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How to Protect Your Yahoo Account from Unauthorized Access or Hackers ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On July 7th, 2022
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If you are also looking for a way to know how to secure your Yahoo email account. I will explain in detail how to protect your Yahoo account from unauthorized access. This will be a great choice for adding additional security to your Yahoo Mail account.

Yahoo Mail was one of the most popular webmail services. Many people still use a Yahoo email account for stability, but Yahoo Mail accounts have suffered a lot recently. Yahoo was regularly the target of hackers and compromised the database and user information.

One way to protect your account is to delete Yahoo emails in bulk. If you think deleting emails from Yahoo Mail can save your emails from hackers, then you are wrong. Yahoo account recycling policies will allow users to use and access your email account within 30 days of deleting the email.

Since your account is still active, hackers can access it. They only need the username and password of a Yahoo mail account. Therefore, we understand that permanently deleting Yahoo Mail will not protect your account from hackers.

How to Secure Yahoo Email Account?

In this section, I will show you different methods of how to secure Yahoo email account from unauthorized access or hackers.

1) Change Your Yahoo Passwords Regularly:

The best way to protect your Yahoo account is by setting up a strong password. Use a password that contains small letters, capital letters, characters, numeric, & special symbols. It is a very good practice to timely change your Yahoo Email account password.

Follow these simple steps to change your Yahoo account password:

  • Login to your Yahoo account. In the top-right corner, you can see an icon. Select the Account Info option from here.
  • Choose the Account Security option in the next section.
  • Here, click on the Change Password option. This option will let you alter your old password with a new password.
  • Enter here a strong password to make your account more secure.

2) Enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication):

Another way of protecting your Yahoo account is by enabling two-factor authentication for your account accessibility. Whenever a user will try to open its account on a new device, a code will be sent to the registered mobile number. You need to enter both your password & the code to login into the account. It highly reduces the chances of account unauthorized access.

You can enable two-factor authentication by following these steps:

  • Login to your Yahoo Webmail account.
  • Choose the Account Info page in the Account Security tab.
  • Slide on the Two-step verification button to enable it.
  • It will ask the users to provide a mobile number on which the code will be sent.
  • Decide the action to receive a text message or get a call with the code.
  • When you get the verification code, enter it. Finally, click on Verify button.

3) Generate an App Password for Desktop Applications:

Many times, a user needs to access a Yahoo email account on a desktop-based application. In that case, it is recommended for the users to create an app password for their Yahoo email account.

You can generate the app password for your Yahoo account from here.

  • Login to your Yahoo mail account & go to the Account Security page.
  • Click on Generate App Password option.
  • Choose the application from the list & click Generate button.
  • Follow all the instructions to create the Password. Click on the Done button.
  • The Yahoo mail app password has been generated. Use your Email address & this app password to login into the desktop-based application.

4) Disconnect all Unwanted Connected Service:

A hacker may infiltrate your Yahoo account by any means. So, you should not leave any stone unturned to protect your account. A user sometimes left connected its Yahoo account with many services like the game, or a website. It is better to disconnect from all such services to protect your account from being compromised.

You can disconnect all unwanted services by following these simple steps:

  • Login to your Yahoo mail account & open Settings. Choose the More Settings option from here.
  • On the settings page, choose the Social Accounts option to preview all the connected services.
  • Remove the accounts from the list to prevent them from further accessing your Yahoo mail account.

5) Leave Yahoo & Choose More Secured Webmail Account:

In the end, I will like to mention one thing. No matter how many security layers you add to your Yahoo account, they are now never so secure. I personally had switched from Yahoo after my account was compromised in 2013. One of the biggest competitors of Yahoo is Gmail, which is also a free webmail service. Till now, I had not faced any security concerns while using a Gmail account.

If you are also planning for the same, then first migrate Yahoo emails to Gmail account. By doing so, you will receive all your old Yahoo emails in your new Gmail account. You can now permanently delete your Yahoo account without any problem.


In the above article, I have listed a few methods of how can a user protect a Yahoo email account from unauthorized access. Secure Yahoo email account from hackers by all means. You can also keep a backup of Yahoo emails in order to use them as a backup file for the future.