subject, date and time, hyperlinks, etc.

  • Windows Compatible Solution:

This application is mainly designed for Microsoft Windows and Server users. KPN Mail to Gmail Migration utility is fully compatible with all the latest versions of MS Windows and Apple Mac OS X machines. You can be easily installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS variants. Also, the solution supports all latest editions of MS OS like Windows 11.


In this article, we have explained a flawless method to move from KPN Mail to Gmail account. If you have the similar issues, then read the article and get the solution now. You can also get the solution free of cost. The trial edition allows you to move only 25 emails from KPN to Gmail account. Also, you can download the solution on your Mac computer and Apple machines. For other information, you can contact us via chat or email process. I hope you enjoy the reading.