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How to Transfer Emails from Bell.net to Gmail / Google Mail Account ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 02-06-2022 ~ How To ~ 6 Minutes Reading


Overview: Are you think about a solution that allows you to export Bell Email to Gmail account ? Or do you want to know how to transfer emails from Bell to Gmail or Google Mail account ? If so, this article explains all. Here, you will get to know a simple method to migrate Bell Email to Gmail account. So, read the post to know better.

We live entirely within the realm of cloud computing innovation at present. Cloud storage is the capacity space where we can store our information online in a cloud server. We’re moving everything like email, reports, contacts, pictures, and more to the cloud and webmail accounts.

But we cannot directly transfer data from one cloud account to another cloud account. Therefore, many people often ask many questions on the internet to find a reliable solution to transfer Bell Email to Gmail account. One of them is explained below:

Hi, I’m from Ontario, Canada and have been using Bell Internet service for the past few years. Over the years, I have had to receive several emails from my Bell webmail account. Now, I want to transfer all this data to my personal Gmail account. Can anyone help me to migrate Bell email to Gmail account. Because I couldn’t find a way to export Bell email to Google mail account.

Bell Internet is one of the largest webmail and Internet service providers in Canada. It has over 3 million customers in Ontario and Quebec, making it the largest ISP in Canada.

However, In May 2017, 1.9 million Bell clients’ email addresses including their names, and phone numbers were stolen. Also, in Jan 2018, another security breach occurred affecting nearly 100 thousand Bell clients.

That’s the reason lots of users want to migrate Bell Email to Gmail account.

A Perfect Solution – Bell Email to Gmail Migration

We all know that Gmail is one of the secure platforms to store your personal data. That’s the top webmail service in the world. But we can’t manually transfer Bell email to Gmail account. That’s why we need a professional solution.

RecoveryTools Email Backup Wizard is one of the best solutions in the world. It provides a best service to migrate Bell Email to Gmail account directly. Just provides both platform credentials and directly exchange all information from Bell account to Google Mail. The best thing about this application will maintain all your meta-properties.

Get the Solution:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Migrate Bell Emails to Gmail Account

  1. Launch the solution on your workstation.
  2. Select IMAP and enter Bell account credentials.
  3. Choose the required Bell Webmail folders in the panel.
  4. Select Gmail option and fill all Gmail account details.
  5. Start process to transfer Bell Email to Gmail account.

How to Transfer Emails from Bell to Gmail Account ?

  • First of all, you need to download or install this application on your Windows and Mac based computer.

  • Choose IMAP option in the list of email services.
  • Now, enter the Bell IMAP Settings and your user’s name and password:

Bell IMAP Settings:

  • User Name: your email address name.
  • Password: your account password.
  • IMAP Address: bell.net
  • IMAP Port No.: 993

  • Select the desire Bell Email folders from the given list.

  • Choose the Gmail option from the list of saving options.

  • Now, enter your Gmail account credentials in the panel.

Note: If you getting issues, while longing with your Gmail account, then create an APP password or contact with the support team.

  • Now is the time to choose additional filter settings, if you need to migrate only required data from Bell to Gmail.

  • Finally, press the backup button to transfer emails from Bell to Gmail account directly.

Top Features of Bell to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Transfer Selected & Complete Bell Webmail Data:

The solution lets you transfer the entire mailbox data as well as you can choose the data you need to migrate to the Gmail account. After connecting to your webmail account, the solution allows you to choose the required email folder. Here, you can easily mark and un-mark the email folders you want to move from Vine to Gmail account.

  • Transfer Bell Account to Gmail or Another Webmail Service:

The solution gives the facility to migrate emails from Bell to Gmail account directly. Also, the solution offers many webmail options such as Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Outlook.com, Exchange Server, etc.

  • Advance Settings Option to Migrate Only Important Emails:

The product offers many alternative filter options which allow you to migrate selected emails from Bell to Gmail account directly. You can utilize the options to migrate emails by date, by subject, by email address, and so on.

  • Keep Email Elements:

The Bell to Gmail Migration tool keeps all email components & attributes while transferring process. It maintains all original entities such as email with attachments, subject of emails, images, text, formatting, etc.

  • 24X7 Support System:

We provide support all the time to our users without any problem. You can contact us at any time and we will be available to solve your problems without delay.

  • Support with Microsoft Windows & Mac OS X Only:

It is one of the best applications that can uphold all editions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X Operating systems. You can easily install this application on Windows 11, Windows Server 2019, and its below editions.

Common Issues

What is the Bell Email IMAP Server location address ?

Use these IMAP Host address to get your Bell account data easily.

  • (Bell Canada email) IMAP Address: bell.net
  • IMAP Address Port Number: 993
  • Security of IMAP: SSL/TLS

Would I be able to transfer Bell email to Google Workspace utilizing your product ?

Yes, obviously, the product allows you to move all your Bell account data to Google Workspace account without any issues.

Does your product give numerous alternative filters to export only selected Bell Emails to Gmail ?

Yes, it offers a few filter alternatives during transfer Bell Canada to Gmail account.

Can I install this product on my Windows Server machines ?

Yes, this product works on all Microsoft Server machines without any issues. You can install it on Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, etc.


This write-up explains all the ways to migrate Bell email to Gmail account. If you have the same problem, then you can use the above solution. This product gives you a complete direct solution to transfer emails from Bell to Gmail account. You can also try the solution free to migrate few emails from Bell to Gmail account. For any other queries, contact the technical team.