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How to Transfer Gmail to Rediffmail with Emails, Labels & Folders?

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Published On March 25th, 2023
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Overview: In this article, we get to know about how can a user quickly transfer emails from Gmail to Rediffmail account. Use this amazing Gmail to Rediffmail migration tool to quickly import Gmail emails, contacts to your Rediffmail account. The best thing about this software is it enables the users to transfer emails from Gmail to Rediffmail with Emails, Labels & Folders. Read more to know more.

We all know that Gmail is the leading email service available in a cloud-based environment. It is commonly available for every user to have a Google account. There are various reasons about the productivity of Gmail is the presence of new updates & features. But no doubt apart from it before moving towards the solution of reasons or requirements for migrating Gmail mailbox to Rediffmail account.

Rediffmail is a free email service available in India to enable its users & clients to create free email accounts. It supports sending emails with all inserted attachments. This email service supports both POP3/IMAP servers to access Rediffmail mailbox data. Rediffmail provides the fastest mail processing as well as unlimited space for its users to store data.

I have been trying to import all the mails from Gmail to my Rediffmail account. But out of all the mails only 10-11 mails have transferred and the messages that import has completed. I have thousands of emails & I want all of them on my Rediffmail Gmail account. Gmail auto-forward features is also not working & shows an error of ‘Email Id not specified’

Please Help, what to do if I want all my emails at one place out of Gmail at Rediffmail account?

  • Sarah Williams, Finland

Perfect Solution: Gmail to Rediffmail Migration

As we can easily analyze from the above query that a large number of users want to switch from Google Mail account to Rediffmail account. This can be done with the help of a powerful application i.e. RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Tool. The software provides a direct option to import Gmail account to Rediffmail account. There is no doubt that this application proves to be a powerful application available in the present time.

Free Download Gmail to Rediffmail Migration Tool:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Note: The software is available for the users to free to download a trial version which enables the users to export first 25 emails from each folder. The working of the software is very easy & simplified as it will allow them to import Gmail emails to Rediffmail account.

How to Migrate Gmail Emails to Rediffmail Account ?

Just follow these simple steps to better understand the working of this software.

  1. Install & Run Gmail to Rediffmail migration tool in your Windows system.
  2. Choose Gmail option from source email options & enter login credentials then click on Login
  3. The utility will start fetching Gmail mailbox folders in the application panel having all the emails & other mailbox items.
  4. Now choose Rediffmail option from the list of 30+ Saving options.gmail to rediffmail
  5. Setup Gmail to Rediffmail migration options in the application panel like Enter login credentials of destination Rediffmail accounte. User Id & Password. Users can also apply Advanced Settings for Selective Backup on the basis of some filters.how to transfer gmail to rediffmail
  6. Once you are done with all Setup process click on Backup button which will initialize the while process. Analyze the whole email migration process directly in the application panel.how to transfer email from gmail to rediffmail
  7. Once the Backup process completed successful the toolkit will display a confirmation message box which will ask the users to click on OK button to confirm & exit.how to transfer contacts from rediffmail to gmail
  8. At last the toolkit will generate a SavingLog report which will include all the information about the whole migration process like Start Date & Time, Saving Type, Path of the folder, Items Converted, Destination path as well final Status of the whole process.Transfer Gmail to Rediffmail


enable IMAP Access

Video Tutorial to Generate App Password:

How to Transfer Emails from Gmail to Rediffmail – Video Tutorial

As we can understand from here that a large number of users can switch their mailbox account from Gmail to Rediffmail account quickly & instantly without making changes in its original content with the help of this amazing toolkit. The software is very useful for non-technical users due to its easy use & simplified user interface.

In the above video tutorial, we learn to know about how can a user successfully import Gmail emails into Rediffmail account. Gmail is one of the most widely used email services or webmail services. But, due to many reasons, a large number of users want to switch from Gmail to Rediffmail account.

The software is no doubt designed with some powerful algorithms to perform the migration of mailbox items directly in the application panel. There is a large number of users who want to directly migrate or transfer their emails of Gmail account to Rediffmail account. Unfortunately, when they try doing it with manual tricks there was always a risk of data loss, more specifically important & crucial data loss which no one wants. Hence to resolve this issue we have one of the amazing applications which only requires the login credentials of the source Gmail account & destination Rediffmail account to perform the whole migration process. Some major features of this amazing software are listed below:


Highlighted Features of Gmail to Rediffmail Migration Tool:

  • The working interface of this amazing utility is very simplified & user-friendly. It enables the technical as well non-technical users to transfer emails of Gmail to Rediffmail account.
  • The software provides a secured environment to its users while migrating emails from Gmail Inbox to Rediffmail mailbox. No data loss will occur throughout the working of this toolkit.
  • The software also enables the users to migrate Gmail emails to Rediffmail account as well into 30+ other email clients & file formats.
  • The software performs direct migration of mailbox items from Gmail account to Rediffmail mailbox account.
  • The utility will keep the on-disk System folder hierarchy of the mailbox folders by providing options Save to Default Folders.
  • The software will maintain the elements of the emails or messages like Metadata Properties etc. completely secured. All the attributes of the emails like Subject, To, Cc, Bcc, etc. will be easily migrated from Gmail to Rediffmail account without making changes in its original information.
  • The software will provide 100% accurate results to its users by transferring data from Gmail to Rediffmail account.

The Verge

In the above article we discussed the way how can a user migrate their mailbox items from Gmail to Rediffmail account. We take the help of powerful third-party software that performs all these crucial tasks at his risk. There is no need of taking a backup of the mailbox of Gmail database in local storage as the software enables the users to directly transfer their emails & folders from Gmail to Rediffmail account. For more information, you can also contact us via email or chat process.

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